HTML to Drupal Theme Chennai India

If you have static html files ready and you want to integrate them with Drupal theme, then you are at the right place.  I provide Drupal theme service for a nominal price.

If you are a web designer, have your html5 files ready with Sliders, Carousal and etc. with lot of customization in home page  and you want to integrate them with Drupal to leverage CMS benefits, then you are at the right place.  I provide Drupal theme integration service.

What I do?

I covert your static home page into Drupal theme with granular control. 

If you have sliders in your home page, after integration with Drupal theme, you can add/modify/remove slider image and its contents from Drupal backend (Admin interface). If you have testimonial section, you can add, edit, and remove each customer feedback from admin panel that will reflect in home page automatically.

 I will provide granular control to (add/edit/delete) each piece of data in each section in home page from Admin page (except header and footer section). 

Each section of your home page will be converted to Drupal blocks, where you can hide or display any section of home page from Drupal admin. 

You can move up and down the home page sections/block from admin panel.  Move left or right if your design has side panels. You can reuse the blocks in inner pages if you want.

Once header and footer are configured, you can sail through your inner pages from Drupal backend.  You can create inner pages in Drupal admin, which follow the header and footer sections from Drupal theme automatically.

 I don’t provide granular control to inner pages; they are just pages which follow the style, look and feel of header.

In short, I provide custom front end/homepage and granular control of each section in your home page.

Responsive Site

If your static html files got implemented Responsive, Fluid design, then all will be integrated into Drupal theme without compromise.  The integrated Drupal theme/site will be responsive, fluid as per the design in static html files you provide. 

Simply what you design in html files will be made available to Drupal theme without compromise.  If you are a web designer you can understand what I say.  I don’t do anything more than what is available in your design.  I am not a web designer. I am only a Drupaler.


Your menus will be integrated into Drupal theme; you can manage them from Drupal Admin/Backend


If you are familiar with Drupal Admin Interface, then it will be an added advantage for you. You can manage what I give to you after theme integration.

How much I charge.

I charge $99 without granular control of home page sections and $200 for granular control of home page sections.  This may increase or decrease depending upon the complexities of your design. I estimated this price based on a general website with header, footer, menus, sliders, carousal, 3 to 5 sections in home page, a contact form, and 4 to 5 inner pages.  

If you want to integrate blogs, search page, other custom module functionality’s UI into your theme, we can do it, but those will be estimated case to case basis based on complexity or work involved in those efforts.

You can make payment through PayPal. 

How do I work?

You have to give me your static html files and assets (images, js , css). Once we agreed on Price and Timeline, and you make upfront fee 50% of agreed price, I will start working in your website, and from time to time, I will provide updates to you.

 From minimum of 4 days to 7 days, I will complete integrating the static html to Drupal theme.  Once you are okay, you have to make remaining payment to me.

What is Drupal to me?

Drupal is bread and butter to me, I work with Drupal from version 4.x to latest version 8.x, 9.x+. I am able to work with any version of Drupal.

Other activities I do in Drupal are module customization and custom module development, theme customization, custom theme development, site building, full site implementation.  This is my packaged service.

Contact Me

To reach out to me, mail me directly at

Drupal SEO

Today I meet one of my Internet dwelling friend. He does many research in internet. He is a SEO specialist. He is a blogger.

He told wordpress is best for Search Engine Optimization during the discussion. He suggested to use WordPress for blogging instead of Drupal. But I disagree.

I used Drupal for anything and everything. It feel it is a multi purpose framework. Lot of contributed modules are there.

Drupal has few special modules for search engine optimization. ‘URL Alias’ and ‘Path Auto’ are best for generating search engine friendly urls. These modules convert page title into url. This requires mod-rewrite enabled apache server.

Meta tags like ‘description’ and ‘keyword’ are also important for SEO. Drupal has ‘node-words’ module to specify keywords and description for each and every page. Users is powered with specifing keyword and description for home page, individual pages, and default setup too.

Drupal has ‘gsitemap’ module to generate sitemap dynamically.

It has ping-O-matic ability.

Technicall Drupal is powered to meet out SEO standard.

Above all, keyword density or content is the most important factor for search engine optimization. Those things has to be taken care by the web master. The software used is nothing to do with content.

A framework can not be specially designed for SEO. Search Engine Optimization is depending upon the content displayed in the browser. It is not depending on how the framework is running or what framework is used, which I feel.

It is the content which is going to decide the search enging ranking, not the software used either Drupal or WordPress. Both has the ability to meet out basic SEO requirement like Friendly url, description and keyword setup, and pingOmatic.

I was using Drupal for many years. So, I have discussed here what are the technical abilities of Drupal for SEO. If you know anything better, please share.