Why cycles can’t be used by IT and Corporate Employees for Commuting in Chennai

Cycles can be used to commute if the distance between office and home is around 5 km.

Present day, corporate and IT employees travel 50 kms per day on average. Guys travel from Guduvanchery to GUINDY, AMBATUR to Siruseri – by and large one end of the city to other end. Provided many late night shuttling. In this life style cycling is not possible for commuting.

Cycling was possible to older generation where they live near to their work place. Like living near to their factory. Factories had cycle stand too.

But in present life style, even walking is not possible.

I use cycle with a conscious effort though my life style does not need a cycle in my day today life like people consciously walk in the morning.

We can’t blame ourselves as not being healthy as previous generations. Nowadays, our life style has less scope for natural physical activities.

Living near the work place will reduce the pollution like anything.

Why Electric Bicycle is not Good to Environment?

Electric bicycle is not good to environment contrary to its popular belief ‘ it is go green’. It may pose similar threat to environment like fossil fuels, chloro-flora carbons in the future if it is adopted massively like petroleum powered motor vehicles. How?

If you think, pollution of petroleum can be avoided, then go for manual cycling instead of electric bicycle. The electricity you use to charge is generated from burning coal, or nuclear reactor. The more you consume electricity, the more pollution you cause somewhere else, if the electricity is made out of burning or colliding something.

Beware of battery profeliration and its careless disposal.

More numbers of cycle batteries will be available than car, automobile batteries. If these bicycle batteries are not disposed properly, then it will harm the environment. After few years, we will be grieving over careless handling of batteries from the cycles left to rust. Cycle left to rust is a common sceen can be seen in our neighborhood frequently.

Used cycles in chennai

Used cycles or second hand cycles can be bought in K.K.Nagar. There may be many places in Chennai. But this shop has come to my knowledge and i purchased 2 used cycles from there.

Before buying my new cycle(Rs.4000), I was searching for a second hand cycle shop. There was no specific shop details available in internet. Then I purchased new cycle. The same cycle can be bought at the second hand shop for Rs.1500 to 2000. But I missed.

Somehow, I got this shop address. I went there and bought two cycles for my kids(daughter and son). Each Rs.1000. I could bargain further, but I did not. Because thousand rupees is a surprise to me when the same cycle price at new cycle shop is 2500 to 3000+ Rupees.

While purchasing used cycles, make sure the cycle parts and condition are sound, because you can not expect any warranty or guarantee.

Here is the exact location of the cycle using google maps:
If you ride from Udayam Theater/Ashok Pillar towards kk.nager bus depot, there will be roundana where you can take right to P.T.Rajan road. Do not take the right, it just a land mark. Before that roundana or signal, there are few shops on the left side of Anna Road as per map. Within 100 meter before the signal, there is old cycle shop. If you ask there, you will be guided.
Other land mark is it is near/after KK.Nagar bus depot.
Since, no name board for the shop, I have to explain in detail.
Click the link (View Large…) or find this co-ordination in google maps : 13.035708,80.204909

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Solar Current

I am charged by Solar Current. After realty, I am tempting to jump in Solar Electricity.

Ten years back, I was hijacked by Web Application wave. 6 Years back I eloped with “Blogging”. Two years back my mantra become Realty.

Like Sea is having ‘water currents’ in different directions at various depths, everybody’s life has different current, sometime ‘drifting’ too.

We should be very careful before ‘Slipping’ into a current. I decided not to Slip into this Solar current. After spending 8 to 10 hours in the office, I could not afford for anything other than this ‘partial writing’ or blogging. Weekends – OOPs – lot of lessons from the past how to use weekends. Weekends are very precious in my life.

I do not have time and money to research with Solar current. If any company/individual innovates something and sell a Solar domestic plant, I could buy it if it is affordable to me. Other than this stand, trying to innovate or create something to reduce Solar plant cost or increase its productivity from 15% are not possible to my life style.

Buy a domestic Solar plant if affordable to me. That’s it.

I was lost away by many current in the past. Every current drop me somewhere at the end. It give me some knowledge. experience to me. Both good and bad experience.

Running Free Internet Classifieds – Browme.com, was a failure, but it gave me a career, earnings, salary to have a decent living.

Blogging is utter flap as of now, but I know everything about blogging now. Last year, I earned ‘peanuts’ from my blog through Google Adsense. Indeed, it helped me to pay my daughter’s school fee. It does not cover whole fee, but covered mostly.

Realty is neither failure or success, but I bought a 2BHK flat in Chennai outskirts, and a piece of land in my native place.

Whenever I come across a current, I jumped immediately without thinking. Now, I consciously decide to avoid Solar Current. I may go for a Solar Lamp, Charger in a Slow Phased manner as middle class consumer. That’s it.

