Gene Therapy – Color blindness Cure

Color blindness can be cured by Gene Therapy. It is proven and tested with monkeys. Human is yet to be tested for curing color blindness.

Color blindness is not curable for centuries. Some of the job profiles rejects people with color blindness. Police, Military and other defense jobs rejects people with color blindness.

Gene Therapy is still at the research and testing level with animals. So far I have not heard any news as a Human is treated by Gene Therapy. If you have heard any news like that, please share.

Regarding color blindness it is successfully tested with monkeys and monkeys are able to differentiate the colors. They were not able to detect Red and Green spots before the treatment.

Those who want to cure their color blindness can undergo Gene Therapy. No human with color blindness is not yet treated with Gene Therapy. I do not think people will risk their vision for curing color blindness. Let us live with color blindness instead of total blindness.

Because, still Gene Therapy can not assure that it has no side effects. People also afraid of changing the gene code, no one can guess what will happen if gene recoding goes wrongly.

If Gene Therapy used to give vision to a blind man, blind people may boldly turn up for getting vision. If the mission failed nothing to loose. Since they are already blind, continue to be blind. If the Gene Therapy succeeds, they get their vision to see the world.

If a cancer patient is destined to die in six months and the Gene Therapy could challenge the cancer, the patient will be ready to change his gene code for a try.If the genetic re-engineering succeeds, the patient will survive, otherwise the patient will die as destined or die six months earlier.

Gene Therapy should be applied in disabilities or disease like nothing to loose if treatment failed. So people will come forward for a chance. The more number of success rates, will revolutionize the human way of thinking about God, disease, medicine, and life.

The growing genetic engineering can be boon to many disabilities, diseases in the future. Gene Therapy will become a new branch in modern medicine.