How to give free stuff in India

You can give your used or unused books, phones, furniture and anything to the people who are in need through

Either you can post what do you want to dispose or you can see what people want and give them directly. There is no middlemen or middling in The donator and the receiver can communicate directly. Try it to dispose your unwanted stuff instead rusting and dusting in your home.

Watching YouTube is a Charity

Watching YouTube is a Charity. It is like making donations.

When you watch YouTube, someone is getting money. You make google to pay to someone. You donate your time to watch videos, in turn somebody get paid.

So don’t have guilt like you are wasting your time by watching YouTube. Actually, you donate your time to make somebody getting paid.

Donate your time by watching YouTube videos. Time Donation.

Working is Charity

If you are working, you are doing Charity. Working is an indirect way of Charity.

Out of my salary, I donate from few hundreds to thousand to orphan homes or some trust taking care of deserted people. I was thinking, this is my only charity activity.

Later I realized, working in a company is also a ‘Charity’. By making the company profitable, you help the company to expand and recruit more people. By employing new people company gives the employees a ‘living’.

Employment to an individual is a rise of new family. Basic needs with or without additional comfort are provided to three or more people in the society.

By helping your company to grow and recruit more people, you are indirectly providing provisions for people to have a living. It is a good charity through it is indirect.

Dedicate your work for the good company or good proprietor.

There are companies/proprietors who suck your blood and keep the profit with them self. They do not expand the company or give you more salary. You are treated as working machine, not human being. If you are not emotionally or physically well, do not work in such company.

How do you find a good company to do your ‘charity of working’? It is very simple.

In this ‘Silicon Civilization’ or age of semi-conductor, if any company expects you to work for 8 hours per day with weekly two off, It is your company. The proprietor who is running such company is not running a company, he is actually doing a charity. It is the company which takes care of your work life balance.

Join with the person who is already doing charity by recruiting you. Help him to do more charity by recruiting more people. Providing a ‘living’ to a family is better than donating money.

Helping to build a better society is the best charity.

You can contribute to such charity by working in a company which is already doing charity. Be part of it, ‘help’ it to ‘help’ more people to have a decent living.

Feel your work as a charity.