We can not stop depending on GRID all of a sudden. Moreover, Solar buzz in my district(Tamilnadu) will disappear once the ‘drama’ at Koodangulam atomic power plant is over.

Solar Engineering

B.E Solar Engineering will attain the status of B.E Computer Science within couple of decades. Parents will be buying the Solar Engineering seats for their son/daughter in order to get high paying jobs like Information Technology today. Fathers of daughters will be very eager to give their daughters to Solar Engineers. Everything will happen when Conducting Electricity via internet is made possible like data.

Electricity can be exported to western countries from the Solar farms in India. Not only India, all the countries which fall under equator region where sun shine is abundance throughout the year.

There is large employment opportunity will arise in Solar Energy industry in order to setup, maintain, manage Solar Forms.

Like water cans served in domestic market – homes, Batteries charged with Solar electricity will be served to homes at retail level.

Once the small and medium sized indigenous players jump into Solar Energy business, Corporates will slowly enter into the market.

Offshore Solar plantation will be setup with foreign investment and maintained by indigenous human resources. Electricity harvested will be exported to Western countries.

Like today’s Offshore IT managers, Solar Plant managers have to send PPT to their onshore stake holders, saying ‘we improved the process, so our plant is able to produce 12000 watts of electricity from 10000 watts OR we were spending $1000 per day to produce 10000 watts of energy per day. After implementing our new innovation, we are spending $700 per day to produce 10000 watts. We saved $300 per day, so $9000 per month – $108000 per year….”

Solar Energy is going to be cheapest once Solar Panel price is reduced. The Chinese Solar panels seem to be cheapest of all. But the challenge here is Storage and Transport. Capacity of batteries have to be improved like storage capacity increased in computers(hard disk).

Once we are able to transport electricity over internet like data, inter continental energy business will be corporatised.

Unlike western countries, sun shine is almost throughout the year in Asian countries and African countries. Cheap labor readily available to work in Solar Plantation. Thousands of highly qualified English Speaking Solar Engineers will be produced from Indian Colleges. They will be ready to work from African deserts to Arabian deserts. Western countries have to invest, that’s it. Otherwise they have to depend on ever ticking nuclear plants.

Instead of waiting for Asian/African countries initiate Solar Plants, Western countries have to initiate Solar Plants in equator region, Storage and Conduct Electricity at safe and cheap way to meet out their Energy demand in eco friendly way.

Unlike IT, Solar Engineers need not work in late nights, but they have start working from early morning.

why electric bicycle is not successful in indian market?

Electric bicycle is too costly for Indian cycle market. Regular users of bicycle in India are low income people and school students mostly. For these segment cycle is low cost transport machine. Price of an electric bicycle/kit is not affordable to these regular and today commuters.

Cycle means no maintenance. This is our mindset about cycles mostly. Battery powered bicycle require maintenance. This will raise complaints retail shops, which is new to retail shop owners. Support to cycle after sales never exists.

No local Support
Street cycle mechanics have to upgrade to electrician. Otherwise they could not manage the issues in electric bicycle.

Above all, cost is the major obstacle to get an entry in to electric cycle.

Ozone layer Depletion

Ozone is an oxygen element. Molecular formula of ozone is O3. Above earth’s surface from 9.6 km to 48 is called ozone layer. The ozone (O3) is formed when our oxygen (O2) is exposed to electric discharge by ultra violet rays emitted by sun.

This layer protects the earth from harmful causes of ultra violet ray. Direct exposure to ultra violet can cause many diseases. Ultra violet can decimate the cells of living organism. The presence ozone layer is the unique feature of earth and their feature makes earth as a unique planet in the universe. Without ozone layer no possibility for the existence living organism.

The shadow of God (ozone layer) is now emaciated by the activities of a living being which was once inspired by Satan- yes that is man – homosapiens. The nitrogenous wastage from any source, halogens, chloro-fluro-carbons, and bromine are the chemical substances, which create hole in ozone layer. These produced by human for a comfort life, which is leading to no life.

Straight above the Artic circle, northwest Asia ozone is like almost disappeared that is called ozone hole. Where there is an ozone hole, there is no filtration of Ultra violet rays.

The harmful chemicals keep destroying the ozone layer. If this destruction continues ozone this whole planet will be directly exposed to Ultra violet rays. Then Earth has to renounce its unique feature ‘Existence of life’.

In 1987 USA and other 22 countries signed. Montreal Protocol Treaty to stop using the ozone destroying compounds.

We cannot construct the ozone layer, the best we can do is stop destructing the ozone layer. Due to the global awareness the destruction ratio has slowed down, but not completely stopped. Because, many countries do not follow Montreal Protocol.

We cannot go back to Stone Age civilization from the current Silicon Civilization.

