Do you want to buy – innovative web app which might be a trend setter in India

Do you want to buy – an innovative web app which might be a trend setter in India.

You can own and run

When the world is going for e-commerce, we see a great opportunity for FreeCommerce, where things shared freely to individuals directly. You can grab an opportunity to help society by letting things flow free of cost. is up and running web app, which facilitates digital platform for sharing things freely especially books, phones, laptops, furniture and anything. It is active since 2020, getting visitors through advertisement.

We realize that promoting it further as a brand for mass reach; require great muscle power, which we don’t have. So we decided to sell this web app to better hands, who can promote this concept/web app better than us and help the society and needy people and scope for earning from stable traffic once attained.

Our price is 20 lakhs INR

Visit from your mobile browser, it has been designed for mobile traction than Desktop. Get a feel of it.

If you are interested to buy please contact