why electric bicycle is not successful in indian market?

Electric bicycle is too costly for Indian cycle market. Regular users of bicycle in India are low income people and school students mostly. For these segment cycle is low cost transport machine. Price of an electric bicycle/kit is not affordable to these regular and today commuters.

Cycle means no maintenance. This is our mindset about cycles mostly. Battery powered bicycle require maintenance. This will raise complaints retail shops, which is new to retail shop owners. Support to cycle after sales never exists.

No local Support
Street cycle mechanics have to upgrade to electrician. Otherwise they could not manage the issues in electric bicycle.

Above all, cost is the major obstacle to get an entry in to electric cycle.

Ozone layer Depletion

Ozone is an oxygen element. Molecular formula of ozone is O3. Above earth’s surface from 9.6 km to 48 is called ozone layer. The ozone (O3) is formed when our oxygen (O2) is exposed to electric discharge by ultra violet rays emitted by sun.

This layer protects the earth from harmful causes of ultra violet ray. Direct exposure to ultra violet can cause many diseases. Ultra violet can decimate the cells of living organism. The presence ozone layer is the unique feature of earth and their feature makes earth as a unique planet in the universe. Without ozone layer no possibility for the existence living organism.

The shadow of God (ozone layer) is now emaciated by the activities of a living being which was once inspired by Satan- yes that is man – homosapiens. The nitrogenous wastage from any source, halogens, chloro-fluro-carbons, and bromine are the chemical substances, which create hole in ozone layer. These produced by human for a comfort life, which is leading to no life.

Straight above the Artic circle, northwest Asia ozone is like almost disappeared that is called ozone hole. Where there is an ozone hole, there is no filtration of Ultra violet rays.

The harmful chemicals keep destroying the ozone layer. If this destruction continues ozone this whole planet will be directly exposed to Ultra violet rays. Then Earth has to renounce its unique feature ‘Existence of life’.

In 1987 USA and other 22 countries signed. Montreal Protocol Treaty to stop using the ozone destroying compounds.

We cannot construct the ozone layer, the best we can do is stop destructing the ozone layer. Due to the global awareness the destruction ratio has slowed down, but not completely stopped. Because, many countries do not follow Montreal Protocol.

We cannot go back to Stone Age civilization from the current Silicon Civilization.

Both developed and developing countries have to acquire and aware of alternate chemicals, which will not affect ozone layer. This is the possible way to stop destructing the ozone depletion.

The more modernized civilization spoils the precious features of our planet.

Oxygen As A Commodity

Do we realize that we are consuming oxygen at free of cost. Nothing is free of cost in the world except oxygen. Earth is giving the oxygen without expecting anything from us. Earth does not trade with humanity. But humanity makes everything tradable. Even, water is a selling product nowadays. Potable Water is sold. There will be a scarcity for oxygen if we don’t care now.

Every body knows oxygen and water is important for our life. Water is sold in bottles and pocket. Our grandfathers never thought of purchasing water. But we are purchasing water in our life time. We never think of purchasing oxygen in our life time, but let our next generation should not buy oxygen. Let oxygen be free, not a commodity.

Evey body in this world give something to take. We do/provide something for our living. What ever we take/consume we have to pay or barter something either directly or indirectly. But we never give or repay anything for consuming oxygen. Oxygen is freely consumed by everybody. Do we repay to earth for providing oxygen? Nothing.

Only trees recycle or refill the environment by releasing oxygen and consuming carbon dioxide. Stop cutting trees is the old slogan. Nobody cares… People and industries keep cutting the trees. Grow trees…not every individual can do it. If you are living in city, you can not find a space or time for growing a tree.

But people live in cities and everybody can do a small contribution to the earth. Like saying ‘thank you’ to the earth for providing oxygen.

Just grow plants in pots in your home.

This is the easiest way to refill oxygen consumed by everybody.

You can use balcony, terrace, and etc to keep pots and grow plants. This may be small or micro or macro level contribution to our environment. Little drops of water makes the ocean. Like that if every individual in the world grow plants, which will be a great change at global level. Global warming will be stopped or at least get reduced definitely.

It is individual responsibility to refill the oxygen consumed from the environment. Everybody must realize it.

Grow either trees or plants to refill the oxygen consumed.

You may be wealthy or middle class or poor, but you can grow a plant in your home in a pot. If every individual brings up a tree or plant, we can see the change in few years.

Just promote this message if interested. At least grow a plant in your home and motivate your friends to grow plant in their home. Our simple effort will stop Climate Change, Ozone Depletion and Global Warming. This may solve our water problem too.

Think of a simple contribution to the earth for providing oxygen.

Evolution in Blackcap and Internet

Here is a chance to witness the speed of evolution. I witness two evolution, one in biology and in web practices.

