Blogetting – Blogetter

Blogetter – the word I coin from the two words, blogger and marketer. In the same way Blogetting from blogging and marketing.

To earn money, a marketer promotes a product. In the same way, if a blogger wants to earn money from his blog, s/he has to promote a product/service in his blog.

When a blog is used as a platform to promote something, it’s blogger is doing marketing. He is marketing a product to his visitors. So the blogger becomes blogetter and the blogetter is doing blogetting.

The review blogs or tech blogs are earning money than any other type of blogs, because they promote a product – mobile phone, hand held devices, a software and etc. ‘Review Blogger’ or tech blogger are actually doing blogetting.

If you want to earn money from your blog, choose a product or product of your passion which is highly demanded by society, especially by the internet accessing society. Then transform yourself a blogetter, start doing blogetting. That’s it.

How God Punish You

When you born in this world, you are not deciding your relatives, siblings. When you go to new home, you are not deciding your neighbors. When you go to new office, you are deciding your colleagues.

If you are not deciding your people around you, who decides it. It may be Fate or ‘by chance’. Sometimes the relationship between you and your ‘people’ may be comfortable to you and dis-comfortable to you in other times.

Somebody has to ‘fight’ with their spouse throughout their life, For somebody their spouse is ‘made for each other’.

Brothers and sisters are affectionate to somebody and irritating to somebody.

Level of Jealous, Fear, Ego, tolerance, giving room for privacy, admitting the biological space, love, sacrifice and many attitude and economy related factors decide the flavor of your relationship with others.

If you lost peace of mind by the people around you, do not get angry at them. It is the fate or God’s plan. When God wants to punish or test you, He would not come in person. He punish you through the people around you.

God strikes you through your wife/husband, if He is in very angry with you.

If you have bad relationship with your Boss/immediate supervisor, God wants to show your how would you suffer in the hell fire.

If your mother and sisters see you as their enemy, often engage in verbal violence or execute domestic violence with you after your marriage, God alone can save you, because God wants to show you ‘love with expectation’ is fragile.

If you have a bad neighbor, God get aversion at the sight of you.

If you have tense relationship with your sons and daughters in your old age, God wants to show you, what is wealth and health.

When you are tortured by a person whom you have to interact often, please pray to God. Either God is testing or punishing you. God alone can save you.

If you retaliate or fight back, God will show you what is hell in this human life, your soul will be burning when you are alive.

Praying God is the only solution rather than ‘doing’ anything.

Remember, you are completely broke in selecting your parents, siblings, relatives, and neighbors. ‘Broke’ means, something can sooth you or harm you but you can not control what is suppose to happen at your will. You are lost. You can only ‘accept’. You have to let things happening to you. Now you are broke.

When you are broke, leave things to God and hope for the best. Things will happen at the will of God.

Do not judge a person or relationship. A relationship can be changed upside down at the will of God. When a relationship sooth you, be thankful to God. When a relationship hurts you, Pray to God for peace. Never Never Never, retaliate your parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, spouse, Boss, and Kids.

Solar Current

I am charged by Solar Current. After realty, I am tempting to jump in Solar Electricity.

Ten years back, I was hijacked by Web Application wave. 6 Years back I eloped with “Blogging”. Two years back my mantra become Realty.

Like Sea is having ‘water currents’ in different directions at various depths, everybody’s life has different current, sometime ‘drifting’ too.

We should be very careful before ‘Slipping’ into a current. I decided not to Slip into this Solar current. After spending 8 to 10 hours in the office, I could not afford for anything other than this ‘partial writing’ or blogging. Weekends – OOPs – lot of lessons from the past how to use weekends. Weekends are very precious in my life.

I do not have time and money to research with Solar current. If any company/individual innovates something and sell a Solar domestic plant, I could buy it if it is affordable to me. Other than this stand, trying to innovate or create something to reduce Solar plant cost or increase its productivity from 15% are not possible to my life style.

Buy a domestic Solar plant if affordable to me. That’s it.

I was lost away by many current in the past. Every current drop me somewhere at the end. It give me some knowledge. experience to me. Both good and bad experience.

Running Free Internet Classifieds –, was a failure, but it gave me a career, earnings, salary to have a decent living.

Blogging is utter flap as of now, but I know everything about blogging now. Last year, I earned ‘peanuts’ from my blog through Google Adsense. Indeed, it helped me to pay my daughter’s school fee. It does not cover whole fee, but covered mostly.

Realty is neither failure or success, but I bought a 2BHK flat in Chennai outskirts, and a piece of land in my native place.

Whenever I come across a current, I jumped immediately without thinking. Now, I consciously decide to avoid Solar Current. I may go for a Solar Lamp, Charger in a Slow Phased manner as middle class consumer. That’s it.

