Insure Flats near ECR OMR

Have you insured your flats near ECR, OMR against Tsunami, Flood?

Nowadays, flood is common in sea shore areas. During monsoon and cyclone, our city is inundated – its is a common scene.

So, Insurance to home seems to be mandatory especially in sea shore.

Home Insurance can be the building cost required to rebuild the house again, not the land value. Which means, sum of insured will be building cost required at the time of re-construction.

Second, insure your things inside the home, like TV, Fridge, etc and other than Laptop and hand held devices. When flood strikes, it may wash out the homes. The things inside the home may be scattered around 10 to 15 miles away from the home.

Any part of the world does not seem to be exempted from natural calamities. Seashores seems to be vulnerable for natural calamities.

If you are living near OMR or ECR, you may be prone to both earthquake and sea level rise. If you are away from sea shore like GST, Oragadam, you are prone to earthquake and flood during monsoon. Not a monsoon passed without a flood in the last decade.

ICICILOMBARD, TATAAIGHOMEINSURANCE, ROYALSUNDARAM and other insurance companies offer Home Insurance. Like, life insurance, mediclaim insurance, home insurance seems to be mandatory.