Blogging Literature reflects life

Does Blogging literature reflects life? There are plenty of content written in Blogs. Are they qualified to be Literature?

Blogging is a Digital Literature. It reflects the life in all the aspects when it is written.

Blogging reflects the life of the blogger from individual point of view to traditional and national level. It reflects the current trend his time and place. By reading a blog we can come to know about the person who writes it. By reading the blogs of particular language or particular country it is possible to extract the information about the country. If we read the blogs for period of time, we can know the trends and currents in those period.

Five years back there were more technical content in internet. Now more personal content. Now more product reviews, personal review of a products are available. In the future something may be dominating as content which may be different from now. The trend of a time, trend of a place is clearly and vividly recorded in blogs.

Blogs help us to study regional wise, national wise, race wise.

Blogs of Israel tell the happenings in Israel. Tech blogs tell the technical advancement in the society.

Samsung Marine a mobile phone is introduced in India. By reading an Indian blog an European can come to know about Samsung Marine, which is not sold in Europe.

Culture and traditional changes of every society and country is clearly reflected in blogs.

Blogging does the role of ancient literature to us. When our period becomes ancient to future generations our blogs will help them to study of life, history, culture like we study the ancient time through its literature.