We can not stop depending on GRID all of a sudden. Moreover, Solar buzz in my district(Tamilnadu) will disappear once the ‘drama’ at Koodangulam atomic power plant is over.

Solar Engineering

B.E Solar Engineering will attain the status of B.E Computer Science within couple of decades. Parents will be buying the Solar Engineering seats for their son/daughter in order to get high paying jobs like Information Technology today. Fathers of daughters will be very eager to give their daughters to Solar Engineers. Everything will happen when Conducting Electricity via internet is made possible like data.

Electricity can be exported to western countries from the Solar farms in India. Not only India, all the countries which fall under equator region where sun shine is abundance throughout the year.

There is large employment opportunity will arise in Solar Energy industry in order to setup, maintain, manage Solar Forms.

Like water cans served in domestic market – homes, Batteries charged with Solar electricity will be served to homes at retail level.

Once the small and medium sized indigenous players jump into Solar Energy business, Corporates will slowly enter into the market.

Offshore Solar plantation will be setup with foreign investment and maintained by indigenous human resources. Electricity harvested will be exported to Western countries.

Like today’s Offshore IT managers, Solar Plant managers have to send PPT to their onshore stake holders, saying ‘we improved the process, so our plant is able to produce 12000 watts of electricity from 10000 watts OR we were spending $1000 per day to produce 10000 watts of energy per day. After implementing our new innovation, we are spending $700 per day to produce 10000 watts. We saved $300 per day, so $9000 per month – $108000 per year….”

Solar Energy is going to be cheapest once Solar Panel price is reduced. The Chinese Solar panels seem to be cheapest of all. But the challenge here is Storage and Transport. Capacity of batteries have to be improved like storage capacity increased in computers(hard disk).

Once we are able to transport electricity over internet like data, inter continental energy business will be corporatised.

Unlike western countries, sun shine is almost throughout the year in Asian countries and African countries. Cheap labor readily available to work in Solar Plantation. Thousands of highly qualified English Speaking Solar Engineers will be produced from Indian Colleges. They will be ready to work from African deserts to Arabian deserts. Western countries have to invest, that’s it. Otherwise they have to depend on ever ticking nuclear plants.

Instead of waiting for Asian/African countries initiate Solar Plants, Western countries have to initiate Solar Plants in equator region, Storage and Conduct Electricity at safe and cheap way to meet out their Energy demand in eco friendly way.

Unlike IT, Solar Engineers need not work in late nights, but they have start working from early morning.

Organization Culture – Office Politics

Organization culture and office politics has a relation. Among two types of culture – Strong Culture and Weak Culture, which allows office politics to groom?

Among the offices I worked, the management policy towards administration has key role in allowing or not allowing politics and ‘groupism’ in work place.

If the mid level managers or supervisors are granted extreme powers to control their sub ordinates, there is less scope for politics.

Even if the manager fires his sub ordinate, his higher authority should not question his action. In those type of administration politics has no scope.

For Example:
There is a CEO. Below the CEO there are Managers – Marketing manager, accounts manager, software manager, hr manager.

Marketing manager has a Senior Salesman. Senior Salesman has a team of salesmen. In this case, CEO will not communicate with salesman or Senior Salesman directly regarding business affairs. CEO’s point of contact is always Marketing Manager.

In the same way, marketing manager communicates with his Senior Salesman not with salesmen team directly regarding business affairs.

If the Senior Salesman fires any of his salesman, he should not be questioned by Marketing manager or CEO.

Senior Sales man recruits anybody to his sales team, which will not be questioned by Marketing manager.

The salary he fixes to his sales man should not be questioned as long as it is within the company’s budget range for a salesman.

In the same way, Marketing Manager can fire his Senior sales man without giving reason to CEO. The same is applicable to recruitment. He can recruit or promote anybody from sales team as Senior Salesman.

Every head has formidable power over their sub ordinates without external interventions. The power ranges from work allocation, salary fixation, recruitment, leave sanction, and termination.

In these type of administration, no or less scope for office politics. But there are higher scope for immediate boss harassment.

I am not sure whether this is a Strong Culture or Weak Culture.

I assume it as Strong Culture. If I am wrong correct me.

On the other hand, the immediate bosses or heads at every level vested with limited powers. They can not recruit or terminate anybody as they like. Here the immediate supervisor’s position is weak compare to previous administration described above.

In this type of administration has great scope of office politics.

Here CEO can override his marketing manager and communicate with senior-salesman or salesman.

