Survival Salary

Survival Salary is just opposite to Sky Scrapping Salary.

Survival Salary is paid only to live. By getting the survival salary, you can not have any comfort in your life. You can fulfill your needs to keep breathing. You can afford for some cloths to cover your nudity.

Mostly, 30% of salaried employees getting low salary to keep them self alive. 40% – 50% of salaried employees are getting the salary to meet out their little desires and comforts. 30% – 20% of salaried employees are getting the salary to afford for their comfort and able to buy other’s comfort and time to lead a luxury life. Look around you. The ratio may be slightly vary, but by and large it is a fact.

By education and market trend, some youngsters may get a sky scrapping salary at the very early stage of their career. But everybody can not get it at early stage.

Those who begin their career with survival salary, see the world indifferently, start criticizing the society, reluctantly accept the jobs. They start to feel that they are failure, slowly develop cognitive errors and moving towards their negative side.

There are few people, who begin their career with survival salary. Soon they ascend in their career, productivity, and relationship with management to get a comfortable salary. Out of comfortable salary receivers, some ascend to get a sky scrapping salary.

Salary is not a destiny. It is a reflection of our various socio-cultural-economic aspects in synchronization with the skill set. If we change our productivity, attitude, and relationship skills, our salary will also change.

Survival Salary is a door to sky scrapping salary, for those who are ready to change and improve them self, but lacking the skills now to get sky scrapping salary.