More fun with Pulsar NS160

The bike perform aggressively post 6000 rpm.

If I want mileage, I have to ride around 3500 to 4000 RPM max. I do this while riding in within city – a sedate riding with lot of grunt/pulling power from NS160. In Highway, I cruise between 60 to 70 km/hr speed. In these speed range in city and highway, I get mileage of 50+ km/ltr. My previous honda shine gave 55 km/ltr with less power.

If I want mileage, I ride like below 50km/hr, If I want fun, I ride around 70km/hr.

The bike cruise at 80 km/hr effortlessly and stable. I did not push the bike beyond that, though NS160 BS6 can do more speed, but my personal speed is limited.  I dont want to ride at high speed even in highway.

I did not buy NS200, it is a right decision for my sedate riding style.  I am not going to ride beyond 70 km/hr continuously in highway.  I may touch 80 km/hr for quick overtaking, but not consistently ride at such speed.  Pulsar NS 160 gives sufficient mileage as well power, speed when demanded for matured rider like me.  I dont need NS200 since I am not going to ride at 100+ km/hr speed.  I am not a flash speedster like NS200 guys ride in city or highway.

Pulsar NS160 is inspiring confidence for riding and has sufficient stability for decent speeds.   

Riding posture relieves my tail bone pain, which I used to have when riding in upright posture of commuter bikes.  This is subjective.  I have tail bone pain, so I preferred a slightly forward lean posture, which NS160 provides correctly.

I am planning for a 300km round trip in this bike, post monsoon, mostly in January, I will set out for long trip, till then short trips only.  January, February, till Mid-March are good time for bike touring, there would not be raining or hot Sun in these months.


I purchased Pulsar NS160 BS6

Pulsar NS 160After 3 years of patientcy with Honda shine i bought Pulsar NS160 recently.

I ride this bike around 70 km/hr in highway. This bike can do more, but my comfortable speed is 70 km/hr in highway.

One has to ride this bike to experience its pick up and power as a 150cc motorcycle.

I will write more about my experience with NS160 as i ride more. Stay tuned.

What to buy – NS 160 or Hornet 2.0

What to buy NS 160 or Hornet 2.0 ? I was obsessed with NS 160 for long time. But, i am afraid to ride Bajaj bikes after having bad experience with Discover 150F. But my passion for NS 160 is not stopped until Hornet 2.0 launched.

Launching of Hornet 2.0 by Honda, shakes my obsession with NS160. Hornet 2.0 is a 180cc bile. It has better torque than NS160. It has broader rear tyre than NS 160. It has upside down forks. It has gear position indicator. But Hornet 2.0 is approximately 20000 rupees more than NS 160

NS 160 has almost same horse power as Hornet 2.0. It has perimeter frame. It has lessor torque than Hornet 2.0. It has less high speed stability compared to Hornet 2.0. It has four valve engine. It has oil cooled engine. It is approximately 20000 rupees cheaper than Hornet 2.0. It has better mileage than Hornet 2.0.

If i purchase NS 160, then i will retain my Honda shine for a while untill I settle down with NS 160 both physically and mentally.

Action Vs Thoughts

Is our thoughts deciding our life?  Is our life goes as per our thinking?  What is the impact of thoughts in life?

Thoughts are nothing to do anything with our life.  It is our actions deciding our life.  Life goes as per our actions.

Then, why so much important to thoughts?  Thoughts stimulates actions, our action impacts our life.  Our actions are influenced by our thoughts.

So thoughts are important, because it controls our action and in turn our action controls our life.

Can we detach actions and thoughts? Can we remove the influence of thoughts over action?  Yes, we can.   We can act by our intellect or logical mind instead of emotional thoughts.

Let our thoughts be anything.  Let it be positive, negative, happy, sad or anything.  But if we are alert while doing action or speaking, then we can execute our actions without the influence of thought.

You may think negatively, but do not let your negative thoughts influence your actions.  Always act positively and speak positively irrespective of your thoughts.

Be alert to not to let your thoughts influence your actions.

Don’t control your thoughts, let it flow.  But, control your actions, control your speech and be alert while acting or speaking.

What RAM size is suitable for Web Developer using PHP, MySQL, Apache

If your objective is to learn web development via PHP, MySQL, Apache or practice projects in your laptop or computer, then 4GB of RAM is more than sufficient for you.  You will be installing XAMPP in your laptop and a normal editor, say Notepad++.  You may probably need a FTP client software to upload your project files to a web server to make your project viewable publicly. So that you can put your learning projects in your resume.  In such learner requirement, 4GB of RAM is more than sufficient.

If you are a professional freelancer or working in small company say 10 to 20 employees, then you will be working in real time projects for your clients. You need 8 GB of RAM.  You will have your XAMPP setup with FTP client. Along with Notepad++, you will be having a decent PHP Editor to do faster coding.  Your client might send the requirements in word document, where you need to open Microsoft Word or any other open source text editor.  You might also uses Source Code Repository (say Git) client software to check-in or checkout project files, which depends on the client.  Some client may prefer Git or some prefer direct access to server via FTP or Cpanel.  In such freelancer requirement, 8GB of RAM is required.

