Ozone layer Depletion

Ozone is an oxygen element. Molecular formula of ozone is O3. Above earth’s surface from 9.6 km to 48 is called ozone layer. The ozone (O3) is formed when our oxygen (O2) is exposed to electric discharge by ultra violet rays emitted by sun.

This layer protects the earth from harmful causes of ultra violet ray. Direct exposure to ultra violet can cause many diseases. Ultra violet can decimate the cells of living organism. The presence ozone layer is the unique feature of earth and their feature makes earth as a unique planet in the universe. Without ozone layer no possibility for the existence living organism.

The shadow of God (ozone layer) is now emaciated by the activities of a living being which was once inspired by Satan- yes that is man – homosapiens. The nitrogenous wastage from any source, halogens, chloro-fluro-carbons, and bromine are the chemical substances, which create hole in ozone layer. These produced by human for a comfort life, which is leading to no life.

Straight above the Artic circle, northwest Asia ozone is like almost disappeared that is called ozone hole. Where there is an ozone hole, there is no filtration of Ultra violet rays.

The harmful chemicals keep destroying the ozone layer. If this destruction continues ozone this whole planet will be directly exposed to Ultra violet rays. Then Earth has to renounce its unique feature ‘Existence of life’.

In 1987 USA and other 22 countries signed. Montreal Protocol Treaty to stop using the ozone destroying compounds.

We cannot construct the ozone layer, the best we can do is stop destructing the ozone layer. Due to the global awareness the destruction ratio has slowed down, but not completely stopped. Because, many countries do not follow Montreal Protocol.

We cannot go back to Stone Age civilization from the current Silicon Civilization.

Both developed and developing countries have to acquire and aware of alternate chemicals, which will not affect ozone layer. This is the possible way to stop destructing the ozone depletion.

The more modernized civilization spoils the precious features of our planet.