Work without Ego

Ego plays important role in all types of relationship. Main disturbance to peace of mind is Ego. We have to establish and maintain relationship with our colleagues. Unfortunately we mix our ego while working.

We get ego frictioned with others, even sometimes with boss or management too. Later we begin groupism. We gossip about our ego target. Hot words are exchanged often. Hypocrytic criticism. We do not concentrate on the work. We prefer to keep thinking about our ego opponents. Even after working hours, we think and speak about our work place enemies.

Why do we work?
We ultimately forget why do we work? We are working for salary and carrier improvement. We are not working to fight or jealous with others. We will be obsessed with the thoughts of our ego target. Find faults on them. Keep criticising them. Finally we lose sleep, our main purpose of going to work place will be fight with the colleagues, but not to work. Work becomes secondary.

Ninety percent of the Job hobbing is because of Ego friction between superior and sub-ordinate relationship.

Superior harass the sub-ordinate. Sub-ordinate fights back. He does all sorts of irritation to superior. Both are wasting their time and energy in their ego friction. They waste office resource too.

One fine morning sub-ordinate joins in a new company with or without intimating his current company as a sort of revenge. Afterwards, he repeats the same ego fight in the new company. When it has become current company, he will jump to other company. This is a cycle. There will be no end for ego friction.

We can avoid such ego friction by simple adjustment, forgiving other’s mistakes, avoid intruding to other’s nose, accept people as they are, little bit obedience and a smiling face.

Apply your creativity, innovativeness in work place, not your ego. Ego is not worthy of single penny in work place.

At the same time do not be too good. Keep distance in your relationship in office, otherwise you will be disturbed a lot. Intimacy loose respect. Once you loose respect, which is a minimum due, your ego will be wounded. You should have a cordial relationship with a privilege to say ‘NO’ when you like to say NO. Maintain a minimum privacy and space for you.

Maintain a privacy and biological space for yourself and respect other’s privacy and space. You never breach other’s boundary and never allow anybody to breach your boundary.

It is almost like driving. Even though you are a good driver, but you should aware of bad drivers. They will come with you on the road. At the same time respect others.

Respect your immediate boss. They may be younger than you, they may less skilled than you, but respect them. You may be smarter than your boss, but accept them as they are.

Salary and roles are not only decided by skill and experience alone, but many other things are involved. Timings, relationship and many other non-skill based factors are there.

A boss may depute his son as head of the department to some branch. There may be some experienced and skilled persons (may be you) in the office. They are most suitable for the post. But it is Boss’ decision. You are wrong if you feel get wounded or your ego get hurt. Boss takes care of the company more than you. He loves his company more than you love.

Do not compare the salary and powers of others, especially with your immediate supervisor. As long as you are working for salary, you will have an immediate or reporting boss. Learn to adjust with them. Wherever you go this is the case. People are same everywhere.

Survival of a company is depending on reliable people, success of the company is depending an skilled people. To be succeed first thing needed is being alive.

Success is meaningless if you are not alive. So it is natural that company needs ‘reliable’ people very badly than skilled people. Skill can be hired. Reliability has to be groomed. Management grants more freedom, power and comfort to reliable people.

Either you transform yourself to reliable people of the company or at least obey to reliable people. Otherwise you cannot continue in a company even for one year. You may have worked in more than four companies within three years if you are not aware of these concepts.

Kill your ego at working place. Working place will be a paradise.