Datsun RediGo – Ownership experience after 5000 kms in 2020

Few long trips (Chennai to Trichy) in this car, completely changed my view about RediGo.

I usually drive around or below 2000 rpm or 70 km/hr speed. So i under estimated the power and pickup of this car. During long trips in highway i went past my sedate speed. I cruised around 90 or 100 km/hr speed with ease and without any vibrations, and the car was stable, all windows closed with AC on. From 2000 to 3000 rpm, acceleration is super. 100 km/hr speed comes at 3000 rpm. During overtakes, acceleration is excellent in this small car segment, mine is 1000cc S variant.

The peppiness, power, pickup are far better than other cars i had driven – Alto 800, Alto K10. RediGo is better.

RediGo may not be sold in numbers when compared to Altos, but it is better than Altos. This is my personal view, experience after driving the car in different speed, went few long trips.

If you want mileage drive below 2000 rpm, if you want fun, performance, peppiness then drive above 2000 rpm. Two in one.