Hitler Concentration Camps are back

Hitler’s concentration camp is re-created in Companies when they plan for layoff or downsizing or head count reduction.

If you work in such company, you know that everyday will be a nightmare. You hear rumors saying, 5% lay off, 10% lay off, suddenly 30% lay off or total shutdown.

Fear, rumors, anxiety are the prevailing moods in companies when they become concentration camps.

Everyday you work is your lucky day. You are survived by one more day. Nobody knows who is next, but everybody fears. Some try to establish rapport with their managers, believing that they will be secured. Poor guys, they do not know, manager is also an employee, he is too subjected to downsizing.

Many quit, because of fear of being fired. They want to join to other companies before being pinked.

You should know how to handle your fear, anxiety. Otherwise, you will quit by fear of lay off, when there are chances you may be retained.

Fragile and empty showcase of big corporates are exposing now. All these have direct impact on professional colleges and indirect impact on people’s value system over education and job market.

Funny thing is in spite of all these fragility, still corporate employees are prey to loan market. Failure of corporate will have severe impact on banking industry.