Evolution in Blackcap and Internet

Here is a chance to witness the speed of evolution. I witness two evolution, one in biology and in web practices.

Evolution is a process, happening slowly across thousands of years. A man can not notice a evolution in his life time. Man’s life span is faster than the Evolution speed.

Biological Evolution:
Britain’s love of bird tables may be interfering with evolution. The feeders are changing the migratory habits and even the shape of some bird species.

Blackcap, a warbler, is increasingly wintering in England instead of the Mediterranean after being drawn here by the abundance of food in gardens. Shorter migration and different food source is reducing the size of their wings and beaks.

This is my second hand witness(Source Indian Express). I notice a biological evolution.

Evolution in Web Practices:
For a long time, I was seeing testimonials are in yellow background and black letters. Many websites have few testimonials with two or three lines.

Recently I saw some of the clients, coming with scanned copies of testimonials and publish in their sites. The letter pad or business profile, where testimonials are ‘hand written’ is scanned and published.

I witness a evolution in displaying testimonials in websites.

Speed of Evolution in Internet is drastic. It is beyond notice. Internet evolves rapidly. Before we notice a new thing, it becomes an obsolete. It is very tough to remember what is the past, present and future trend in Internet.

Biological evolution takes years and years. A man can not notice a biological evolution in his life time. Change in the Blackcap’ wings and beaks are rare opportunity to notice a biological evolution.

An neighborhood species stimulate the new evolution in another species. Human speed up the evolution in Blackcap’s size and migration.