Jquery Mobile fastet to learn quickest to deploy

Jquery mobile is fastest to learn and quickest to implement. I used jquery mobile to built my offline quran app.

I learnt it quickly and completed the interface within a month. I did this in 2013.

I was expecting it to become popular and have more traction. But there are other JavaScript frameworks that overtook jquey mobile in the race. Right now, i am not planning to migrate my web app to other trending mobile ui framework. I am happy with jquery mobile.

Jquery mobile pages and widgets are responsive across many devices. It works in both desktop and mobile phones. With jquery mobile with single code, we could be responsive in both android and ios phones. Jquery mobile is write once and runs every where.

Power of Now cures the effects of OCD Depression in Action

My friend is suffering from OCD, and depression. Reading Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle has given some awareness and relief from his mental disabilities.

He is undergoing psychiatric treatment for his illness – OCD and depression.

He was suffering from repeatative thought patterns which haunt him continuesly. Fear of loosing job, uncertainty of future, insecurity about everything, children future, job tension are his obsessive tensions.

He is having Sizodon, Lamosyn – but those medicines are not able to relieve him. He has undergone Sudarshan kriya from Art of Living and Shambhavi Maha mudra from Isha yoga. Both did not have positive effect on him.

While watching YouTube videos about depression, he stumbled upon Eckhart Tolle videos. He was impressed by Eckhart Tolle’s simplicity and speech about Karma. Later my friend, come to know about the book Power of Now written by Eckhart Tolle.

He purchased the book.

Power of Now is not a self motivational book. It is a book about mind and thought process. It explains how mind behaves. It is about Enlightment.

Reading the Power of Now gave relief to my friend. It gave him awareness about mind and thoughts. It made him understand that he is not his thoughts. It taught how he has to differentiate himself from his thoughts.

My friend felt much better after reading the book, he is somewhat relieved from his anxieties. Power of Now mitigated his OCD, and Depression. My friend is not cured completely, but he is able to manage OCD and Depression with the awareness he learnt from that book.

Power of Now did not control his thoughts, but mitigated the influence of thoughts in his actions with awareness.

For safer side, he continues having medicine and regular checkup with doctor. He did not try for enlightenment told in the book.

Remove Site title from page title of wordpress blog

After enabling Yoast SEO plugin, I notice that site title is suffixed to page title in all post individual pages.

Upon searching I find that it is Yoast plugin adding site title with page title.

In order to remove Site title, go to SEO -> Search Appearance -> Content Types.

In Content Type tab, under Post section, you will be able to see SEO Title input. There keep Title and Page. Remove Site title and Separator. Then save your changes.

You individual page, title would be without site title now.

Online English Quran Rashad Khalifa No Apps

This web app enable you to recite, search English translation of Quran by Rashad Khalifa.

Click to Visit online english quran.

No need to install any app. Access the link from you mobile browser. Best viewed in mobile browser.

You can listen, read verse by verse either by manually or play automatically.

You go to any sura.ayat by providing sura and ayat number.

You can read quran verse by verse – Ayat by Ayat and Sura wise.
1) using navigation buthtons .

2) SWIPE left or right.

3) You go to any ayat by providing sura and ayat number, separated by dot.

4) Set the delay between each ayat recitation – applied when audio start playing automatically.

5) Search in Quran for specific keyword(s) – Click Search button to go to Search page.

6) In search screen, by toggling to Sura, any sura can read with full ayats.

Customize the back, front color and size of fonts.

Take Quran in your pocket/hand. Great app for submitters who do not know Arabic to walk in the path of submission.

Click to visit online english quran.

How to pledge get loan from NSC Bond

All the nationalized banks and private banks, even individuals offer loan against NSC Bond Pledging.
Not only NSC bond, any other bonds you have which is authorized by Government.
I get a secured loan within two days from a Nationalized bank for low interest compared to personal loans or private bank loans.
By getting secured loan from Nationalized Government bank, I am relaxed even when I defaulted in my EMI one or two months and resume the EMI.
If it is a private bank or private person, I would have tortured by Collection executives or ‘Gundas’ or ‘Loan Recovery Rowdys’.

Here are the steps for Pledging NSC Bonds.

1) Get the NSC bond Pledging Form from the post office issued your NSC Bond. Number of Forms will vary for number of Bonds you have, Please consult at the post office.
2) Approach the Branch Manager of the Bank where you have Savings Account and seeking secured loan.
3) Get the NSC Bond details filed in the form.
4) Get the Manager Signature with seal in the form where it is mentioned. I remember there are two places required Bank Manager’s sign with seal. If you miss out anything in the form especially Bank Branch Managers sign and seal, you will be bounced back from post office to bank again.
5) Go to Post Office. Pay Rs.5 as processing fee for each NSC bond slip you pledge
6) Submit the NSC Bonds, Filled Form, and the Receipt of Processing fee paid to clerk or officer who takes care of Bonds in Post office.
7) Clerk will note the pledging in their record book. They will put the seal “Pledged to So and So Bank” in the NSC bonds.
8) Return to bank and submit the NSC bond to the Branch Manager. You have to fill the loan application form. Which is normal procedure for all loans issued by Government Bank
9) Within one or two days the loan amount granted to you will be credited into your S/B account.