Evolution is a process, happening slowly across thousands of years. A man can not notice a evolution in his life time. Man’s life span is faster than the Evolution speed.

Biological Evolution:
Britain’s love of bird tables may be interfering with evolution. The feeders are changing the migratory habits and even the shape of some bird species.

Blackcap, a warbler, is increasingly wintering in England instead of the Mediterranean after being drawn here by the abundance of food in gardens. Shorter migration and different food source is reducing the size of their wings and beaks.

This is my second hand witness(Source Indian Express). I notice a biological evolution.

Evolution in Web Practices:
For a long time, I was seeing testimonials are in yellow background and black letters. Many websites have few testimonials with two or three lines.

Recently I saw some of the clients, coming with scanned copies of testimonials and publish in their sites. The letter pad or business profile, where testimonials are ‘hand written’ is scanned and published.

I witness a evolution in displaying testimonials in websites.

Speed of Evolution in Internet is drastic. It is beyond notice. Internet evolves rapidly. Before we notice a new thing, it becomes an obsolete. It is very tough to remember what is the past, present and future trend in Internet.

Biological evolution takes years and years. A man can not notice a biological evolution in his life time. Change in the Blackcap’ wings and beaks are rare opportunity to notice a biological evolution.

An neighborhood species stimulate the new evolution in another species. Human speed up the evolution in Blackcap’s size and migration.

Carbon Capture and Storage(CCS) may harmful to Trees and Photosynthesis

Trees and Plants need Carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. If CCS removes ‘carbon’ dioxide, plants may not do photosynthesis. We will not get fresh oxygen and food if no photosynthesis happening.

Carbon Capture and Storage will filter the carbon in the air. We are not sure is it going to remove all the carbons or excess carbon causing global warming.

Carbon dioxide is important for photosynthesis. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from air and release oxygen during day time.

If CCS filters the carbon in the air, How will the photosynthesis happen without carbon. Oxygen will not be released and Agricultural food products will not be produced if photosynthesis is not happening.

If there is no carbon in the air or less carbon in the air, may affect Plants.

The consequences of artificial removal of carbon may show some manageable negative sign, but is should not be a nemesis. CCS is like a pain killer, which I already mentioned in my previous article, but the side effect of the pain killer should not kill the patient.

What is the Carbon Storage

Carbon storage is a major problem today since ‘carbon cycling’ is get affected by human activities. The carbon in the atmosphere is sucked by trees. ‘Clearing’ the trees and growing concrete jungles leave the carbon in atmosphere intact.

Moreover, we are using the fossil fuels(coal, oil) since last century. Fossil fuels are noting but a form of carbon. Tons and tons of carbon was unearthed, burnt and released into the air. There is no enough trees to inhale the excess carbon and chemicals or gases of carbon composites in the air.

Since green house gases are nothing but carbon composites, carbon – excess carbon becomes the reason for global warming and climate change.

Scientists and developed nations are investing time and money to deal with excess carbon. If we manage to suck the carbon from atmosphere, where do we store the captured carbons? There are lots of mechanism or chemical processes are available to extract the excess carbon in the atmosphere from all over the world.

The big challenge is where do we store the extracted carbons.

We can not manually bury the excess carbon deep into the earth like fossil fuels. Fossil fuels were buried in earth by nature. Moreover, we can not find a large site to bury such huge quantity of carbons. No country will be ready to be carbon dustbin.

Even if we managed to bury or store the carbon in the earth, it may contaminate the ground water or soil quality.

Store Carbon in Space
We can store the concentrated or condensed carbon in big containers. With the help of a space shuttle / rocket, we can throw the containers into outer space and push them move infinitely away from earth. It is highly cost effective and more ‘carbons’ will be released from rockets in the process.

Store Carbon in Sea
We can store carbons in the big water proof ships. Let the ships sink deep into the sea with the carbon. We need to make sure the ship is water proof. In this way more quantity of carbon can be stored into sea. Sea seems to be the alternative carbon storage house.

The finest solution for storing carbon is Growing Trees. Grow more trees. Trees are natural carbon storage houses. They are the ‘crux’ in carbon cycling. When trees are cut, carbon cycle will be incomplete.

Instead of finding a innovative scientific solution, we can ‘build’ natural carbon storage houses. Let us do not reinvent the wheel again, let the old wheel roll again to complete carbon cycle.

Power Consumption causes global warming

Power Consumption is a big threat to environmental safety of earth. The consequences of human scientific power consumption and other scientific applications lead to hole in ozone layer.

Do you thing is human scientific way of power generation right? I do not think so. It is wrong. Like bugs in software programs, which do not give much harm at the initial stage, but later result in software crash.

