Shell City Ride oil change to Pulsar NS160

I recently changed Shell oil (city ride) to my pulsar NS160. The bike runs smoothly now, looks like low end torque/punch improved a bit. Oil cost me 599 rupees when I purchased.

After thrashing my bike to cruise at 100 km/hr in highway continuously during my last highway ride, I noticed some roughness in engine. Moreover, service interval/due time also arrived. So I approached service center for servicing the bike. But, the service center where I regularly give my bike for servicing, was too busy with other bikes, they were not able to attend my bike for the next few weeks or month so.

So I decided to change oil at least. Let my bike run in new oil until service center guys called me for regular service. So I went to Shell petrol bunk near my home, They showed me two types of oil, City Ride, and Shell Advance. Shell Advance is for racing performance. City Ride oil is for city ride. I am not going to ride above 80 km/hr, so I do not need Shell Advance. I purchased Shell City Ride oil one liter costing 599 rupees.

The staff at petrol pump drained old bajaj oil from my bike and poured new oil.

Then I took the bike to highway and ride at 80 km/hr speed. The roughness of the engine got cleared, and bike becomes butter smooth. My Pulsar NS160 glided smoothly with new oil in highway in moderate speed(80 km/hr).

Now, the problem is lubing bike chain. Chain is lubed during regular service. Now service center is not able to attend my bike, my bike’s chain is dry and dirty. I am doubting whether any road side mechanic will do Chain lubing alone, not full service. Full service, I will do with Service Center once they resume their business.

I am going to enquire with my nearest street mechanic for Chain lubing alone. If they agree, then I will have cleaned and lubed my bike’s chain. Let us see.

Practice, Repeat, Habit – NS 160 Comfortable cruising at 80KM/HR

Nowadays, I am able to comfortably cruise around 80 KM/HR speed in Highway, When I purchased the bike, initially, I feared to ride at 80 km/hr speed. My body and mind was so tense at those speeds. I thought my comfortable speed is around 50km/hr.

But years of repeated riding in highway, gradually increased my comfort zone in speed. I was comfortable around 70 km/hr for a while. That time I thought 70 was the safe speed. I continued to ride at 70 km/hr in highways. Without my effort, now my comfortable cruising is around -80+ km/hr in highway. I am bored at 60 / 70 km/hr speed now.

Initially, I thought 50 km/hr speed is my limitation both physically and psychologically. But years of repeated riding improved my limitation. Now I am thinking to upgrade to 300CC or 250CC bike to cruise at 100 or 120 km/hr speed in highway. But due to safety measures, I consciously nullify my desire to upgrade higher capacity bikes, I confine myself to cruise at -80+ km/hr speed in highway. Let it be my comfortable speed. Moreover, that is the legal speed limit in highway in India as on date. Respect the law.

I do not want to push myself to cruise at 100+ km/hr speed, though I can practice, repeat, and make it a habit to become comfortable at those speeds both physically and mentally. Non-fenced or no-barrier Indian highways are not safe at such speed even though I can be comfortable and confident at those speeds.

I do not say You are safe at 80 km/hr speed and you are at risk at 100+ kn/hr speed. You can reach your destination at any speed. Accident can happen at any speed. Even at 40 km/hr, accident can happen. Even, when you are walking, some vehicle may hit you. While walking you may skid or slip. We can not say walking is risk. ( Example : )

God controls life and death.

I have realized that by practice, repeat and making habit, provided God willing – we can master anything. If I sold out the NS160 when I purchased it, I would have been riding within my limitation – that is 50km/hr in highway. I continued to ride NS160 at 60 few months, then gradually my riding speed increased to 70 and now I cruise at -80+ km/hr in NS160 in highway. It took overall 2.5 years to get out of my limitation. Now I am confident, I can experience 100+ km/hr speed too comfortably provided God willing. But I do not want, and I do not have money to afford for new bike now financially.

We can acquire any skill, knowledge by practice -> repeat -> habit <- provided God willing. I learnt this out of my biking experience with Pulsar NS160.

My sub-conscious mind is re-programmed to cruise at -80+ km/hr speed comfortably both physically and mentally by “practice, repeat, habit, God willing”.