For Example:
The Senior salesman has a rapport with CEO. Now if the Marketing Manager does not like the Senior Salesman in any aspects, he can not terminate him. He has to explain to CEO, because of the rapport between CEO and Senior Salesman. Senior salesman has an advantage to play a ‘parallel manager role’ because of his rapport with CEO.

This type of environment has less scope for immediate boss harassment but greater scope for office politics.

I am not sure whether this is a Strong Culture or Weak Culture.

I assume it as Weak Culture. If I am wrong correct me.

The Sales team example can be applied to any type of team like software, accounts, housekeeping etc.

If the hierarchy is strictly maintained, less scope for office politics but more scope for immediate boss harassment.

If the hierarchy is loosely maintained, less cope for immediate boss harassment but more scope for office politics.

Immediate boss harassment and office politics – both are different, not same.

An organization can allow any type of culture or change the culture at anytime for the advantage of its growth. It can allow pseudo culture – both mixture of strong and weak culture.

Job Hopping is happening due to both Immediate Boss Harassment and Office Politics. Both are equally keeping the HR busy.

Is this Though Required Now?

Is this thought required now? Have you question your thought like this?

There are countless loosely coupled thought originating in a day. Many or all of them are not required.

Whenever I have a stream of thoughts, I question them, Are they required now? Logically, the answer is NO. I am not referring ‘day dreams’. I am talking about stream of thoughts or racing thoughts which stir our emotions and leading to action. Later we feel guilty for behaving like that.

Day dreams do not force us to act. Any thought, which are capable of binding with emotion, have high chances of getting into action than day dreams.

We have such kind of unnecessary thoughts, and we will end up unnecessary actions and unnecessary consequences.

When, I started questioning my ‘emotion packed thoughts‘, I realize they are not needed at all.

My physical energy level increased when I stop the racing thoughts. I do not know the relationship between physical energy and thoughts.

I am not emotionally hijacked when I avoid the thoughts bind with emotion.

Emotions suck body energy. When we are emotionally balanced more energy retained in the body.

Avoiding unnecessary thoughts, avoid unnecessary emotions, which avoid energy loss.

To by physically energetic, ask yourself, Is this thought required now.

Investing in Land

Investing in land is good or bad?

Today people start buying land / plots not for using it, but for investing.

Earlier, farmers buy land to expand and increase their Agriculture productivity. Industrialist buy land to construct factories to increase their production and profit. Individuals buy land to live, they build houses and start living there.

But Nowadays, people buy land to Invest, not for agriculture, industry, and living. We buy land in the belief that somebody will buy from us in a higher price sooner or later, like shares, mutual funds.

Here is a true incident of buying a land and its impact, which I witnessed.

Person A bought a plot at Sriperumpudur for Rs.7000, twenty years back. He sold it to person B for one lakh after 10 years.

Person B sold his plot for Rs.3 lakhs to person C, 3 years back.

Person C sold his plot for Rs.8 lakhs to person D, a year back.

Person D bought the plot in the hope that, he will be able to sell it for more than Rs.8 lakhs. When he tries to sell his plot, there are no buyers. Nobody is interested to ‘Invest’ 10 to 12 lakhs.

I am not sure, either people are not interested or not able to invest or a plot at Sriperumpudur is not worthy of 10 – 12 lakhs.

The piece of land involved is a plot sizing 2100 sqft – nearly one ground. There are small and big returns in short and long term for A to C. They did not do anything in the plot they purchased. They did not produce anything from the land. But they got profit for their ‘investment’ by natural and sudden growth of inflation rate in those year.

But, person D seems to be in big trouble. He may get a profit in the far future. But as of now, his money is buried in the land he bought. He can not produce anything from the plot he bought. He can not live there, because the plot he purchased is far away from city and lacking in basic amenities to live.

A,B, and C seems to have profit, but our country is the looser. The amount of money buried in the land now is bigger than the profit earned by them.

If Rs.8 lakhs is spent in a normal way, like buying cloths, going to movie, tourism, food and etc – the money would be rotated with countless people. If it is invested in any industries, it will increase production. If it is invested in mutual funds or shares, there may be risk, but it will increase the production or profit of some industry either directly or indirectly.

Now, Rs.8 lakhs is buried. It may sprout out or not. Person D has to wait till the normal Price Index get increased. He has to pray for higher and faster Inflation rate to get a profit in the future. It may take a decade or more.

Eight lakhs belong to our country has become nothing as on date. Investing in land/realty/plot may seem to be profitable in the long run. But it is a loss as of now. We lost the purchasing power of Rs.8 lakhs now.

If the 8 lakhs is the hard earned – life time savings of person D, he may or may not be able to save such amount again in his life.

