Relationship changes

Relationship is born, grow, changed, maintained, died, and killed.

Relationship is born between two different entities. The tone or flavor in relationship with a same person/entity is keep changing.

There are many good friends become enemy after becoming partners in business. There are intimate lovers become ‘divorced’ after getting married. There are good colleagues who become enemies after working in same project.

When you newly join to a company, in that first day your relationship with your company is different from after 3 or 6 months. Your relationship after 6 months will be not the same after 1 year.

Every second the relationship is changing. .

You may keep distance from your colleague A at the beginning, but later on you get close to colleague A, then you get close to colleague B and forget colleague A, meanwhile colleague A is promoted instead of you, then you stop speaking to colleague A. Now your relationship with Colleague A is dead. When you realize you are acting by your ego, you voluntarily speak to colleague A. Now the relationship is re-born.

The reason for change in relationship may be anything or no reason at all.

You get close to your neighbor, you share your feelings to them. Later they moved to another city. You lost contact with them. After few years if you meet them by chance, you do not feel the intimacy or comfort you had when they were your neighbors. Now the relationship is different.

We may hate a person, to whom we had good intimacy in the past. We may stop speaking to a person, to whom we had unlimited talking in the past.

The relationship between husband and wife at the time of marriage is not the same after few years. If a house wife is going to job, her relationship with her husband will change. Husband has to adapt to the change, otherwise there will be friction between the husband and wife.

If you do not accept the change in relationship, your relationship will be broken.

Relationship between same individuals changes due to following factors. Economy, Educational, Social status, Geography(re-location or moving to another city), Age, Body changes, Hobby, Self-Esteem, Ego, Career, Weather and fight among other relatives.

If your wife and sister have friction in their relation, it will definitely change your relation with both.

As long as you are comfortable with a person or your expectations are satisfied by the person you like to maintain the relationship alive. You know a person for so many years. If you record the moods you have when you are with him, you can see there are lot of changes in the mood.

Keep watching your relationship changes. You can maintain it.

Relationship is growing like tree grows. The reason for change may be anything. If the change gives comfort and good mood, it is positive change. If the change gives discomfort and the rapport collapsed, it is negative change.

You will come to know the value of a relationship only after killing it. If the tree is giving disturbance, do not cut the tree, instead cut the branches. It is very hard or time consuming to have another tree like that. It is applicable to relationship too.

Less expectation and a readiness to accept change and giving the freedom to say ‘No’ will maintain the relationship.

We should learn to maintain relationship at least to say ‘Hi’ when we meet in person by chance.