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The following websites are for sale and up and running, You can visit the websites and play with it before arriving to purchasing decision. – is a digital platform to share and ask things freely. You can share any stuff and ask any stuff. It is a sort of classified websites for things which can be given freely or asked freely. It is good option for investment and returns once it has a reach. If you are interested to buy this website, contact for more details. – is a online job portal for experienced PHP programmers specifically. The portal has been tuned specifically for Senior PHP developers resume. The name of the domain can operate on worldwide, or country wide. Right now it is configured for World wide. If you are interested to buy this website, contact – is a online portal for sharing information above in and around Virugambakkam. It is an area in Chennai, Tamilandu. Once it is reached as a brand among virugambakkam residents, income can be generated via classified ads and advertisements. If you are interested to buy this website, contact

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Which is best investment

We do lot of investment for our future. Using money we invest in land, FD, Mutual fund, and shares, etc. Which is the best investment? Nothing is best.

Time is the best investment. Investing your time properly is the best investment for future as well as present. Every one has twenty four hours. The way we invest our time makes the different. Do not waste your time in unhealthy arguments, debates. They are going to yield nothing. Instead they spoil the relationship with debates. Invest your time in learning or planning yields best returns. Research and development yields best returns.

Invest your time as per your role. If you are a manager invest your time in managerial works rather than clerical or labor intensive works. If you are a software project manager invest your time in Analyzing business models, Team building, ensuring quality of the software. It is foolish to invest your time in data entry to populate database. You can depute some body in the lower hierarchy to do it.

Investing your time to relax after tiresome work, make you ready for another round of work.

Whether you spend or invest or don’t use your time, time will be lost. Time is an illusion. It is a Maya. Actually Time does not exist. There is no time, if there are no events.

There is a difference between spending and investing. You can not invest all your time then you can not live. You spend your time in the morning to reach office. Then you do your office work to earn. These things are not investment. Watching movie, entertainment are not investment. They are spending. You must spend your time.

What do you do with your remaining time you have after office hours and when you are free in the office? I am referring a time frame which is not spent for earning. We sell our time to buy money. We are not selling twenty four hours. Six to eight hours we spend for earning. That must be spent. What we do with the remaining hours. They can be invested in gaining knowledge, future benefits, relaxation and etc.

Invest your time in divinity is the best investment. Invest your time to create and establish new relationship.

Invest your time for good returns in the future. What you get in the present, which are the returns of your past investment.