Pulsar NS160 – Problems after 2 years

Government should ban all motorcycle reviews or ownership reviews which are given earlier to 2 years from purchasing the bike. Reviews after 2 to 3 years of purchase should be allowed and true. Review at brand new condition should be punished and stopped by government. Too early reviews misleading the buyers.

Motorcycle’s original build quality is exposed after 2 to 3 years of usage. We should give review afterwards.

My pulsar ns 160, did not give any problem till two years or warranty period got over. Afterwards, clutch or clutchplate having issue. bringing bike to neutral gear is very difficult. Low end torque and low end pickup got reduced or not upto newness state.

Some tuk tuk sound from vehicle when riding over bumbs and pits with pillion.

Engine turned off automatically in slow speed some time, annoying issue. Engine RPM reduces below 1000rpm and engine turned of automatically some times in slow speed in traffic, need to rev a bit to prevent engine off in traffic or slow speed.

Gear shift is must in low speed or tung tung sound from engine appears.

Rusting in fuel inner cap, water logging during raining season around inner fuel cap.

Many time, engine malfunction light glows, do not know what to do, Some time the light goes off automatically after 1 or 2 days, sometime it is taking more time. Is Bajaj experienced enough to make motorcycle with Fuel Injection, I dont know.

There is sag in mono suspension. When the bike was brand new, I had to tip toe the bike while in stationary. Now, after two years, I am flat footing while in stationary. Mono suspension is sagged a bit. My body weight is same for the last two years.

I am giving my bike to Authorised Service Center every 3 months before the due date. So, far my bike has clocked 11000 kms only in 2 years of ownership.

I am getting frustration with these problems. Engine performance reduced from newness state after 2 years. Regular service is not preventing problems. Service Centers do regular periodical checks only. They do not pay attention to specific problems. For specific problems we have to depend on local mechanic to fix it.

I still love my bike’s(NS160) performance above 5000 rpm or above 60 km/hr speed. 60 to 70, 70 to 80, 80 to 90 km/hr speed in my bike is still awesome and entertaining. I cruise at 70 to 80 km/hr in highway, that feeling is superup. Bike’s midrange in highway is still thrilling. I go to highway weekly once or twice and ride my bike in highway for 2 to 3 hours… Absolute Blast, Enthralling. If your restrict your highway cruising speed around -80+ km/hr, then this bike is more than sufficient. Still in-gear acceleration is adrenaline surge. Look of this bike is appealing as “Definitely Male” tagging of pulsars. That is the reason, I still keep this bike with me, otherwise I would have sold/thrown it in second hand market like I sold Discover 150F within 2 years from purchase.

Biking culture is at its peak in India, Bikers are conscious about their bike too much. They see every problem through a lens. Bike manufactures should understand the bikers mind, and build bikes with at most quality and train, equip Authorized Service Centers.

My previous motorcycle honda shine, was serviced at local mechanic, for three and half years, it did not irritate me at any point of time. There were problems occurred, but they were sorted out by local mechanics then and there. I did not give honda shine to Authorized Service Center after free services exhausted.

I am hesitating to give my BS6 ns160 to local mechanic, since it is FI and having engine/FI malfunction sensor, which can not be turned off by local mechanic. Moreover, I assume, BS6 engine oil is different from BS4 engine, I just assume, but I may be wrong too. So I am hesitating. But, I am pretty sure, local mechanic can service the bike better than Service centers because local mechanic pay attention to specific problems apart from regular checking. I am going to enquire my local mechanic whether is he able to maintain BS6 motorcycle with FI. If he accepts, then I will give the bike to him for servicing henceforth.

Before, purchasing NS160, I was in dilemma as whether to buy Hornet 2.0 or NS 160. Then I purchased NS160. Now I feel that, I should have purchased a bike from Honda based on my experience with Shine.

If I am buying next bike, then definitely it will not be from Bajaj stock based on my timely tested experience from Discover 150F and NS160. If anybody ask my suggestion as which bike to purchase, I would say avoid Bajaj based on my timely tested, costly experience with Bajaj bikes.

Honda means, more money, but peace of mind. Bajaj means less money, but no peace of mind, provided performance guaranteed. Your choice… money or peace of mind or performance at affordable price.

In the last two years, I enjoyed performance from NS160, it is enough. Now I want peace of mind – Honda Shine.

Update : 19-01-2023 : Today, Gear shifting became very hard and many false neutrals while riding the bike. Few times gear change is not engaging. It became difficult to ride the bike. I took the bike to Authorized Service Center. They checked the bike and replaced new Clutch cable, costing 434 rupees including labor charge. Now gears are smoothly engaging like a new bike. I am happy now.