I realized these things after buying a land in my native place, not for producing anything from it, not for living there, but for Investing. I have buried Rs.1 lakh, it may sprout out or not. But to get the purchasing power of one lakh, I have to wait another couple of years.

Investing in anything other than production or personal use is a loss to ourself and country. We loose the purchasing power for a while. In other words, investing in anything which has no ‘easy liquidity’, is a loss as of now.

Insure Flats near ECR OMR

Have you insured your flats near ECR, OMR against Tsunami, Flood?

Nowadays, flood is common in sea shore areas. During monsoon and cyclone, our city is inundated – its is a common scene.

So, Insurance to home seems to be mandatory especially in sea shore.

Home Insurance can be the building cost required to rebuild the house again, not the land value. Which means, sum of insured will be building cost required at the time of re-construction.

Second, insure your things inside the home, like TV, Fridge, etc and other than Laptop and hand held devices. When flood strikes, it may wash out the homes. The things inside the home may be scattered around 10 to 15 miles away from the home.

Any part of the world does not seem to be exempted from natural calamities. Seashores seems to be vulnerable for natural calamities.

If you are living near OMR or ECR, you may be prone to both earthquake and sea level rise. If you are away from sea shore like GST, Oragadam, you are prone to earthquake and flood during monsoon. Not a monsoon passed without a flood in the last decade.

ICICILOMBARD, TATAAIGHOMEINSURANCE, ROYALSUNDARAM and other insurance companies offer Home Insurance. Like, life insurance, mediclaim insurance, home insurance seems to be mandatory.

Real Honey

Buying Real Honey or Raw honey is not so easy, since deforestation or climate changes all over the world.

When I was a boy, I went with my Grandfather to buy Honey from the local tribes near our village. Those tribes live in the forest. They sell the products they ‘collect’ from forest to villagers. In turn, villagers sell those products to city people.

My grandfather always told me “don’t buy honey from shops, they are not real honey, they may be synthesized or duped honey.”

He also specify tips to Identify a real honey.

Take a glass of water. Let the single drop of Honey should fall into the glass. See how the honey drop dissolves in the water.

First honey drop should reach the bottom of the glass, without dissolving. If it starts dissolving before reaching the bottom, it is not real honey. After reaching the bottom, it has to wait for a while, before starts dissolving in the water.

It has to start dissolving slowly. If dissolving is quicker, it is not a real honey.

How long a honey drop takes to dissolve in the water, that is one of the way to identify it’s quality.

My grandfather took to me tribes in the middle of the forest. Then we walked with them. They have already spotted a honey hive. After reaching the honey hive, they asked as to smear a natural cream(?) over our exposed body parts.

Then, they started heating the honey hive. They seems to be get used with bee sting.

Once bees left the hive, they claimed the tree and cut the parts of the hive, and squish it, capture the squished honey in the vessel, they carry.

Then we returned to their hut. They pour the honey collected just now in the bottles and handed over to my grandfather. He paid money to them.

It took half a day to reach the tribe’s hut by foot. Almost full day time spent in buying raw honey directly from tribesmen. My grandfather used to say, this is real honey. Raw honey is real honey.

It is not possible to get raw honey directly from tribes or forest when monsoon fails or drought times. Bee collect honey from Flowers. If no rain, there will be no trees, plants and there will be no flowers. If there is no flowers, there will be no natural honey. We used to buy honey from shops, supermarkets though they are synthesized or duped in these periods. Something is better than nothing.

We buy from tribesmen through village mediators even nowadays. There are known and unknown health benefits of Honey to mankind.

Quran recommends Honey. Which means, honey is a God recommended food.

Post hospitalisation mediclaim

How to Claim Post hospitalisation mediclaim.

I recently admitted in surya hospital for malaria fever. At the time of admission my mediclaim card was denied due to TTK stopped processing mediclaim other than corporate policies temporarily. Hospital authorities told me to claim after getting discharged – post hospitalisation mediclaim.

So, as usual I pay my bills through my creditcard, around Rs.17000/-.

After getting discharged, I was not interested in applying for mediclaim. I believed i will not get it.

But my wife was so optimistic, she wanted to claim. I simply directed her to the ‘agent’ from whom I purchased the policy.
He guided us to proceed further.

Lot of forms. My wife filled the forms steadfastly. I put my signature reluctantly. We sent all the bills, lab reports, discharged summery, x-ray and everything to my agent. We took photocopy of the same for back up. Our agent processed the forms on behalf of us.

Everything done.

We forget it and got into our day to day life routine.

After 15 days, we received cheque from TTK for Rs.15000.

I thanked GOD. I thanked my wife. I thanked my agent.

I was skeptical about post hospitalisation mediclaim. But my post hospitalization claim went like a smooth sail.