In long distance scaling, slightest variation may not be spotted out initially, but result in a big blunder later. Example: A missile target is set to 90 decrees angle east from its base. The target is 1000 miles away. Mistakenly the angle is set to 90.001 decrees. This may not be much different in numerical figures, but biggest difference in the final target. 1000 miles away target by 90 decrees and 90.001 decrees are two different locations.


During the course of human civilization and scientific development, a minute error happened. That is coal, oil, nuclear reactors and dams. They are sources of power generation. These errors were not spotted out in the past. Now they are fatal mistakes.

The nemesis of using coal, oil, nuclear reactors, dams may extinct Life from earth. God keeps coal and oil deep into the earth and away from human contact. But we have dug them out.

We are doing mistakes to be unmistakable. Errors are correctable. We can correct our self.

Now we have to find alternate sources for power, which are environmental friendly. We have to find it and preserve our Bio-Environment. Wind, sea waves and Solar are other best alternates. As per today’s scientific norms they are harmless to environment. Lets transform to Bio-Electicity.

But the impact of bio-electricity will come to know only in the future.

Power Consumption refers to Electricity, fuel Usage.

Is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) a Solution or Problem?

Is Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) a Solution or Problem to global warming?

Instead of reducing the carbon emission, clean the Air from carbon emitted. This is what carbon captured and storage methodology.

Assume that dons and dons of carbon captured and deposited in the CCS machine. Where will the captured carbon go? How to dispose it and where to dispose it?

There are two ideas suggested by scientists.

First is throw the captured carbon into the outer space of the earth. Assume that, it will ‘cover’ the earth from sun rays and reduce global warming.

Space is a garbage, collecting rocket and satellite wastes already. If CCS implemented, space will be a dust bin for carbon.

There is no guarantee for, carbon thrown into outer space will not come to our surface due to earth’s gravitational force. There may be ‘black rain’ in the future.

Second idea is bury the carbon deep into the earth. This seems to be better than the first idea. Let the carbon go back to its original place.

We dig out the coal. Now bury the coal in the form of carbon to its original place. So, we can re-use the carbon after few hundred years or more when the buried carbon becomes coal.

We may not know, how the land and ground water will be contaminated because of buried carbon. There may be rise of carbonated water from earth. Our scientist will come out with a solution to treat the carbon contaminated water to potable water.

We seed a problem now and find out solution to solve it when it sprouts out.

Developed countries may deposit or bury their carbon waste in developing or under developed countries. Developed countries may be cleaned from carbon by converting developing and under developed countries as carbon ‘dust bin’.


For me CCS seems to be pain killer, but not a permanent solution to the root cause. It may give some relief initially.

The money, time, effort will be invested in implementing CCS can be diverted to create new forest and protect existing forest. Forest(trees) is the natural carbon capturing and storage plant.

In overall, CCS is not going to solve the problem. It may postpone the problem and allow it to rise in different form in the future.


If you do not know what is CCS, please read further.

Carbon Capture and Storage(CCS) is a new terminology in global warming to me. Developed countries and scientists see CCS is one of the way to fight global warming and climate change.

CCS’ main focus is to filter carbon dioxide emission due to fossil fuel usage. Like Coal, Petrol, Diesel, etc.

CCS is a methodology to filter carbon from air. Assume that a huge machine size of a sky scrapper building. It sucks the air. Filter the carbon available in the air. Captured carbon is deposited. The purified air is released out.

In simple words – Assume that you have fish tank or Aquarium set up in your home. You can see a motor running in the tank. There is a filter at the bottom of the tank, which may be buried under the pebbles or sand in the tank. Excretion of fishes are filtered and deposited at the bottom of the tank. Every two or three months, filter has to be cleaned.

In common man understanding the same can be assumed with CCS process.

Instead of reducing carbon emission, it filters the carbon emitted.

As on date CCS is not yet implemented.

Global warming More Wealth Leads to More Pollution

More wealth leads to more pollution. It is true in case of Global warming. The more money you have, you will consume more power. Consuming Electricity, Fuels like petrol/diesel, Using Air Conditioner both at home and vehicle and office, Eating more(more burning of gas or wood), and having more cloths than actually needed, etc – everything is power consumption. The more you consume the more you are polluting your environment.

Having anything more than your basic need, leads to pollution. Both environmental pollution and Economic pollution.

If you are wealthy, you will have car. Everyday you go to your office and everywhere by car. You buy petrol to drive your car. Everywhere you go using your car, you are releasing carbon monoxide and other toxic elements by burning the petrol or diesel. You use AC and refrigerator. You will live in big house which is more than required for your family members. So you occupy more space too. Which leads to ‘space scarcity’. You are polluting our environment by your life style. You are major pollutant of our earth.

If you are moderate wealth or leading a middle class life style, you must have a two wheeler/bike. Your mobility will be using your bike. You consume some volume of petrol to ride your bike. You are releasing carbon monoxide and other toxic elements wherever you go. But the level of pollution is less compare to car owners. You may not have Air Conditioner but may have refrigerator. You may live in a house which is enough for your family members. You are polluting our environment by your life style, but not up to the level of Wealthy people. You are moderate pollutant of our earth.

