Saturday short ride with Pulsar NS 160

NS 160 Parked for water break at Vandalur

I ride from Saligramam to Kelambakkam today evening casually on my Pulsar NS 160. I took Maduravayal Tambaram by pass road to reach Vandalur, avoided city traffic. From Vandalur, I reached Kelambakkam. Then returned on the same route to home.

While crossing Vandalur, I halted the ride for water break for 10 minutes and resumed the ride to reach home.

Traffic was moderate, in both madruvayal bypass road and Vandalur Kelambakkam road, I was able to cruise above 70 km/hr speed comfortably NS 160.


Pulsar NS 160 Ownership review

I purchased Pulsar NS 160 last year. I have clocked around 5000 kms till date. Mostly high way rides. I have shared my ownership review with pulsar ns 160 comparing with my previous bikes. Here is my experience.

ஆப்பினை அசைத்திட்ட குரங்கு

நாப்பிளக்க பொய் உரைத்து !!நவ நிதியும் தேடி !!நலன் ஒன்றுமே அறியா !!நாரீயரைக் கூடி பின் !!பூப்பிளக்க வந்துதித்த !!புற்றீசல்போல !!புலுபுலென கலகலவென !!புதல்வர்களைப் பெறுவீர் !!காப்பதற்கும் வகை அறியீர் !!கைவிடவும் மாட்டீர் !!கவர்பிளந்த மரத்தினிடை !!                                           கால்  நுழைத்துக்கொண்டே !!
ஆப்பதனை அசைத்து விட்ட !!
குரங்கதனைப் போலவே !!
அகப்பட்டீர் !! அகப்பட்டீர் !!
கிடந்தது உழல !!
அகப்பட்டீர் !!

Watching YouTube is a Charity

Watching YouTube is a Charity. It is like making donations.

When you watch YouTube, someone is getting money. You make google to pay to someone. You donate your time to watch videos, in turn somebody get paid.

So don’t have guilt like you are wasting your time by watching YouTube. Actually, you donate your time to make somebody getting paid.

Donate your time by watching YouTube videos. Time Donation.

Pulsar 250

I want to own and ride Pulsar 250 motorcycle, such bike is not yet in production. The bike should have Bajaj’s own 4 valve engine, not KTM derived engine. It would be better, the current 4 valve 160cc engine of NS160 is improved and used in Pulsar 250. It should have strong low end and mid-range punch to ride easily in city. Speed of 0 to 100 km/hr should come faster.

Price of the bike should be lesser than FZ250, but pickup and speed of the bike should be faster than FZ250. I don’t mind top end speed, but engine should be very relaxed in highway cruising speeds, say 90 to 100, 100 to 110 km/hr. The bike should be stable in highway.

I don’t mind not having slipper clutch, let the bike have single channel ABS. Let the bike have pulsar’s characters – say clip on handle bars, back-light switches, and preferably having monoshock.

Bike should have ladies footrest like how it is given in NS160, so that women with sarees can also claim and sit pillion comfortably. Engine should not leak oil. Even oil leaked, it should be easily resolvable by service center mechanics.

I dont mind having vibrations in higher revs/speed, but i cant tolerate oil leakage and noise from chain sprocket. So, let there be good gasket and chain sprocket in pulsar 250.

I should be healthy enough to ride this bike 200 km at a stretch or ride four hours continuously. I should be financially sound to buy this bike when or if it is launched by Bajaj.

Life of Delusions

Life is full of delusions. In due course of life, delusion changes periodically. There is no fixed delusion throughout the life.

We are without any delusion when we born. As the mind grows/matures, it builds up delusion strongly.

Our mother, father, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, grandparents, spouse, children, friends, neighbours, job, business, education, degree, money, rich, poor, healthy, sickness and etc., all contribute to develop a delusion about ourselves.

Whatever goes into our mind, will be used to create a delusion. Addition to or deletion from our my mind alters the delusion we have.

Delusions are genetically influenced too.  Like our body, mind are genetically influenced, the delusion our mind holds is derived genetically.

All religions, philosophies are trying to get rid of the worldly delusion from mind – a mind free from wordly delusions. They want to fill the mind with Divine delusion. But man is always attracted by worldly delusions.

How it would be life without any delusion? Nobody knows, those who know, they don’t tell.

But, every night while sleeping, we are detached from our delusions. Deep sleep without dreams is without any delusion both worldly and divinely. Deep Sleep is a bliss.

Had Crush with Apache RR310 – RR150

Recently, I had Crush with TVS Apache RR310. I started watching videos and reading contents about this bike. I liked the full faired look and feel of the bike.

Then, realised that, I am not going to ride 120 km/hr speed. After riding Pulsar NS 160 in different speeds, I realised my comfort zone in speed.

I am most comfortable in 50 to 60 km/hr speed, for me it is fun to ride around 70 km/hr speed. So, by and large, I cruise between 50 to 70 km/hr. That’s it.

Buying RR310, and riding it 65 km/hr speed in highway is waste of money, fuel.

So I stopped the crush with RR310.

But, if TVS produces RR150 with same hardware but with a 150CC engine, with reduced price, definitely I will consider buying it.

Internet is flooded with touring, long ride, high speed cruising, higher CC bikes. Youngsters and biking enthusiastic are wrongly motivated as speed is fun, thrill.

To be honest, everybody is unique. One philosophy cannot be applied to all. What speed is enjoyable is different from person to person.

We should not allow market, media, trend to hypnotise ourself to believe something, in which we are uncomfortable. Right now, we are forced to believe what is happy to us.

We are forced to believe what is happy to us and pursuing it.

Not everybody is a tourer, but everybody likes to buy a touring machine.

I enjoy 3 to 4 hours of sprint, not touring, not long ride.

What is happy to you is unique to you, you have to find it, rather believe or assume something and pursue it.

Try to know, what is your Sudhama in riding and speed and buy a bike according to it, don’t be hypnotized by the market and trend.

Right now, only faired 150CC bike with upright sitting posture in india is Gixxer SF, but I don’t like the look and feel.

If Bajaj produces RS150 or RS125, I will consider buying them, but RR150 is my crush.

I don’t like the lean forward sitting posture of R15 or KTM RCs. I like the full faired bike with sitting posture of Pulsar NS with moderate power and better mileage.

Stressed out – too many marketing and sales phone calls

I am stressed out due to too many marketing and sales phone calls i receive everyday.

I receive marketing/sales calls from personal loan, flexi loan, health insurance, investment plan, real-estate, donation charity calls and etc.

I availed personal loan in the past, i have life insurance as well as health insurance. I purchased a home/flat in the past. I gave donation to charities.

I receive 10 to 15 calls per day from the above industries. I am tired of talking to the telephone executives. Even i say, i am not interested, they are not leaving me. They keep trying to convince me. Each phone call last for 5 to 10 minutes. Sometime they chase me in whatsapp too.
I am stressed out of these marketing calls. Some marketing agency is selling my phone number as hot lead to many sources. Do not know what to do now.

I purchased another number,. It is a fresh number, allocated me to first time. Not been used by anybody in the past. I will not attend any calls from unknown numbers in my old number. Only for family members this new number will be given.

Really frustrated by telephone executives and driven to purchase second phone number.