Practice, Repeat, Habit – NS 160 Comfortable cruising at 80KM/HR

Nowadays, I am able to comfortably cruise around 80 KM/HR speed in Highway, When I purchased the bike, initially, I feared to ride at 80 km/hr speed. My body and mind was so tense at those speeds. I thought my comfortable speed is around 50km/hr.

But years of repeated riding in highway, gradually increased my comfort zone in speed. I was comfortable around 70 km/hr for a while. That time I thought 70 was the safe speed. I continued to ride at 70 km/hr in highways. Without my effort, now my comfortable cruising is around -80+ km/hr in highway. I am bored at 60 / 70 km/hr speed now.

Initially, I thought 50 km/hr speed is my limitation both physically and psychologically. But years of repeated riding improved my limitation. Now I am thinking to upgrade to 300CC or 250CC bike to cruise at 100 or 120 km/hr speed in highway. But due to safety measures, I consciously nullify my desire to upgrade higher capacity bikes, I confine myself to cruise at -80+ km/hr speed in highway. Let it be my comfortable speed. Moreover, that is the legal speed limit in highway in India as on date. Respect the law.

I do not want to push myself to cruise at 100+ km/hr speed, though I can practice, repeat, and make it a habit to become comfortable at those speeds both physically and mentally. Non-fenced or no-barrier Indian highways are not safe at such speed even though I can be comfortable and confident at those speeds.

I do not say You are safe at 80 km/hr speed and you are at risk at 100+ kn/hr speed. You can reach your destination at any speed. Accident can happen at any speed. Even at 40 km/hr, accident can happen. Even, when you are walking, some vehicle may hit you. While walking you may skid or slip. We can not say walking is risk. ( Example : )

God controls life and death.

I have realized that by practice, repeat and making habit, provided God willing – we can master anything. If I sold out the NS160 when I purchased it, I would have been riding within my limitation – that is 50km/hr in highway. I continued to ride NS160 at 60 few months, then gradually my riding speed increased to 70 and now I cruise at -80+ km/hr in NS160 in highway. It took overall 2.5 years to get out of my limitation. Now I am confident, I can experience 100+ km/hr speed too comfortably provided God willing. But I do not want, and I do not have money to afford for new bike now financially.

We can acquire any skill, knowledge by practice -> repeat -> habit <- provided God willing. I learnt this out of my biking experience with Pulsar NS160.

My sub-conscious mind is re-programmed to cruise at -80+ km/hr speed comfortably both physically and mentally by “practice, repeat, habit, God willing”.

Can we kickstart Pulsar NS160 BS6 with a Dead Battery?

Can we kickstart a Pulsar NS160 BS6(Fuel Injection – FI) with a dead battery?

NS160 comes with a kicker even though it has FI – Fuel Injection. When starter motor has problem or push button (self start) has problem, then you can use kicker to start the bike provided battery in good condition.

FI – Fuel Injection and it is controlled by ECU – both require steady current/voltage from battery to function. If there is no current/electricity from battery to Fuel Injector or ECU from battery, then you can not start the bike using self start and kicker and manual push start. Nothing works with a dead battery to BS6 motorcycle including NS160 BS6.

Sometime, battery may be low and it may not have enough current to rotate starter motor/self start, but battery has some low power which is enough to function the FI and ECU. In such case, you can use kicker to start the bike temporarily. You should replace new battery soon.

In short, as long as steady sufficient current flows from battery to function FI and ECU, you can use either self start, kicker, manual push start – whatever is working. If the battery is dead, no current from battery to FI and ECU, then nothing will start BS6 motorcycles.

BS6 or Fuel Injection – FI motorcycles need a good battery to start even with kickstarter. Kickstarter is an alternate to self start, but not an alternate to battery.

We can not kickstart Pulsar NS160 BS6 FI with a Dead Battery

Pulsar NS160 – Problems after 2 years

Government should ban all motorcycle reviews or ownership reviews which are given earlier to 2 years from purchasing the bike. Reviews after 2 to 3 years of purchase should be allowed and true. Review at brand new condition should be punished and stopped by government. Too early reviews misleading the buyers.

Motorcycle’s original build quality is exposed after 2 to 3 years of usage. We should give review afterwards.

