More fun with Pulsar NS160

The bike perform aggressively post 6000 rpm.

If I want mileage, I have to ride around 3500 to 4000 RPM max. I do this while riding in within city – a sedate riding with lot of grunt/pulling power from NS160. In Highway, I cruise between 60 to 70 km/hr speed. In these speed range in city and highway, I get mileage of 50+ km/ltr. My previous honda shine gave 55 km/ltr with less power.

If I want mileage, I ride like below 50km/hr, If I want fun, I ride around 70km/hr.

The bike cruise at 80 km/hr effortlessly and stable. I did not push the bike beyond that, though NS160 BS6 can do more speed, but my personal speed is limited.  I dont want to ride at high speed even in highway.

I did not buy NS200, it is a right decision for my sedate riding style.  I am not going to ride beyond 70 km/hr continuously in highway.  I may touch 80 km/hr for quick overtaking, but not consistently ride at such speed.  Pulsar NS 160 gives sufficient mileage as well power, speed when demanded for matured rider like me.  I dont need NS200 since I am not going to ride at 100+ km/hr speed.  I am not a flash speedster like NS200 guys ride in city or highway.

Pulsar NS160 is inspiring confidence for riding and has sufficient stability for decent speeds.   

Riding posture relieves my tail bone pain, which I used to have when riding in upright posture of commuter bikes.  This is subjective.  I have tail bone pain, so I preferred a slightly forward lean posture, which NS160 provides correctly.

I am planning for a 300km round trip in this bike, post monsoon, mostly in January, I will set out for long trip, till then short trips only.  January, February, till Mid-March are good time for bike touring, there would not be raining or hot Sun in these months.