Social Networking in Olden Days

Social networking is not new. It is existing before the advent of internet. The concept of social networking is existing since man started to live in communities(group).

Today, the medium is internet. Earlier it was the trees and community places. Every village has one or two big trees or halls in temple or belongs to local panchayat. People gathered there when they have free time, especially in the evenings. They discuss about everything interested to them. Have fun and relaxation. Some people initiate the topic. Then the topic will revolve for many hours or days.

Today majority of villages are getting empty. Villagers are moving to cities to be a part of silicon civilization. There is not big trees in the cities. Few parks are there, but they are occupied by people waiting for their coffin and adolescent lovers. So no proper place for ‘In Person’ social networking.

But the inner call for ‘social talk’ is smouldering like smoke. Human is a social animal, social activity is must. The need for social activity is satisfied at ‘social networking’ sites. Social networking portals are ‘Silicon Trees’, where people of silicon civilization can interact when they are free under the shadow of silicon tree.

The feelings get under ‘Real Trees’ and ‘Silicon Tress’ both are same. Man is eliminating wooden trees, instead nourishing ‘Silicon Trees’ to sit, gather, discuss, speak, shout and relax.

So the core concept of social networking is existing since man lived in caves. Social networking or virtual life is going to boom. Every section or group of people need a ‘space’ to express their social networking calls.