My pulsar ns 160, did not give any problem till two years or warranty period got over. Afterwards, clutch or clutchplate having issue. bringing bike to neutral gear is very difficult. Low end torque and low end pickup got reduced or not upto newness state.

Some tuk tuk sound from vehicle when riding over bumbs and pits with pillion.

Engine turned off automatically in slow speed some time, annoying issue. Engine RPM reduces below 1000rpm and engine turned of automatically some times in slow speed in traffic, need to rev a bit to prevent engine off in traffic or slow speed.

Gear shift is must in low speed or tung tung sound from engine appears.

Rusting in fuel inner cap, water logging during raining season around inner fuel cap.

Many time, engine malfunction light glows, do not know what to do, Some time the light goes off automatically after 1 or 2 days, sometime it is taking more time. Is Bajaj experienced enough to make motorcycle with Fuel Injection, I dont know.

There is sag in mono suspension. When the bike was brand new, I had to tip toe the bike while in stationary. Now, after two years, I am flat footing while in stationary. Mono suspension is sagged a bit. My body weight is same for the last two years.

I am giving my bike to Authorised Service Center every 3 months before the due date. So, far my bike has clocked 11000 kms only in 2 years of ownership.

I am getting frustration with these problems. Engine performance reduced from newness state after 2 years. Regular service is not preventing problems. Service Centers do regular periodical checks only. They do not pay attention to specific problems. For specific problems we have to depend on local mechanic to fix it.

I still love my bike’s(NS160) performance above 5000 rpm or above 60 km/hr speed. 60 to 70, 70 to 80, 80 to 90 km/hr speed in my bike is still awesome and entertaining. I cruise at 70 to 80 km/hr in highway, that feeling is superup. Bike’s midrange in highway is still thrilling. I go to highway weekly once or twice and ride my bike in highway for 2 to 3 hours… Absolute Blast, Enthralling. If your restrict your highway cruising speed around -80+ km/hr, then this bike is more than sufficient. Still in-gear acceleration is adrenaline surge. Look of this bike is appealing as “Definitely Male” tagging of pulsars. That is the reason, I still keep this bike with me, otherwise I would have sold/thrown it in second hand market like I sold Discover 150F within 2 years from purchase.

Biking culture is at its peak in India, Bikers are conscious about their bike too much. They see every problem through a lens. Bike manufactures should understand the bikers mind, and build bikes with at most quality and train, equip Authorized Service Centers.

My previous motorcycle honda shine, was serviced at local mechanic, for three and half years, it did not irritate me at any point of time. There were problems occurred, but they were sorted out by local mechanics then and there. I did not give honda shine to Authorized Service Center after free services exhausted.

I am hesitating to give my BS6 ns160 to local mechanic, since it is FI and having engine/FI malfunction sensor, which can not be turned off by local mechanic. Moreover, I assume, BS6 engine oil is different from BS4 engine, I just assume, but I may be wrong too. So I am hesitating. But, I am pretty sure, local mechanic can service the bike better than Service centers because local mechanic pay attention to specific problems apart from regular checking. I am going to enquire my local mechanic whether is he able to maintain BS6 motorcycle with FI. If he accepts, then I will give the bike to him for servicing henceforth.

Before, purchasing NS160, I was in dilemma as whether to buy Hornet 2.0 or NS 160. Then I purchased NS160. Now I feel that, I should have purchased a bike from Honda based on my experience with Shine.

If I am buying next bike, then definitely it will not be from Bajaj stock based on my timely tested experience from Discover 150F and NS160. If anybody ask my suggestion as which bike to purchase, I would say avoid Bajaj based on my timely tested, costly experience with Bajaj bikes.

Honda means, more money, but peace of mind. Bajaj means less money, but no peace of mind, provided performance guaranteed. Your choice… money or peace of mind or performance at affordable price.

In the last two years, I enjoyed performance from NS160, it is enough. Now I want peace of mind – Honda Shine.

Update : 19-01-2023 : Today, Gear shifting became very hard and many false neutrals while riding the bike. Few times gear change is not engaging. It became difficult to ride the bike. I took the bike to Authorized Service Center. They checked the bike and replaced new Clutch cable, costing 434 rupees including labor charge. Now gears are smoothly engaging like a new bike. I am happy now.

