Blogetting – Blogetter

Blogetter – the word I coin from the two words, blogger and marketer. In the same way Blogetting from blogging and marketing.

To earn money, a marketer promotes a product. In the same way, if a blogger wants to earn money from his blog, s/he has to promote a product/service in his blog.

When a blog is used as a platform to promote something, it’s blogger is doing marketing. He is marketing a product to his visitors. So the blogger becomes blogetter and the blogetter is doing blogetting.

The review blogs or tech blogs are earning money than any other type of blogs, because they promote a product – mobile phone, hand held devices, a software and etc. ‘Review Blogger’ or tech blogger are actually doing blogetting.

If you want to earn money from your blog, choose a product or product of your passion which is highly demanded by society, especially by the internet accessing society. Then transform yourself a blogetter, start doing blogetting. That’s it.