Silicon Civilization

We are living in Silicon Civilization. Human history has witnessed various known and unidentified civilizations.

Every civilization has its own life style, comfort level, technical expertise, cultural and economic system, and of course Spirituality and God.

In stone age people were having expertise in using stone for their extra comfort in hunting, fighting and sheltering.

Like that, we had Steel age during the Industrial revolution. With the expertise in chemicals we had ‘Plastic Age’.

Now, we are in age of Semi-Conductors. From poor to rich are using semi-conductors in one way or other way. From cell phone to Rockets, chips are every where.

The world is shrinking closer and closer from civilization to civilization. People across the continents can communicate just like that in silicon civilization. No other civilizations have achieved such a technical advancement than silicon civilization.

The main difference among civilizations is Technical Expertise.

There are other minor conceptual differences among civilizations. There are definition of Sin and Crime, create of God, preaching of spiritual leaders, commodity pricing, freedom and role of women. Above all, the overall conscious of people.

Collective Conscious of society is different from civilization to civilization. Each civilization has its conscious. The people believe something, and practice something. Many people have a search in their life without the clarity of what to be searched.

Is the technological advancement and its impact in the day to day life formatting the conscious of people or growth of brain? OR Are the conscious or growth of brain leading to technical advancement?

Conscious is not static. It is keep changing. Why it is changing, and how it is changing is still a mystery. In a man’s life, the conscious of childhood, boyhood, adulthood, middle age and old age are different.

Conscious is the only source of self identification or ‘I am’. ‘I am’ is keep changing within a life span of man.

Conscious is the crux of sense of well being.

The actions we do and the actions acted upon us, the thought we generate and the thought generated for us, the level of comfort, the level of stress all are changing our conscious slowly without our awareness. Change may be either in positive or negative way.

Everything in and around us shapes our conscious.

When you do not watch TV for a year, you may notice a slight difference in your conscious from others.

If you receive an appreciation and you are receiving scolding, both mount two difference conscious respectively.

By and large, conscious of all the civilizations are not same. Each civilization has its unique consciousness.

Silicon Civilization has attained the highest technical expertise compare to all other civilizations. Does it give the best sense of well being to its people compared to other civilizations?

The living standard and level of comfort in day to day life of silicon civilization is the best among all other civilizations. There is no doubt in it. But is it eco-friendly?

The more technical advancement leads to more harm to eco-system. No other civilization has done such a damage to earth like silicon civilization. More indulgence in material life, lead to less involvement in human values.

Moreover, it is the most complex living system.

Is Silicon civilization the best civilization in terms of sense of well being, complexity, and stress level in individual and society.

Does every individual have sufficient biological space in the age of Semi-conductors?

Does silicon civilization gives the best conscious to its people compare to all other civilizations?