Tribute to Photographic Film

More than a century photographic film is in use. For Photography and Movies they were blood lines.

Photographic film is a big industry where millions of people lived by production and sales. It was a big sales item in travel and tourism and social functions.

After serving the humanity for more than 100 years, it is time to say goodbye to Photographic film.

The impact of Digital Camera, has made the ‘film roll’ as obsolete and an article for museum. Slowly but steadily photographic and movie industry is changing to digital camera usage.

There are so many products come to the market, and disappear soon due to technological development. But it is the ‘film’ which last for more than a century.

Pager came into the market and made useless by cell phones. Pager did not survive for even a decade. Now cell phones are in the market for nearly two decades. But soon they will be outdated by satellite phones. Video cassettes and video player has survived for around 50 years in the market, but they are outdated by VCD/DVD players.

Many products has short life span in the market, and some has long. But it is rare to find a product which has life span of more than 100 years in the fast changing world. ‘Photographic Film’ has such reputation.

Let us show gratitude and appreciation for the great product which is going to be not in use completely within a decade. Once the digital camera prices are come down, the coffin for film will be ready.