Importance of Having Fun in Life

Importance of playing and having fun in life.

From childhood to college days, we play, have fun during our free time. But when we go to job, or after becoming adult we stop playing.

Playing and having fun are vital for healthy and happy life both mentally and physically. During childhood our mind is filled with games and fun. During adulthood our mind is filled with tensions and problems. We do not satisfy with what we have in hand. We keep searching something. Never ending search. We do not have time to play. Neglect playing and having fun. We leave them as they are kiddies activity.

Play, having fun, laugh are like antibodies to prevent tensions, fear, stress of adulthood life. While playing we forget everything, mind is free from all, which are unnecessarily hooked with our mind. You can experience the body in full action only if you have fun and play.

Ignore all your urges, throw away your fears and tension, create friends to play, have fun, laugh like mad. Suddenly you will be relieved from the past and the future and you will be in pleasureful present.

Having fun in life and playing may slow down the aging process.