Datsun Redi Go car cold start problem and Stress

God, I purchased Datsun Redi Go car in 2020 march BS IV version. When whole India is going behind Maruthi Suzuki, Hyundai, and Tata for cars, I purchased Redi-Go from Nissan.

The car has cold start problem in winter season. Fuel pump is not getting on when ignition is on. I have to crank few times or wait for 5 to 10 minutes to let the the fuel pump on and start the car.

I complained this problem to Nissan Service Center. They changed new battery. The cold start problem persists even after changing to new battery. Service center is not able to resolve the problem, I have to live with it.

I lost confidence with this car. When I am going for long trip, what will I do if the car does not start.

Due to this sort of cold start problem or delayed/no fuel pump startup, I am hesitating taking this car out.

Next, problem is I lost interest to drive the car in Chennai city traffic. Especially my area saligramam(arcot road), where metro train works are busily being done, roads are closed or diverted. Heavy traffic at Vadapalani signal, where i usually get out. Forum mall(cinema), Vijaya hospital, High rise apartment near by Vadapalani signal, Kamala theatre, Greenpark are creating heavy traffic at Vadapalani signal. Who or which authority gave permission to construct all at a chicken neck. Try driving from Porur to Kodambakkam in a Saturday evening around 6pm.

Abusali street, Kaveri street, and streets leading to Koyembedu from Saligramam are digged out by various authorities for various reasons. Cars can not go comfortably, cars have to snail through narrow or narrowed streets. My other way to get out also distorted.

Next, I am ready to drive car from Chennai to Rameshwaram, but I am not ready to use my car to go to T.Nagar for shopping.

Next problem, unnecessary fight or argument between my wife and myself. My wife wants to go to T.Nagar, movies, receptions, malls, Koyembedu vegetable market, Dmart, grocery shops in car. She does not know driving. So I have to drive the car.

Whenever, she ask for a trip in car, I am always reluctant, i hesitate to take the car out. Imagine, how it would be , if your car is not starting or delaying to start, when you parked your car in movie theatre parking. Cars behind you will be honking when you keep trying to start your car.

Due to cold start problem and city traffic, i always avoid taking car out, but my wife shout out me for not using the car or not helping her going out comfortably.

Next, I am paying monthly EMI for car loan. The car has not been fully utilized or half or ever quarter or bit. It is always parked in parking, but monthly EMI has to be paid duly.

My sister has Alto 800 and my uncle has Alto K10. They have these cars for more than 10 years. I used those cars extensively for long trips across Tamilnadu. Winter, raining or whatever season – i never had starting trouble or cold start problem from those cars. Engine comes to life at a single crank. I am obsessed with cold start problem of my car.

I purchased car for going to office – commuting. But, the 2nd day after I purchased the car, lockdown announced in March 2020. Since then, I am in work from home, no need to take the car out on day to day basis. As on date(21-8-2022) I am writing this, I am in work from home, no need of car for commuting.

Moreover, Nissan stopped production and sales of Datsun Redi Go cars in India. Service, support, spare parts are at question now.

Agonies of car are, Cold start problem or fuel pump not starting promptly, difficulty in driving the car in city traffic, arguments and yelling from wife, car is not utilized, paying EMI for car loan which has not been used, need to purchase insurance and do periodical service for car which is always in stationary at parking.

I have even published a youtube review ( for this car in a praising note. That was a Sin. Influencing others to buy a product, publishing ownership review when the product is brand new are Sins. God, you punished me for my sin. I do not know, how many people are influenced by my review to buy this car. I will never give review to any product henceforth. God, you give different experience to different people for same product. We should not justify our experience with the product is the rule of thumb and the same will be experienced by others. That type of justification is wrong and sin. Same product will give different experience to different people at God’s will.

God, you should have prevented me from buying a car. I guess, You may like to deduct my bad karma, by letting me have bad experiences and grievances and stress. Its okay.