Rashad Khalifa Quran – English Translation

Rashad Khalifa’s english translation of Quran is awesome. Everyday reciting has improved my English language. Precise usage of word. Simple sentence. Improvement to vocabulary.

When I read it, I get the feeling like, I am reading something which is universal to All Humanity, rather than something which is restricted to a specific people/sect who identify/group themselves in dress code, long beard, specific names to be called.

I am not worrying whether Rashad Khalifa is a messenger or not. What I enjoy is his beautiful English, which I don’t see in any other English translations. If anybody read Rashad’s translation without prejudice or forgone decision, he/she will agree that his translation is the best source of path to Submission.

I accessed this in my smart phone and listen, read. Quran player link https://blogya.in/quran

Actually, my friend Nooril Hassan presented Rashad’s translation to me to improve my english language. He encouraged me to read everyday. Nowadays, a day is not passed without reading it. Every time, I read it, some verse inspired me.

Rashad Khalifa Mobile Quran

Quran English translation of Rashad Khalifa is available for mobile phones. This will play the audio as well text of each ayat/ayah.

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What is Idol Worship as per Quran

What is Idol worship as mentioned by Quran. Even many muslims think statue worship is Idol Worship. Which is absolutely wrong.

Idol worship not only related to worshiping statues or images or symbols alone. Even if you symbolizes anything as God the almighty, which may be accepted.

As per Quran, anything which occupies your mind more often than God is Idol Worship.

If you think of money and doing business for money like anything, money becomes your God. Doing business for making more money rather than meeting out your basic needs. It is Idol Worship.

Someone cheated you. You get angry with him. Days and nights you think of the person who cheated you. You imagine how can you retaliate. Nothing is more important to you than revenging him. Now the person who cheated you is your God. He occupies your mind more than anything in twenty four hours a day. Now you are committing the sin Idol Worship as mentioned by Quran.

Anything which occupies your mind for longer period and often is your God.

If you allow anything to fill your mind other than God, you are committing Idol Worship.

You have decease. If you always thinking and worrying about the decease, the decease is your God. you are worshiping the Decease.

You have some fear. You always speaks about your fear, you always act by your fear, thoughts of fear haunting you like anything. Now fear is your God. You are worshiping Fear. This is Idol worshiping.

If your brother or sister or children or friend or relative died unexpectedly. You keep thinking about the died person and sulk in depression. Now the died person is your God. You are worshiping the death soul.

You get a good job with high salary. You always proclaim your job and salary proudly. Your body language reflects your job and the richness. You move with the people, speak, think, live based on your Job and Salary. you enjoy your identification with your profession. Now your Career is your God, not God is your God. You are Idol worshiping your Career.

Here is a Example from Hindu Mythology:
In Mahabaratha, Krishna has a separate episode with Kamsan his uncle.

As per the oracle, Kamsan will be killed by his sister’s son. Kamsan tried to avoid it. But later on, Kamsan comes to know, Krishna is his sister’s son, who escaped from all his efforts to kill him.

Now, Kamsan afraid of death, being killed by Krishna. Every second he thinks about krishna. Wherever he looks he see Krishna’s face. Whatever sound he hears, it seems to be Krishna’s voice. While breathing in and out, he utter the name of Krishna.

Now Kamsan’s god is Krishna, because Kamsan fills his mind with Krishna. Now Kamsan is doing Idol worshiping.

Shivering/Haunting/Thinking about something other than God more often or always is Idol Worship.

Hope, some how you understand what is Idol worship as prohibited by Quran.

Worshiping statues, images, icons, symbols are not only Idol worship. Of course there are also Idol worship, but Idol worship is not confined to statue worship alone.

If our mind is vibrated by anything other than God is Idol worship.

During Vinayagar Chaturthi or Ganesh Chaturthi, even some muslims also think about the elephant statue.

Some people(hindus) keep thinking about the elephant statue because of Devotion. Some people(muslims) keep thinking about the elephant statue because of angriness and aversion. Both act on the elephant statue based on their emotions.

Whatever may be the emotion but both sections keep thinking about the elephant statue more than anything else. So both are committing the sin Idol Worship during Chaturthi.

Quran contains God’s message to worship God alone, but mistakenly people worship Quran more than God.

Idol worship is a sin happening mostly at thought level when compared to statue worship. Idol worship is committed by people from all the religion including muslims.

If you are a Muslim, not agreeing with the above explanation for Idol Worship, damn sure you have not read Quran at least once in your life time.

Offline English Quran without Internet

Here you can download Offline English Quran, which works without internet connection. You can read, search, go any sura.ayat. Text version work well without net. Moreover, you do not need to download any app. Just access this Quran web app from you mobile or desktop browser. That’s it.

In order to play audio, you would need to be connected with internet. Otherwise, you do not need net connectivity.

Click here to visit Offline English Quran

Online English Quran Rashad Khalifa No Apps

This web app enable you to recite, search English translation of Quran by Rashad Khalifa.

Click to Visit online english quran.

No need to install any app. Access the link from you mobile browser. Best viewed in mobile browser.

You can listen, read verse by verse either by manually or play automatically.

You go to any sura.ayat by providing sura and ayat number.

You can read quran verse by verse – Ayat by Ayat and Sura wise.
1) using navigation buthtons .

2) SWIPE left or right.

3) You go to any ayat by providing sura and ayat number, separated by dot.

4) Set the delay between each ayat recitation – applied when audio start playing automatically.

5) Search in Quran for specific keyword(s) – Click Search button to go to Search page.

6) In search screen, by toggling to Sura, any sura can read with full ayats.

Customize the back, front color and size of fonts.

Take Quran in your pocket/hand. Great app for submitters who do not know Arabic to walk in the path of submission.

Click to visit online english quran.