Eleven years of blogging what I Learnt

Eleven years of blogging since 2006. Started with dream of becoming rich from blogging.

I did not earn from blogging a bit. Frustration and depression after seeing page views, no visitors at all. I am the only visitor to my blog. Writing emotionally charged posting did not bring single visitor. Great deal of energy and time wasted. I did not renew the domain name in 2016 with frustration. Domain lost. Domain name registered by somebody else.

Instinctively motivated contents did not bring visitors. Content i liked did not bring traffic. I too had interim good time, had good time, received few adsense checks in 2010 when my realty pages yield traffic. Real estate boom was its peak in my city during 2010. Boom bursted, no visitors further.

Contents of early bird in emerging market with low competition yielded traffic for a while. But nothing permanent.

Instinctively charged, emotionally motivated, compulsive writing are utter flap in bringing traffic.

I resumed my blog for pure fun. Earlier i ran the blog with Drupal. I learnt drupal and got two job offers in my career. Now i run my site using wordpress, i want to learn wordpress like drupal.