How God Punish You

When you born in this world, you are not deciding your relatives, siblings. When you go to new home, you are not deciding your neighbors. When you go to new office, you are deciding your colleagues.

If you are not deciding your people around you, who decides it. It may be Fate or ‘by chance’. Sometimes the relationship between you and your ‘people’ may be comfortable to you and dis-comfortable to you in other times.

Somebody has to ‘fight’ with their spouse throughout their life, For somebody their spouse is ‘made for each other’.

Brothers and sisters are affectionate to somebody and irritating to somebody.

Level of Jealous, Fear, Ego, tolerance, giving room for privacy, admitting the biological space, love, sacrifice and many attitude and economy related factors decide the flavor of your relationship with others.

If you lost peace of mind by the people around you, do not get angry at them. It is the fate or God’s plan. When God wants to punish or test you, He would not come in person. He punish you through the people around you.

God strikes you through your wife/husband, if He is in very angry with you.

If you have bad relationship with your Boss/immediate supervisor, God wants to show your how would you suffer in the hell fire.

If your mother and sisters see you as their enemy, often engage in verbal violence or execute domestic violence with you after your marriage, God alone can save you, because God wants to show you ‘love with expectation’ is fragile.

If you have a bad neighbor, God get aversion at the sight of you.

If you have tense relationship with your sons and daughters in your old age, God wants to show you, what is wealth and health.

When you are tortured by a person whom you have to interact often, please pray to God. Either God is testing or punishing you. God alone can save you.

If you retaliate or fight back, God will show you what is hell in this human life, your soul will be burning when you are alive.

Praying God is the only solution rather than ‘doing’ anything.

Remember, you are completely broke in selecting your parents, siblings, relatives, and neighbors. ‘Broke’ means, something can sooth you or harm you but you can not control what is suppose to happen at your will. You are lost. You can only ‘accept’. You have to let things happening to you. Now you are broke.

When you are broke, leave things to God and hope for the best. Things will happen at the will of God.

Do not judge a person or relationship. A relationship can be changed upside down at the will of God. When a relationship sooth you, be thankful to God. When a relationship hurts you, Pray to God for peace. Never Never Never, retaliate your parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, spouse, Boss, and Kids.