Why cycles can’t be used by IT and Corporate Employees for Commuting in Chennai

Cycles can be used to commute if the distance between office and home is around 5 km.

Present day, corporate and IT employees travel 50 kms per day on average. Guys travel from Guduvanchery to GUINDY, AMBATUR to Siruseri – by and large one end of the city to other end. Provided many late night shuttling. In this life style cycling is not possible for commuting.

Cycling was possible to older generation where they live near to their work place. Like living near to their factory. Factories had cycle stand too.

But in present life style, even walking is not possible.

I use cycle with a conscious effort though my life style does not need a cycle in my day today life like people consciously walk in the morning.

We can’t blame ourselves as not being healthy as previous generations. Nowadays, our life style has less scope for natural physical activities.

Living near the work place will reduce the pollution like anything.

Why Electric Bicycle is not Good to Environment?

Electric bicycle is not good to environment contrary to its popular belief ‘ it is go green’. It may pose similar threat to environment like fossil fuels, chloro-flora carbons in the future if it is adopted massively like petroleum powered motor vehicles. How?

If you think, pollution of petroleum can be avoided, then go for manual cycling instead of electric bicycle. The electricity you use to charge is generated from burning coal, or nuclear reactor. The more you consume electricity, the more pollution you cause somewhere else, if the electricity is made out of burning or colliding something.

Beware of battery profeliration and its careless disposal.

More numbers of cycle batteries will be available than car, automobile batteries. If these bicycle batteries are not disposed properly, then it will harm the environment. After few years, we will be grieving over careless handling of batteries from the cycles left to rust. Cycle left to rust is a common sceen can be seen in our neighborhood frequently.

Stress in Decision Making

Taking decision is not stress free. If we postpone taking decision, our stress level will increase. Actually decision making is stressful if we don’t have sufficient data.

Decision by Fact vs Hypothesis
When we have facts, we do not need to take decision, because facts will tell what to do. When we do not have facts, we have to make decision by hypothesis.

To take decision we need bravery rather than intelligence. Of course intelligence is must, but bravery is best for taking decision. The decision making ability is must for an administrator. It needs for all human being, but for administrator it is essential.

Foregone decision must be avoided. Decision according to situation or circumstance is best. Circumspect is a man of decision. He knows the decision to be taken according to the environment.

Worrying after taking decision is useless and foolish. It is better to think thousand times before taking decision. But decision should not be retreated after embracing it. It is impossible like recalling an arrow after bowing it. Like words, decision is a slave to us before taking it. After taking decision, it will be our master.

Taking decision is the one of the major ingredients of leadership quality. A leader without the ability to take decision is like a pen without nip.

We should not expect all our decision would be right. To take a right decision, it needs larger experience and greater analytical power. Out of two analytical is important. Do not worry about the wrong decision, because right decision can be taken from the experience gained at wrong decision.

It is best to take right decision. It is acceptable to take wrong decision. But, it is worst of all to be indecisive rather than taking decision.
While taking decision do not be worrying as it may go at astray. Do not fear to take decision. Decision must be taken at any cost. Right decision makers are like winners in the game. Wrong decision makers are like runners in the game. ‘Indecisivers’ are spectators to the game. So take decision when and where it is to be taken.

There are very rare and few circumstance when decision should not be taken.
A problem is solved by a right decision. It is left as it is by indecision. But become worse by wrong decision. In such situation it is better to avoid taking decision. Time can solve many problems.

First, find out whether this situation/problem really needs a decision/solution. If it is true, take the decision without hesitation. If it is not true then leave it as it is. Whether to take decision or not is also a decision.

Can web apps win Native apps

Will Web apps win native apps?

Web apps VS Native apps = ?

What will be the impact of web hybrid apps in smart phones?

Is there a scope for Web Apps in mobile platform?

Native apps for android are buzzing since 2008, whereas hybrid apps are sprouting in recent times especially after phonegap buzzing in the industry.

Whatever concept/idea can be implemented in web apps is already available in native apps – not like they can be done in native apps, but they are already done in many variations and in many duplication.

If you think of doing a photo gallery or audio player – there are variety of multiple apps already available in the stores. Developing one more app for the over crowed concept/ business model has no scope or meek possibility for monetization.

Html5 has great scope for redefining the user experience and interaction with millions of active legacy websites and billions of new websites going to blossom. But in app world where this fit in?

Html5 canvas can do wonders. But the same wonders are already done and available in app stores.

Trying and implementing the capabilities of web in mobile platforms, might be good for techie to demonstrate his ability. It is a sort of ability demonstrated or verifying new capabilities attained. But, its scope as app for monetization is questionable, other than landing in job or keep employable to a techie, where hundreds of variations already available in app store.

Will Web Apps be adopted

I see lots of html5 demos in internet, but I see them as ability demonstrated.

Ability demonstrated – Will it be used, adopted? Yes, they will be consumed by the industry like how web applications were consumed after out casting desktop application.

We are in a transition period – what is web, what is surfing, what is website and what is an app – everything is being redefined and reinterpreted due to mobile penetration. No more websites, only web apps.

Dynamic websites eliminated the desktop applications where frontend and back end running in same machine or distributed through networks. I remember FoxPro or dbase or devoper2000 application either as standalone or distributed across close networks in the same premise. Birth of web application made those standalone applications obsolete.

New capabilities of html5 will make native apps obsolete. When web apps can access device accessories like camera without phonegap plugins, native apps will become legacy applications. Because from browser without installing anything we avail what native apps provide. History will be repeated, but when? no idea as of now.
Exception may be to graphic intensive games.

Advantage of Web Apps over Native Apps

One of the major advantage of web apps. It is they don’t need to be installed like native apps. Use and throw, don’t store it in your device. Apps installed can consume battery, CPU, memory, space even when not used. They are active by their services/deamon even when they are not used. Check out the Nexus 5 battery drainage issue in Google. Device browser can run web apps or websites with the capability of native apps.

