Fate in Life

Many things in our life seem to be decided by fate. Overall belief in all the religions is Birth and Death is already fixed but few exceptions in Hinduism. Some believe everything is fate. Even I am writing this scribblets, it may be due to fate, and you read this article that is too is due to fate. Do not thing as you landed here unexpectedly by Search Engines.

True friends, becomes enemy. True lovers get fractured. All such situation can not be due to ego or misunderstanding. Many things are by fate. We never expect such incident before it happens. After it happened, we are obsessed with the thoughts as how we could handle the situation in better way. Our intellect, awareness, consciousness nothing can stop few things happened by fate.

Fate is always good. It does what is good. It is a balancer. If you believe in past life (previous birth), fate is a reflection of your past karma. Fate is a way to realize uncertainty of our life. Reality of our true value in front of God, Universe, and life. The value is nothing.

You never thought of breaking relationship with somebody. But all of a sudden you are driven to break it. It is a fate. You thought it is impossible to rejoin the broken friendship, but it will happen because it is a fate. Mind thinks hundred possibilities. Fate will come in hundred and one (101st) possibility. Fate breaks our attachment to life and creates detachment to life.

There is no use of worrying after fate played bad dance in our life. It is foolish to be obsessed with thoughts as we could have prevented such bad incident by so many if’s. No guilty feelings. Be positive and Be progressive. Everything is for the Goodness. Everything is God willing. What was happened and what is happening and what will be happening, everything is for the goodness. So just relax. Let things go. Let things happenings.

Old flowers died for giving way to new flowers. You lost something to possess something new. God knows what should be given to you. He will give it at right time at right place. Not what you ask or desire, but what God decides right to you. Whatever comes be happy and be cheerful. Live without expectation or ignoring frustration is a best way to adjust with fate. Till you adjust with fate, it will keep you tossing.

Fill your heart with God then the changes in the worldly affairs by fate will not affect.

Accept and do not Expect is a good way to deal fate.