Satan in the Office

Are you a Satan in the Office? Are you a Submitter in the Office.

Few years back wherever I work, I behaved like Satan.

I did not mingle with the management or my immediate boss or the person who established the company. I was at loggerhead with them and had friction.

I had very high ego, and I have good professional skills. With the confidence in my skill and ego, I felt superior.

I tried to create my own group of colleagues who were my admirers. I wanted to establish as a person, who can be equally par with boss. I kept distance from boss to avoid being subdued.

I wanted to have more influence, impact, power, heroic image than my Boss.

I may not express my behavior clearly. In simple words I friction with the ego of my Boss and create a ‘buzz’ for me in the office, which may ‘thrill my admirers’.

All I was doing while working in someone’s office and paid by someone but, I tried ‘Show my ego’ to someone who is the creator of the office.

If you read about the conflict between God and Satan and why God created earth, you can understand what I am trying to say.

Bible and Quran advocates such concepts.

Satan was an angel serving to God with extraordinary powers granted by God. Soon, Satan developed his ego that He can be a God. He was not ready to accept that God is his God. He challenged God. God created this world/earth for Satan to rule to make him realize that he is not capable of becoming another God.

What is the stand of Satan towards God before he fought with god that was my ‘stand’ towards my bosses few years back.

You can see an anti-incumbency spirit or aversion towards current company among employees. This is a sort of Satanic Spirit.

Hope you can guess the result.


After studying my attitude, I corrected my mistakes. I changed myself as a Submitter.

Boss is giving you an opportunity to work, money to make a living. Through work you get status in the society. In turn he expects the following from you – work for him and be dedicated to him.

Sometime, you feel that Boss gives more work to you. Sometime, you feel that Boss gives less work to you.

Sometime, you feel that he terminates your friends/colleagues who are provided to you by your Boss.

Sometime, you feel that he is giving more salary to you or less salary to you. Sometime, you feel that he gives more salary and less work to a person who is less competent than you.

Sometime, you feel that he brings you close to him. Sometime, you feel that he pushes you away from him.

He may fire you in a fine morning or apply pressure to drive you to quit.

But, you should not question any activity of your Boss. He may or may not tell you the reason for his activity. If you try to assume the reason, you will end up in indefinite assumptions. Even if he terminates you, you should accept it willingly.

Apart from salary, you will be in peace if you accept and submit.

Submitting to God

God makes you born in this world. He make somebody rich by birth and somebody poor by birth. He makes somebody rich and poor in the due course of life.

Sometimes He gives abundance of wealth to somebody who is identified by you as BAD person. Sometimes, He gives abundance of wealth to somebody who is identified by you as GOOD person.

Sometimes, God gives pain and grievances to somebody who is identified by you as GOOD or BAD person.

GOD gives you parents, brothers, sisters, wife, children, relatives, friends and neighbors. You may hate some of them and love some of them.

Sometimes, God terminates their life. If you love the person being terminated, you will lament. If you hate the person being terminated you will be happy. But, God behaves irrespective of your sentiments.

Sometime, God let a sick man to live long, and terminates a health man in his youth. Sometime God let a healthy man to live long and terminates a sick man immediately.

Sometime, you feel that God is favoring you and in other time, you feel that He is not favoring you.

You should not question anything. You should not analyze why. You have to submit and accept whatever God is doing.

Don’t equal your office boss with our Divine Boss. Otherwise you will be committing the sin of Idol Worshiping. Office boss is just a mere creation of God like other living beings. He is just a human. He is not Good always and he is not Bad always like everybody.

Both Bosses do not expect us to be their submitters. If you are a submitter or Satan, it is not going to affect both the bosses. They are intact. Do not think your Boss will favor you, if you are a submitter and harass you if you are a Satan. Boss does what he has to do or like to do irrespective of, whether you are a Satan or submitter.

But, being a Satan or Submitter has a impact in you. If you are a Submitter, you are positive, balanced and in peace. If you are a Satan you will be restless.

It is our responsibility to be a Submitter by killing our ego for our own Goodness and Peace.

If you listen to the discourses of Rashad Khalifa, you can understand what is to be a submitter.

In the recent companies I work, I behaved as submitter. I am peaceful and balanced.

The role you play has a impact in you, not to others.

I dedicate this article to the bosses to whom I was a Satan and to the bosses to whom I am a Submitter.