Post hospitalisation mediclaim

How to Claim Post hospitalisation mediclaim.

I recently admitted in surya hospital for malaria fever. At the time of admission my mediclaim card was denied due to TTK stopped processing mediclaim other than corporate policies temporarily. Hospital authorities told me to claim after getting discharged – post hospitalisation mediclaim.

So, as usual I pay my bills through my creditcard, around Rs.17000/-.

After getting discharged, I was not interested in applying for mediclaim. I believed i will not get it.

But my wife was so optimistic, she wanted to claim. I simply directed her to the ‘agent’ from whom I purchased the policy.
He guided us to proceed further.

Lot of forms. My wife filled the forms steadfastly. I put my signature reluctantly. We sent all the bills, lab reports, discharged summery, x-ray and everything to my agent. We took photocopy of the same for back up. Our agent processed the forms on behalf of us.

Everything done.

We forget it and got into our day to day life routine.

After 15 days, we received cheque from TTK for Rs.15000.

I thanked GOD. I thanked my wife. I thanked my agent.

I was skeptical about post hospitalisation mediclaim. But my post hospitalization claim went like a smooth sail.