New Age Exploration

For more than few thousands of years needed to explore the earth. Men lived with different belief about his territory from time to time. If we take Alexander the Great, he did not know land mass of Australia or America in his life time. As per his awareness India is the south end of the world from Greek. His world was 40% to 50% less than the world we have today.

Ancient man might have thought few 1000 miles were his world. That much alone he could move(walking). As per the year grows boundary is expanding.

Now earth is almost discovered completely. Nothing is left in the earth surface un-noticed. All sort of human civilization in the contemporary world discovered and many were erased from the earth by the discoverers.

Now it is time to explore space. Exploration to the space and neighborhood planets. We have not found any similar planets so far like earth. The distance in space is beyond imagination. Only unit is Light Years. So far man has not invented anything to move at the speed of light or faster than light. But may be in the future, man will invent such thing and travel in the space to find fellow living beings. Or some other living being from space may also try to reach earth.

At least this time, let us not behave like our past explorers. Earlier we killed the citizens of the new land being discovered. Red Indians in America, Aborgins in Australia, and many tribal were wiped out ruthlessly. Now in the Space exploration, Man should not repeat the same violence. Let the other living being live with its culture and belief. Since we are able to reach them, we may be technically advanced in our weapons. So let us stop eliminating living beings in outer space if we come across any. If aliens reached us, God knows whether they let us exists or eliminate, God only knows.

Before reaching outer space, are we allowing fellow human beings to co-exists in our current contemporary. Many civilizations are being crushed slowly. Nation eats another nation, Religion kills another religion. Society eats another society. Language eats another language. First, we have to stop the brutality here, in the earth. Developed countries are a threat to developing and under-developed countries. Military powers are trying to dominate non-military power countries. No end for Big Fish eating Small fish. We have to realize where we are leading this earth and change it positively.

Fake Film Heroes

We have fans for film stars and other people belong to entertainment media. Film stars act as per director instructions. The character they play are imagination and they are not the actors real character. The actor may afraid for snakes in real life but in movie he fights with snake. But we started to believe the film characters as the real character of actors. Film actors become our real life role models and heroes.

Fan club among different heroes, fight with one another for the supremacy of their respective film actors. But the Actors will not fight among themselves in real life expect in movies.

There are many real life heroes living and lived without publicity. Actually they deserve the fan club and fans. By following them as role model, youngsters will be motivated in a better way. May army man fight for the mother land bravely. They do great adventures and scarifies. There are many scientist who changed the way of life. They are many spiritual and political leaders who changed the view of life and map of the world. There are many social reformers and environmentalist who are protecting humanity and earth. We do not have fans for them. They are real heroes in real life. We do not have fans for real heroes. But we have fans for reel heroes. If we have fans and fan club for such real life heroes, world would have been different from what we see now.

Why reel heroes are worshipped? Is human lack the reasoning ability to differentiate between real and reel heroes. No everybody can realize the difference. The fact is everybody wants to be the hero and do heroic fantasy. Everybody seeks the center of attraction. But in real life to become hero, it is not so easy. So people have day dreams. In everybody’s day dreams we are heroes. The hunger for heroism is satisfied in day dreams. The same thing is applicable for movie too. When seeing a movie, sub-consciously the viewer started to visualize the film hero’s character as him/her self. So we started to support the hero indirectly supporting ourselves. We become fan to that actor who played the role of the hero character, but sub-consciously we become fan to our urge to heroic fantasy. It is not the film heroes who impressing us. It is the individual character make up that develop a fantasy and fan-sprit to film heroes. If the individual make up is genuine and there is no comic heroic urge, then there will be fan club for real life heroes.