Dont Let Me Think

Dont let me think.

When I search in google or youtube for something, I stumble upon various text blog and video blogs in internet. Most of them are without content and drive me to think further for a solution to my problem or issue. I don’t want the blogger to provide analysis and inputs for me to take decision or find solution. I hate it.

What I need is solution or decision, not driving me to think.

The text or video blogger should tell the solution within few seconds of accessing their content. I don’t want to read or view lengthy b/vlogs.

Dont let me think, give me solution.

Remove Site title from page title of wordpress blog

After enabling Yoast SEO plugin, I notice that site title is suffixed to page title in all post individual pages.

Upon searching I find that it is Yoast plugin adding site title with page title.

In order to remove Site title, go to SEO -> Search Appearance -> Content Types.

In Content Type tab, under Post section, you will be able to see SEO Title input. There keep Title and Page. Remove Site title and Separator. Then save your changes.

You individual page, title would be without site title now.