If you are working in corporate or enterprise project, and want to use your laptop for office use, you will need 16 GB of RAM.  You need to attend daily status calls using your laptop. You have to join audio or video call using your system.  Often you will engage in screen share session with client to demonstrate your progress today.  Definitely, you will be working with Git or any other source code repository.  You have to undergo DevOps orchestration to get your code deployed in production.  You might need to have Virtualization enabled in your laptop or system.  Though you are still a PHP developer using XAMPP now with a licensed PHP Editor, your communication tools, DevOps requirements to undergo release process, Usage of Word, Excel, Powerpoint – say document, deck preparation – all require more RAM and CPU power.  Or you might be using your laptop or system as thin client and connect to your client’s virtual machine to do your project related activities.  Your virtual machine will have all the necessary software required to work in the project. Hence, If you are PHP developer, working in corporate or enterprise project, then you will definitely need 16 GB RAM to manage including your non-coding activities

Datsun Redi Go Ownership Experience after 1700 KM in 2020

Last March 18th 2020, I purchased Datsun Redi Go 1 Litre S variant, with Manual transmission

I have already driven Alto, K10, and Swift.  My opinion is mostly in comparison with these cars.

Back seat of the car is similar to Alto.  Two passengers can sit comfortably.  Three passengers can sit little stressfully

Front seat is more comfortable than Alto, K10, and Swift.  In Alto, I feel like going down and sit.  But in Datsun Redi Go, front seat is taller.  I can sit comfortably in a taller stance.

I get mileage around 19 km/ltr.  I drive within 2000 RPM.  In fifth gear with AC on, car can cruise in 70km/hr at 2000 rpm comfortably.  I believe as long as I maintain the speeds below 2000 rpm, I will get good mileage.

Due to lockdown, I did not have the chance to drive long distance, say 400 to 500 km stretch.

I feel, fuel tank capacity should be equal to Alto.  I often refill due to smaller fuel tank.

Datsun Redi Go 1 liter S variant has gear shift indicator – Downshift or upshift –this was very useful to me during initial days with the car.

Car has speed alert.  If you drive beyond 80 km/hr, you will be alerted.  I like this speed alert since I like to drive below or around 80 km/hr speed in highways.

As far as the engine, It is above Alto but below K10.  Refinement and peppiness of K10 is missing in Datsun Redi Go.  But it is better than Alto in Power and refinement.

In Redi Go, you will not get the feel of Alto.  Driving feel of Redi Go is different.

Buying Datsun Redi Go in 2020

Can I buy Datsun Redi Go in 2020?  The car never sells in numbers.  In roads, I hardly see this car.  More Nano runs than Datsun Redi Go. I am afraid anytime this model might be discontinued, due to poor sales.  How would be service and support if production stopped for this model?

But, march month offers enticed me.  I saw Nissan advertisement in Internet/Google for Datsun cars.  Upto 85000 rupees cash benefits and 6.99 rate of interest for loans.  I am attracted by the cash benefits and rate of interest for loan.

I submitted the enquiry form in Datsun website.  Later sales rep from Datsun called me and speak with me for 10 minutes.  He concluded that nearest dealer to my residence, will call me and provide more details.

If car’s final onroad price after discounts come to 3.5 lakhs then I will think of purchasing this car.  Will Nissan continue this car for another 5 to 10 years?  Will Nissan be in business in India for next 5 to 10 years?  We all know Chevrolet story. 

I can not predict now, I should not be surprised even if this model car discontinued post march when BS4 vehicles can not be sold any more in India.  Right now, the offer is for BS4 vehicle.

There was a great bike called GS150R from Suzuki motor.  It was not adorned by Indians. The bike sold in few numbers.  Suzuki discontinued this bike.  My friend owns this bike even today. He rides it for commuting.  For maintaining the bike, he struggle to source spare parts.  Authorized service centers of Suzuki abandoned this bike.  My friend has to depend on roadside mechanic or private workshop to repair it.

There are cars, which still running even after their manufacturer stopped production. Old alto, Maruthi Ritz, Chevrolet vehicles.  Discontinued cars still run on roads and their owners find clever mechanic to maintain, repair it. Chevrolet still support the service and maintenance of their vehicles.

I am taking a risk if I am buying Datsun Redi Go in 2020.  The car may be discontinued any time due to lackluster sales.

I have a tight budget, so, I have to take risk.  I will be safe if Nissan continued the sales and support of Datsun Redigo for minimum 5 years from now.  My car loan EMI will be completed by the time.

Let me hope for the best.  Assume, sales, service, support, spares will be available for 5 to 10 years for Datsun Redi Go car.  Even production stopped, let me hope Nissan may continue the service support like Chevrolet.

Youtube and Internet are increasing Sales

Youtube and internet are increasing sales like anything.  Sell anything, promote anything, market everything.  Ultimately sales get increased both online and offline.

