Obsessed with Ideas

I meet two people with many Ideas, They have quest to achieve something in the Internet. They keep thinking about many innovative concepts. One guy explained his idea to me. I asked my doubts, while clarifying my doubts he get another idea. They he tried to jump to his new idea. But I forced him to stay with the idea he was explaining. His head seems to be business model factory.

I am not sure whether this is creativity or any problem/stress in the mind. Because, for many years they are living with their ideas. Idea produces more ideas. The problem is none of the idea in their head gets executed practically. They keep stuffing their head by ideas. But nothing gets de-stuffed. Idea in its own abstract form can not succeed. It needs to be practically implemented.

Which stop them from executing their ideas? If they have executed any one idea and stick to it, then things will be different from now. Two things stop implementing the ideas. Lack of confidence and lack of belief on the Idea. Feverishness or mental obsess about the idea also prevent the action at the same time urging for action. It reaches a stage of Action constipation. Third reason is the idea is beyond their capacity to execute.

If they are in any one stage or more, they dont act practically, but keep thinking about the idea, keep speaking about the idea, and keep producing ideas. They like all their ideas and want to implement all. They will have bottle neck of time and resource and confidence. Nothing will be implemented

They did not earn single bit of currency from their ideas. But they keep boasting their ideas to others and enjoy the oral appreciation from the innocent listeners. They like the listeners but not the executioners. Because they do not like their ideas to be executed by others.

Many people are wasting their time and mental energy to be obsessed with ideas. Real idea will blossom like flower and you will not be obsessed with other ideas. Focus on only one thing, which will definitely give result either positive or negative or at least your mind will be free from more ideas.

Implement what comes to your mind. Definitely you will earn either money or knowledge or both. At least, you stop suffering from new ideas. Choose what is best and what you can do and stick to it. Implement it; certainly there will be a positive result: money, knowledge, or no more ideas and you will wake up from your world of ideas. Once you realize the pain of implementation, you will dare to come out with another idea.