I hate installing apps which require internet connection , because the same can be done through html5 as web apps / web sites without the need to install.

Witness the transition is going to happen.

Rashad Khalifa Quran Translation

Rashad Khalifa’s english translation of Quran is awesome. Everyday reciting has improved my English language. Precise usage of word. Simple sentence. Improvement to vocabulary.

When I read it, I get the feeling like, I am reading something which is universal to All Humanity, rather than something which is restricted to a specific people/sect who identify/group themselves in dress code, long beard, specific names to be called.

I am not worrying whether Rashad Khalifa is a messenger or not. What I enjoy is his beautiful English, which I don’t see in any other English translations. If anybody read Rashad’s translation without prejudice or forgone decision, he/she will agree that his translation is the best source of path to Submission.

I accessed this in my smart phone and listen, read. It’s available in play store for android phones. Quran player link https://blogya.in/quran

Actually, my friend presented Rashad’s translation to me to improve my english language. He encouraged me to read everyday. Nowadays, a day is not passed without reading it. Every time, I read it, some verse inspired me.

Is Facebook useful to man

Is Facebook useful to us?

Facebook has become a connecting medium. That’s the only use, I see. Whatever good and bad happen in all the connecting medium, all is happening here too like in public gathering, mlm meetings, marriage, festivels. People use these platforms as per their need and interest.

Somebody promote their business- use the connecting medium for marketing or get new friends or keep in touch with friends, relatives or use Facebook for self exaltation.

Apart from these what is the use. Does Facebook stop me from rushing to office by Monday morning. Anything, which is not helping a man in his efforts to fulfill his basic needs, are making money out of him. Earlier we used tap-recorder, grammaphon, Walkman to listen music. Steve made the musical system much more easier than what was yesterday. But a man’s struggle for existence is not shared or reduced by these tech giants.

Still millions of people out there, who can not afford for an iPad or computer or smartphone. Technologic advancements are not empowering these majority section of people financially.

These technologies don’t reduce the price of basic need of a common man. Technology is addressing the comforts of people, but not needs. There is no technology which produce surplus rice, vegetables, cloths to distribute them at free of cost – where people no longer struggle for basic needs.

If you buy the technology, it will give you comfort, but it will not stop you from going to job or work to make a living.

Rashad Khalifa Mobile Quran

Quran English translation of Rashad Khalifa is available for mobile phones. This will play the audio as well text of each ayat/ayah.

For android phone users click here to download.

For apple phone users click here to open.

For Amazon kindle users click here to download.

Other phone users like Firefox OS, Tizen click here to open Mobile Quran.

Desktop or Tab users click the above link to play Quran in mobile.

To listen to audio, you device or browser should support HTML5
Watch this demo video

Google Vs Youtube

Google was the major source of coding for programmers. Not only techies, but for anything and everything google was the reference point.

But, Google days are over now.

It is time for youtube. Log of video tutorials for techies in youtube. From kitchen to nano technology anything can be seen from youtube.

I started using youtube rather than google. One screenshot is equal to thousand words. One video is equal to thousand screenshots.

“Google it” is over, it is time for “Youtube it”.

Google bought youtube few years back diligently. So text or video content Google Inc is still the provider.

Hitler Concentration Camps are back

Hitler’s concentration camp is re-created in Companies when they plan for layoff or downsizing or head count reduction.

If you work in such company, you know that everyday will be a nightmare. You hear rumors saying, 5% lay off, 10% lay off, suddenly 30% lay off or total shutdown.

Fear, rumors, anxiety are the prevailing moods in companies when they become concentration camps.

Everyday you work is your lucky day. You are survived by one more day. Nobody knows who is next, but everybody fears. Some try to establish rapport with their managers, believing that they will be secured. Poor guys, they do not know, manager is also an employee, he is too subjected to downsizing.

Many quit, because of fear of being fired. They want to join to other companies before being pinked.

You should know how to handle your fear, anxiety. Otherwise, you will quit by fear of lay off, when there are chances you may be retained.

Fragile and empty showcase of big corporates are exposing now. All these have direct impact on professional colleges and indirect impact on people’s value system over education and job market.

Funny thing is in spite of all these fragility, still corporate employees are prey to loan market. Failure of corporate will have severe impact on banking industry.

Used cycles in chennai

Used cycles or second hand cycles can be bought in K.K.Nagar. There may be many places in Chennai. But this shop has come to my knowledge and i purchased 2 used cycles from there.

Before buying my new cycle(Rs.4000), I was searching for a second hand cycle shop. There was no specific shop details available in internet. Then I purchased new cycle. The same cycle can be bought at the second hand shop for Rs.1500 to 2000. But I missed.

Somehow, I got this shop address. I went there and bought two cycles for my kids(daughter and son). Each Rs.1000. I could bargain further, but I did not. Because thousand rupees is a surprise to me when the same cycle price at new cycle shop is 2500 to 3000+ Rupees.

While purchasing used cycles, make sure the cycle parts and condition are sound, because you can not expect any warranty or guarantee.

Here is the exact location of the cycle using google maps:
If you ride from Udayam Theater/Ashok Pillar towards kk.nager bus depot, there will be roundana where you can take right to P.T.Rajan road. Do not take the right, it just a land mark. Before that roundana or signal, there are few shops on the left side of Anna Road as per map. Within 100 meter before the signal, there is old cycle shop. If you ask there, you will be guided.
Other land mark is it is near/after KK.Nagar bus depot.
Since, no name board for the shop, I have to explain in detail.
Click the link (View Large…) or find this co-ordination in google maps : 13.035708,80.204909

View Larger Map