Before youtube, we go to shop see, touch, and feel the product we want to buy.  We do not take decision then and there.  We return home, think, discuss with family, friends whether to buy or not.   After returning from the shop, we are not obsessed by the product we like to buy.

But, now, in youtube days, we see the reviews of the product repeatedly.  Mostly reviews will be positive about the product.  Smart phone in hand will obsess about the product.

We are in a sort of self-compulsion to buy the product after watching youtube reviews and reading reviews from product reviewing websites.  If we have money, nothing can stop us from buying.  Scarcity of money is the only procrastination to buy.  Otherwise, obsession created by youtube, internet, social media are beyond tolerance.

If you stop connecting to internet for a while, your purchases will be reduced.  Tendency to spend will be less.

Stop connecting to internet, you will see the change in you.  Internet is full of marketing, promotions – surfing internet will drain your bank account like anything. Internet is also a selling platform.  It triggers both online and offline sales.  It is a sales trap.  Do not be victim of it.

Youtube Addiction

Like alchoholic addiction, I am addicted to watching youtube videos.  Everyday 2 to 3 hours before sleep, I watch youtube – 10 PM to 1 AM – three hours I watch youtube.

I would not get sleep, If I do not watch  youtube. It has become an habit before sleep.

I take Outh as not to watch youtube.  I consciously do not watch youtube for a week.  Then I break my outh and watch youtube videos as usual.

Because of youtube watching my sleeping duration has reduced.  It is hard to resist youtube, it continuesly shows likelyhood videos automatically as per our interest.

I am trying to stop watching youtube, but failed in my determination many times.

Late night youtube watching has reduced sleeping duration, diluted sleeping quality. No time and energy for other activities.   No talking with family members.  Every bit of freetime, will be used for watching youtube.

I realised that I am addicted to youtube now.  I do not know how to get rid of this addiction.  I am not getting sleep even I goto bed by 10 PM.

As usual, I have token Outh yesterday as not to watch youtube.  I did not watch youtube yesterday.  But today I am sleepless.  Post midnight, I will start sleeping as usual.

Hope, this time, I will succeed in my Outh.

Nothing wrong with the bike

Nothing wrong with Bajaj Discover 150F bike.  I had severe back pain when I was riding that bike.  I tried this and that to resolve the back pain.  But nothing worked.  Without having any clue as why that bike gave me back pain, I sold that bike for cheap price.

Then I purchased Honda Shine.  No back pain with honda shine.  I am riding Honda shine for the last three years.  Everything went well.

Last six months, I am riding Shine for 50 kms up and down per day for commuting.  Saligramam to Okkiyam Duraibakkam.  I started having back pain nowdays.  I am not blaming Honda Shine for back pain.  The same bike I used ride for three years without any problem.

50 KMS ride – 5 days a week, irregular sitting posture in office, restless weekend, latenight or till midnight mobile addiction, job stress – all causing back pain.  Nothing to do with Honda Shine.

In the same way, something wrong with me, my life style, triggered back pain, when riding Discover 150F.  But, I mistaken as bike was the problem.  It was a good bike with strong bottom and midrange speed, gave 70+ km/ltr mileage in highway if ridden around 60+ km/hr speed.  I was using the bike in both city and highway. Only problem I noticed was, bike was not stable and not confidence inspiring beyond 60 km/hr speed.  I sold Discover 150F without knowing why I had back pain.

Honda shine is a good city bike, but it struggles in highway, engine feel stressed above 50 km/hr speed.  We should not push honda shine beyond 50 km/hr speed.

Now, I am looking for second bike to ride in highway.  When I searched Discover 150F in quikr, olx, I hardly see it.  Even listed but overpriced.

Today I saw an ad for Discover 150F in OLX for 18500 rupees – six year old bike. Suddenly I noticed another ad for pulsar 220F for the same price – 18500 rupees.  It is a 10 year old bike.

Pulsar 220F is a far better bike than Discover 150F.  I oscillate.  My quench for riding a bike in highway is not satisfied yet.  The crush for highway machine is still burning.  My speed is not 100 or above 100 km/hr.  My speed is around 60 to 70 km/hr.  But I want a stable machine in highway against cross or head winds.  Engine should not stressed.  It should be relaxed at those speeds.

Discover 150 F engine is not stressed at 70 km/hr speed, but not stable and confidence inspiring at those speed.

I could push Honda Shine for 70+ km/hr speed, but engine is stressed, bike is not stable and shaky in winds.

Since, I already ridden Discover 150F, I know it was stable in 60+ speeds, engine relaxed.  It matches my speed and expectation.  But, it is hardly sold in used bike market,  that too not in affordable price.  15000 to 20000 is my budget, 50 to 10 years old, spare parts should be available. Any mechanic can maintain it.  I prefer the highway machine with kick starter.

Discover 150F, pulsar 220F, pulsar 180 are my choices now.  Budget less than 20000 rupees.  I will keep my honda shine for city usage, agile, nimble, and light weight bike.