Both developed and developing countries have to acquire and aware of alternate chemicals, which will not affect ozone layer. This is the possible way to stop destructing the ozone depletion.

The more modernized civilization spoils the precious features of our planet.

Oxygen As A Commodity

Do we realize that we are consuming oxygen at free of cost. Nothing is free of cost in the world except oxygen. Earth is giving the oxygen without expecting anything from us. Earth does not trade with humanity. But humanity makes everything tradable. Even, water is a selling product nowadays. Potable Water is sold. There will be a scarcity for oxygen if we don’t care now.

Every body knows oxygen and water is important for our life. Water is sold in bottles and pocket. Our grandfathers never thought of purchasing water. But we are purchasing water in our life time. We never think of purchasing oxygen in our life time, but let our next generation should not buy oxygen. Let oxygen be free, not a commodity.

Evey body in this world give something to take. We do/provide something for our living. What ever we take/consume we have to pay or barter something either directly or indirectly. But we never give or repay anything for consuming oxygen. Oxygen is freely consumed by everybody. Do we repay to earth for providing oxygen? Nothing.

Only trees recycle or refill the environment by releasing oxygen and consuming carbon dioxide. Stop cutting trees is the old slogan. Nobody cares… People and industries keep cutting the trees. Grow trees…not every individual can do it. If you are living in city, you can not find a space or time for growing a tree.

But people live in cities and everybody can do a small contribution to the earth. Like saying ‘thank you’ to the earth for providing oxygen.

Just grow plants in pots in your home.

This is the easiest way to refill oxygen consumed by everybody.

You can use balcony, terrace, and etc to keep pots and grow plants. This may be small or micro or macro level contribution to our environment. Little drops of water makes the ocean. Like that if every individual in the world grow plants, which will be a great change at global level. Global warming will be stopped or at least get reduced definitely.

It is individual responsibility to refill the oxygen consumed from the environment. Everybody must realize it.

Grow either trees or plants to refill the oxygen consumed.

You may be wealthy or middle class or poor, but you can grow a plant in your home in a pot. If every individual brings up a tree or plant, we can see the change in few years.

Just promote this message if interested. At least grow a plant in your home and motivate your friends to grow plant in their home. Our simple effort will stop Climate Change, Ozone Depletion and Global Warming. This may solve our water problem too.

Think of a simple contribution to the earth for providing oxygen.

Evolution in Blackcap and Internet

Here is a chance to witness the speed of evolution. I witness two evolution, one in biology and in web practices.

Evolution is a process, happening slowly across thousands of years. A man can not notice a evolution in his life time. Man’s life span is faster than the Evolution speed.

Biological Evolution:
Britain’s love of bird tables may be interfering with evolution. The feeders are changing the migratory habits and even the shape of some bird species.

Blackcap, a warbler, is increasingly wintering in England instead of the Mediterranean after being drawn here by the abundance of food in gardens. Shorter migration and different food source is reducing the size of their wings and beaks.

This is my second hand witness(Source Indian Express). I notice a biological evolution.

Evolution in Web Practices:
For a long time, I was seeing testimonials are in yellow background and black letters. Many websites have few testimonials with two or three lines.

Recently I saw some of the clients, coming with scanned copies of testimonials and publish in their sites. The letter pad or business profile, where testimonials are ‘hand written’ is scanned and published.

I witness a evolution in displaying testimonials in websites.

Speed of Evolution in Internet is drastic. It is beyond notice. Internet evolves rapidly. Before we notice a new thing, it becomes an obsolete. It is very tough to remember what is the past, present and future trend in Internet.

Biological evolution takes years and years. A man can not notice a biological evolution in his life time. Change in the Blackcap’ wings and beaks are rare opportunity to notice a biological evolution.

An neighborhood species stimulate the new evolution in another species. Human speed up the evolution in Blackcap’s size and migration.

Carbon Capture and Storage(CCS) may harmful to Trees and Photosynthesis

Trees and Plants need Carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. If CCS removes ‘carbon’ dioxide, plants may not do photosynthesis. We will not get fresh oxygen and food if no photosynthesis happening.

Carbon Capture and Storage will filter the carbon in the air. We are not sure is it going to remove all the carbons or excess carbon causing global warming.

Carbon dioxide is important for photosynthesis. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from air and release oxygen during day time.

If CCS filters the carbon in the air, How will the photosynthesis happen without carbon. Oxygen will not be released and Agricultural food products will not be produced if photosynthesis is not happening.

If there is no carbon in the air or less carbon in the air, may affect Plants.

The consequences of artificial removal of carbon may show some manageable negative sign, but is should not be a nemesis. CCS is like a pain killer, which I already mentioned in my previous article, but the side effect of the pain killer should not kill the patient.