Used cycles in chennai

Used cycles or second hand cycles can be bought in K.K.Nagar. There may be many places in Chennai. But this shop has come to my knowledge and i purchased 2 used cycles from there.

Before buying my new cycle(Rs.4000), I was searching for a second hand cycle shop. There was no specific shop details available in internet. Then I purchased new cycle. The same cycle can be bought at the second hand shop for Rs.1500 to 2000. But I missed.

Somehow, I got this shop address. I went there and bought two cycles for my kids(daughter and son). Each Rs.1000. I could bargain further, but I did not. Because thousand rupees is a surprise to me when the same cycle price at new cycle shop is 2500 to 3000+ Rupees.

While purchasing used cycles, make sure the cycle parts and condition are sound, because you can not expect any warranty or guarantee.

Here is the exact location of the cycle using google maps:
If you ride from Udayam Theater/Ashok Pillar towards kk.nager bus depot, there will be roundana where you can take right to P.T.Rajan road. Do not take the right, it just a land mark. Before that roundana or signal, there are few shops on the left side of Anna Road as per map. Within 100 meter before the signal, there is old cycle shop. If you ask there, you will be guided.
Other land mark is it is near/after KK.Nagar bus depot.
Since, no name board for the shop, I have to explain in detail.
Click the link (View Large…) or find this co-ordination in google maps : 13.035708,80.204909

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