Fate Tension Anxiety Gene

If you are destined to be tense, have anxiety, then whatever you do, wherever you go, you will have tension.

Earlier, I thought that job stress was the only source of tension and anxiety. If I join a relaxed job, then i will not have tension, I thought such way.

Luckily, i got a relaxed job. No job stress, no tension and anxiety related to job. Am I peaceful now? No, i am not peaceful.

Tension from other sources occupied me. Tension about reducing bank balance due to more expense. Expense is exceeding income.

Car and bike anxieties are torchering me like anything.

Son not going to school on time or promptly.

My websites are not getting sufficient traffic to earn money.

All these anxieties were existing before when I was working with tenseful job. Due to job tension, I ignored other anxities. Only tension I had was job tension. Tenseful job gave more salary/income.

Now job is relaxed, but i have anxiety from other sources. Trivial things graped my attention and bothering me.

Anxiety or tension originates from your gene. If you are prone to anxiety genetically, then external factors can easily trigger tension in you.

If you are not prone to tension genetically, then external events can not make you tense easily.

Source of anxiety is not external, it is internal. If you are genetically programmed to have anxiety, then even small problems gives you anxiety.

What is in the seed, that becomes the tree. What is in the gene/fate, you become that.

It is very difficult or impossible to change genetic patterns. If the pattern is wrong, you have to suffer.

If you are genetically prone to tension, then you need a conscious awareness to ignore tension, don’t act by tension.

You have to remember that you are prone to tension, ignore it when it catches you. Definitely, you will have anxiety, if you are vulnerable genetically, but remember that and ignore it.

If you have fire, you will fire up when contacting cotton, try leaves, try wooden logs or any inflammable things. If you don’t have fire, then you will not fire up when contacting any or all inflammable things.

It is the fire you have is burning the cotton. Cotton is not creating fire in you. If no fire in you, you will not burn cotton.

Cheat your Gene code

We have psychological or mind responses which was very useful for survival, when we were living as Hunters. Those responses or behavior were genetically programmed.

Then, we were farmers did agriculture, them we were industrialist and today we are somthing.

But those genetically programmed psychological responses still prevail in present days, but they are not needed now.

Our mind is genetically programmed to jealous, greed, fear, desire for survival.  They are survival instincts for the living style of past era.  Now they are not needed, but we still have them and follow them blindly.

We have to cheat our gene code to not to have jealous, greed, fear, desire in present day living style.

We have not given sufficient time to evolution to reprogram or upgrade mind as per present days.

We live in silicon civilization, but we have and follow the mental reflexes of stone age hunters, like ferociousness of lion in zoo and betta in bowel.

We have to cheat our gene code as far as mental instincts.