Both rich and moderate income group have either major or minor role in ozone depletion.

If you are poor, you go by bicycle or bus(public transport) or walk. So for your mobility you are not polluting the environment like car or bike users. Even you go by public transport(bus), it is shared by 100 of people(in my city is more than 200+ per bus in peak hours). So your share in fuel consumption is very low since bus fuel consumption is shared by many people. You may not have refrigerator. You may have a portable TV. You live in a house which is smaller than your family members required. You live in congested house. You are minor pollutant of our earth.

If you are beggar or wondering person, your not at all polluting the earth compare to above mentioned categories. Of course, if you are such person, you are not going to read this. You do not live in house, you do not consume electricity, you do not use car/bike/bus for your mobility. You walk everywhere you go. No chemical intoxication to the environment from your side.

We need to save our planet. We need to stop or reduce the global warming. We can not live without polluting our environment. Even while breathing we release carbon dioxide. We pollute our environment by breathing. We can not live without polluting our environment but we can reduce the level of pollution.

We need not be a beggar. We need to adapt a simple life style and reduce our comfort level to reduce our individual pollution level.

The more we use public transport for our mobility, our individual level of pollution will get reduced. If you are regularly going to your workplace by car or bike, you can switch to public transport(bus) to reduce fuel consumption. It will be a great difference in terms of years. For the next 10 years either you use car or bike for your mobility or use public transport. Both have a big difference in quantity of toxic you released to the environment at the end of 10 years.

Of course bus traveling is not easy. You may not get a seat for sitting always. You may not get sufficient space for standing. You may be squeezed and you may be squeezing others. But be proud you are not polluting our environment. You are not a pollutant.
The whole passengers traveling with you are not polluting the environment like you.

If you have car or bike, but you start using public transport in your day to day life, be proud, you are sacrificing your comfort for the sake of our planet. Let our next generation have a green earth.

Have awareness about global warming. Take the individual responsibility to stop global warming.

Global warming is a natural cause

Today, environmentalists are creating awareness about Global warming and Green house effect. Global warming, they say, may lead to extinction of living beings from earth; melting of ice berg causing cutting of land size leading to lot of socio-political and cultural issues.

What is the cause for Global warming? Scientists say many things as the reasons – Industrialization, de-forestation, smoke from the vehicles/ industries, etc. Whatever things, causing to increased carbon monoxide level in atmosphere, will increase warming. Ozone depletion, gases like chloro-fluoro-carbons from air conditioner and fridge are also causes for Global warming. Even in agriculture, Paddy (rice) fields produce more methane gas equivalent to industries.

In overall, environmentalists and scientists say, global warming is because of human activities and emphasize for change of this.

O.K. Now, let us argue the other way. Do you think, stopping the industrialization and going back to the primitive life will protect the earth from global warming? No, I emphatically deny this argument. It may postpone the global warming but it can not stop the death of earth (Eradicating the Atmosphere which supports to rise of living beings). We may postpone the life of earth for a few more generations of human beings. But, end of earth is inevitable.

We are aware that so many civilizations lived in the past. They attained cultural and scientific peak of their time. They believed, they were the best like we believe now. They reached the peak for some time and eradicated from the earth. They could not survive till date. The reason may be anything. Dinosaur roamed on the earth for some period. They did not industrialize their life. They did not create smoke. You could have imagined such an amount trees and plants they consumed which is much more than what consumed by human. Human has the awareness to re-plant the tree. Even though dinosaur lived in co-ordination with nature, they were eradicated. The reason may be anything.

Creation and destruction is a natural. We can not stop creation as well as destruction. The earth is created and will be destructed; the sun is created and it will also be destructed. Even, going back to barbarian or stone age civilization, we can not stop the earth from extinction. Scientists have also discovered the life cycle of Sun. Sun will grow bigger from its current size during its next stage of growth. When sun reaches its next stage, the place where earth floats, will be a part inside the sun, which means – the sun will swallow the ashes of earth. If sun slightly increases its diameter, then the earth may be burnt into ashes.

Sun may get its size altered. Sun might have lived half of its life span. Please, be aware, that sun, earth, star or anything in the universe for that matter, will have their own life cycle. Our scientist are yet to start their research in the inner side of the sun. Global warming, in my opinion, may be a cause due to changes in sun and not of human activities. Had the sun reduced its intensity, then, the term -GLOBAL WARMING might have got its burial in the dictionary long back.

Global warming may be a natural cause in the life cycle of earth or solar system.
Everything has got a life cycle from its creation to destruction. Global warming may be part of earth life cycle in the solar system.