What to buy – NS 160 or Hornet 2.0

What to buy NS 160 or Hornet 2.0 ? I was obsessed with NS 160 for long time. But, i am afraid to ride Bajaj bikes after having bad experience with Discover 150F. But my passion for NS 160 is not stopped until Hornet 2.0 launched.

Launching of Hornet 2.0 by Honda, shakes my obsession with NS160. Hornet 2.0 is a 180cc bile. It has better torque than NS160. It has broader rear tyre than NS 160. It has upside down forks. It has gear position indicator. But Hornet 2.0 is approximately 20000 rupees more than NS 160

NS 160 has almost same horse power as Hornet 2.0. It has perimeter frame. It has lessor torque than Hornet 2.0. It has less high speed stability compared to Hornet 2.0. It has four valve engine. It has oil cooled engine. It is approximately 20000 rupees cheaper than Hornet 2.0. It has better mileage than Hornet 2.0.

If i purchase NS 160, then i will retain my Honda shine for a while untill I settle down with NS 160 both physically and mentally.