Pulsar NS 160 Engine Malfunction Light on glows while riding

Engine malfunction light glow while riding

Engine malfunction light of my Pulsar NS 160 BS6 is on or glowing always while riding the bike. This is the third time this is happening. Earlier two times engine malfunction or fuel injector light turned off automatically after one day. I did not do anything or I did not take the bike to service center.

Now, it has been one day, it is on whenever I ride the bike. I am not sure what happened to fuel injector. Bike runs as usual at lower speed, but at higher speed and revving, I feel a slight stress or drop in pick up. One month back, second service was done at 4500+ kms.

I was waiting for whole day whether light turns of automatically when I ride, but it did not turn off.

When I check the service manual, it is mentioned that engine malfunction light will glow when there is issues with fuel injector, but nothing mentioned as how rectify it.

So, tomorrow, I will take the bike to service center if engine malfunction light continues to glow while riding.

Hope, this simple issue, should not make me feel for buying BS6 vehicle.

Update on 12th August 2021

Today morning when I started the bike, engine malfunction light went off automatically. I did not take the bike to service center and I did not try anything on my own. I am happy now. Bike runs smoothly.

Pulsar NS 160 engine malfunction light off

Saturday short ride with Pulsar NS 160

NS 160 Parked for water break at Vandalur

I ride from Saligramam to Kelambakkam today evening casually on my Pulsar NS 160. I took Maduravayal Tambaram by pass road to reach Vandalur, avoided city traffic. From Vandalur, I reached Kelambakkam. Then returned on the same route to home.

While crossing Vandalur, I halted the ride for water break for 10 minutes and resumed the ride to reach home.

Traffic was moderate, in both madruvayal bypass road and Vandalur Kelambakkam road, I was able to cruise above 70 km/hr speed comfortably NS 160.


Pulsar 250

I want to own and ride Pulsar 250 motorcycle, such bike is not yet in production. The bike should have Bajaj’s own 4 valve engine, not KTM derived engine. It would be better, the current 4 valve 160cc engine of NS160 is improved and used in Pulsar 250. It should have strong low end and mid-range punch to ride easily in city. Speed of 0 to 100 km/hr should come faster.

Price of the bike should be lesser than FZ250, but pickup and speed of the bike should be faster than FZ250. I don’t mind top end speed, but engine should be very relaxed in highway cruising speeds, say 90 to 100, 100 to 110 km/hr. The bike should be stable in highway.

I don’t mind not having slipper clutch, let the bike have single channel ABS. Let the bike have pulsar’s characters – say clip on handle bars, back-light switches, and preferably having monoshock.

Bike should have ladies footrest like how it is given in NS160, so that women with sarees can also claim and sit pillion comfortably. Engine should not leak oil. Even oil leaked, it should be easily resolvable by service center mechanics.

I dont mind having vibrations in higher revs/speed, but i cant tolerate oil leakage and noise from chain sprocket. So, let there be good gasket and chain sprocket in pulsar 250.

I should be healthy enough to ride this bike 200 km at a stretch or ride four hours continuously. I should be financially sound to buy this bike when or if it is launched by Bajaj.

End of Highway Cruising – Weekend Sprints

I have decided not to do weekend sprints, highway cruising for the sake of riding. I will ride in highway if there is real need to ride. No more week end sprint.

I experienced how it is to be cruising at highway at 80+ km/hr speed with stability. My bike is rock solid in tail winds and cruise comfortably.

I enjoyed enough.

Now what to do with my bike – Pulsar NS160. Keep it or sell it. If i ride this bike like 100CC bike – say within 4000 rpm or within 50km/hr speed, it will give mileage around 50 to 55 km/ltr.

Can i purchase a 100CC bike and sell NS 160? Problem with 100CC bike is it will become useless if riding passion catch me again, it can not cope up. There is no guarantee that i will not get riding spirit in the future. Right now the riding spirit is subsidised. It is enough buying and selling bikes in succession.

I will keep this bike and ride it like 100CC bike for better mileage. If i have riding spirit again, then i will open the throttle.

Thank God for protecting me in my highway cruising and weekend sprints.

Can we tour on Pulsar NS160?

We can tour on any bike. We can tour on scooty or TVS 50 too. They don’t complain, but it is Not what they meant to be.

NS160 is a powerful, sporty city commuter with adraneline surge pick up and suitable for 3 to 4 hours of weekend sprints.

