Peerkangai Thuvayal

Please find a very simple Recipe made with Peerkangai.
Many people will not like this vegetable, but if u follow this way of doing, i will assure u will do it again and again.
This could be taken with Rice or Chappathi or Dosa or Idly.

Ingrediants :
1.Peerkanghai – 3 Medium Sized
2.Green Chilly (Pacha Milagai)- 3 Or as Required
3.Garlic Pods (Poondu)- 4-5 Pods
4.Sesame Seeds Powdered (Ellu Powder)- Half Handful
5.Corriander Leaves.
6.Tamarind – 25 Paise Size.

Step 1 : Pour Oil in a pan and heat it.
Step 2 : Put the Green Chillies and Peerkangai Pieces (Peel the Peerkangahai and cut into small Pieces).
Leave it to boil by closing with a lid and also stir it in between. Once it has boiled. Keep it aside for sometime so that it becomes cool.
Step 3: Put Garlic, Tamarind,Ellu Powder (If Powder is not there, please fry the ellu and put it), Corriander Leaves, Salt as required and the above boiled peerkanghai. Grind it all to a fine paste.

The Dish is ready.
The same could be done with other vegetable Surakhai also.
Such vegetables helps in reducing body fat and very good for health.

Request you to rate this recipe in aspects like tase, method of doing, was it explanatory enough to cook.
Thank you.