The above steps may be seems to be easy. But in practical this will not be easy for an average citizen of India, who does not have influence in society.

Post Office Level

You need to rush to Post Office early in the Morning. If you report to Post office after 11am or 12am, your job will not be get it done on the same day.
You should be at post office at sharp 9:30am and stand in the Q, though the post office staff report by 10AM.

I was asked to come several “next days”. Later I realized the secret. I went to post office by 9:45am and I was the first man in the counter, and get the things done in the same day.

Bank Level

You must know the Branch Manager in person or you must know somebody who knows the Branch Manager in Person or You should be having high volume transaction or deposits to be recognized by the Bank Branch Manager.

The above is the easy way to get loan from Nationalized Government Banks. Otherwise you will have to face “several next days” or lots of evasive answers.

I took a my family friend who is working in Bank to influence the my Branch Manager.

Moreover, every bank has their rule for issuing secured loan against Bonds. Like, the NSC bond must be 3 years old, 2 years old, etc.

Know the period of your bank to pledge your NSC Bond to get easy secured loan.

Luckily the Bank where I pledge my NSC bond needs 1 year old NSC bond to issue secured loan.

Here I shared my experience in getting a Secured Loan from a nationalized bank by pledging NSC bond.

You can pledge your properties or any assets to get Secured Loan apart from Bonds.

Though it is difficult to get loan from Nationalized Bank compare to Private Bank, you are in peace once you get it.

If you are taking secured loan by pledging something, always get it from Nationalized Banks.

I am using lightsail vps to run my blog from mumbai datacenter

i am using lightsail vps to run my wordpress blog from mumbai datacenter.

I was comfortable with shared hosting, cpanel, etc from traditional hosting methods. Nearly ten years i ran my website with shared hosting with different companies.

This time, i was looking for cheap hosting, i find it hard to pay the annual fee in bulk. For cheaper price, i have to pay for three years or say. I dont have that much mony. I shortlisted Godaddy, hostgater, squarebrother, globehost, wordpress.com hosting companies.

Globhost is cheap, with 600 rupees we can host for 1 year. They provide 50GB bandwidth.

If you know linux a bit, the Lightsail is a different game. You can create ftp user and connect sftp without Key authentication. You can access phpmyadmin directly. But, respect the security provided by Lightsail – AWS.

I stumbled upon lightsail plan on google. I was attracted as i am given a dedicated virtual private server for 3.50 dollar a month. I guess it will cost around ?400 per month. It is costlier than shared hosting if paying annual. But, i will be charged monthly, it is easy to pay 400 rupees monthly for a VPS instead of paying 3000 rupees for a year for shared hosting.

I stay away from EC2 instance due complex networking configuration. Lightsail takes care of networking, IP, similar to shared hosting.

I will get 512GB of bandwidth, which is more than sufficient for my use case – a blog, learning WordPress, some research work in PHP, with low traffic.

I have launched lightsail instance from Mumbai region.

For backup, i had to rely on wordpress plugin and aws snapshot. By chance if i draw visitors to my site, it could be easily scaled to better instance. Scalling is very difficult in shared hosting. Research, learning activities have limited scope in shared hosting.

Slightly costlier than shared hosting, but with the benefit of cloud, i like Lightsail.

Let me experience AWS Lightsail.

Eleven years of blogging what I Learnt

Eleven years of blogging since 2006. Started with dream of becoming rich from blogging.

I did not earn from blogging a bit. Frustration and depression after seeing page views, no visitors at all. I am the only visitor to my blog. Writing emotionally charged posting did not bring single visitor. Great deal of energy and time wasted. I did not renew the domain name in 2016 with frustration. Domain lost. Domain name registered by somebody else.

Instinctively motivated contents did not bring visitors. Content i liked did not bring traffic. I too had interim good time, had good time, received few adsense checks in 2010 when my realty pages yield traffic. Real estate boom was its peak in my city during 2010. Boom bursted, no visitors further.

Contents of early bird in emerging market with low competition yielded traffic for a while. But nothing permanent.

Instinctively charged, emotionally motivated, compulsive writing are utter flap in bringing traffic.

I resumed my blog for pure fun. Earlier i ran the blog with Drupal. I learnt drupal and got two job offers in my career. Now i run my site using wordpress, i want to learn wordpress like drupal.