Tourer – Ride the bike for more than a day, cover 400+ kms per day, sleep at night, ride at day time. Ride for a week or days or more than a day.

Long ride – Ride 200 to 400 km in a day and stop. Single day event.

Sprint – Ride for 75 to 150 kms round trip and stop. This is done within 3 to 5 hours with or without breaks.

NS160 most suitable for weekend sprints with a decent highway speed, though it can be pushed for long ride and touring like any other machine, but it is not what it meant to be.

If you intend to ride NS160 for touring in highway, you can cruise between 80 to 90 km/hr all day without heating issue. In strong wind blast or cross wind, you can cruise around 70 km/hr. Till 90 km/hr speed, you can do overtakes at ease. NS160 is most suitable if your crusing speed is around 80 to 90 km/hr. If you intend to cruise above 100 or 120km/hr speed, you need higher CC bike. I guess, it is illegal to ride motorcycle above 80 km/hr in our country.

In my experience 150/160 CC bikes are not Tourer. For touring, bike needs to have more weight, power, torque, stability in cross or head winds and more comfort and less fatigue.

What type of rider are you? Tourer or Long rider or Sprinter. Most of the weekend rides are Sprint – start in the morning, finish before noon, cover 100+ kms with or without breaks.

If you are a sprinter, 150/160 CC bikes are perfect or An Electric Sport bike with 150 to 200+ km/charge range is sufficient.

I am a Sprinter in motorcycle riding, i enjoy it, i am not a Tourer or long rider, seldom i do long ride, but i prefer sprints and enjoy it.

Realisation continued with Pulsar NS160 – Matured Cruising speed

Nowadays, i don’t push/compel myself ride fast, i dont control myself to ride slow. I let the speed flow naturally, automatically. I don’t keep on watching Speedo meter or RPM meter to know at what speed i am riding. I ride at the speed which is possible to the situation.

In six lane road, i cruise around 75+ km/hr. In four lane road, i cruise around 55 to 65 km/hr. In two lane or single lane road, i cruise around 35 to 45 km/hr. All these, i ride naturally – not watching speedometer. Speed is reduced or increased depending upon the road and traffic automatically without awareness. I ride with road sense and traffic sense. Just casually i ride my bike. At the same time i dont follow these strictly. Speed i ride is flexible depending upon the conditions.

I don’t control myself to ride around 50 km/hr speed in open stretch. In open stretch, l let the speed flow. I don’t push myself to ride at high speed in small or congested road.

How much speed is speed is relative. On Sunday morning, in less trafficking six lane road, 80+ km/hr does not feel as high speed. On Monday morning, in high trafficking four lane road, 60+ km/hr speed looks risky. Cruising speed varies for same biker and bike depending on road, traffic, wind blast, mood and energy level of rider, power and stability of the bike.

Surprisingly my ability, confidence has increased to cruise at 80+ km/hr speed. I am relaxed both physically and mentally at those speed. This bike dragged me out of my comfort zone and expanded my comfort zone in speed.

I should have purchased Pulsar AS150 instead of Discover 150F 5 years back. Atleast, should have purchased any proper 150 CC bike – say Yamaha FZ or Gixxer or Hornet or Apache. My highway thirst should have been quenched 5 years back itself. I would have relieved from biking obsession 3 or 4 years back. Buying Discover 150F was wrong decision if aim is to tour or cruising. Or sprinting.

For 72 thousand rupees, i purchased Discover 150F. For 72 thousand rupees, i purchased Honda shine. Now for one lakh and thirty thousand rupees, i purchased Pulsar NS160. Totally i spent around 2 lakhs and 70 thousands rupees for biking passion and for highway cruising. I sold my previous bikes for 60 thousands rupees. If i deduct this amount, then my expense is 2 lakhs for biking. If i purchased a proper 150CC sport bike 5 years back, i could have saved 1 lakh rupees.

I am not able to compromise, untill i am completely satisfied. I kept trying/changing till i am satisfied.

My biking quest is satisfied now thoroughly. I am very comfortable at the cruising speed of 150/160 CC bike both in highway and city.

A sedate rider is transformed to sporty or aggressive rider by Pulsar. I don’t say Pulsar NS 160 changed me, but any 150CC sport bike could have changed my riding style. To me it happened through Pulsar NS 160.

For free flow or sporty riding style, i get the mileage around 46 km/ltr.