Low Budget Flats in Chennai

Low Budget Flats in Chennai is a reality or hypothesis or fact? Definitely, it is an expectation from many middle class or moderate income people.

But low budget flats in Chennai corporation limit is not possible as on date due to the land prices. Price of flat is decided by the prices of plot where it is constructed. Square feet price of land directly affects the price of flat(SQ.FT).

Flats Less than 30 lakhs is not possible within Chennai corporation limit.

There are low budget flats available at the outskirts of Chennai. They are psychologically brought into the boundary of Chennai. But practically they are NOT Chennai.

If you are aware of about the boundary of Chennai corporation limit, you will be shocked to know that the low budget flats are sold actually in other districts, which are sharing the border with Chennai district. They are called Integrated Townships or satellite towns revolving around Chennai.

Low budget flats are available in the Integrated townships sprouting around the border of Chennai, not inside Chennai corporation limit.