Copper Kitchen Saligramam Customer Review.

I reside in Saligramam and my family is regular customer of Copper Kitchen located at Saligramam. Here I share our experience with Copper Kitchen.

We have been visiting and placing orders over telephone since 2015. It has been more than 4 years we consume from Copper kitchen. Mostly we place home delivery orders. Seldom visit restaurant.

Our favorite orders would be Naan, Panneer butter masala, schezhwan fried rice, noodles, Thandoodari chicken.

Taste is subjective. We like it.

Pricing is costly, which i feel.

One time, we are not satisfied with the taste of an item, and we complaint the same to the restaurant. In our next order, they offered a food item without charge (free) as compensation for the previous order where we made complaint.