Impact Blogging and Informative Blogging

With my little experience, I distinguish the blogs into two types. Impact blogging and Informative blogging.

After reading a impact blog, there will be a change in your attitude or temperament. It may be short or long. Your belief system or the way you see the world and yourself will change. The blog you read influence you. It motivates you either positively or negatively. It has a scope to change your life.

The best example for impact blogging is It really influence its readers.

After reading the informative blog, the reader will get some data, some information to take a decision. It expand the knowledge of the reader. For example, price comparison of the IPOD will help reader to purchase the IPOD. Technical blogs, review blogs, blogs about gadgets, movies and etc. are informative blogs.

The best example for informative blog is

What type of blogger are you? Find it.

Impact Blogging

If you are an impact blogger, your chances of earning money through your blog is less or nothing by and large. You will have less traffic. There may be exception too.

An impact blogger should not expect money from his blogging. Impact blogger never thinks about what to write. Subjects explode from him spontaneously. It is spontaneous. The morals, philosophy, concept or the topic find its way through the impact blogger to reach its readers.

Impact blogger lives, observer himself, others and the life. Just record his feelings and thoughts. That’s all.

Impact blogger is not the owner of the content or concept he express in his blog. The content choose the blogger to come out and reach.

Impact blogger will not be in an urge to write. Writing happens to them. Impact blogs take its own time to find its readers. Sure it will find.

Impact blogger can stop blogging at any time. He will not loose his traffic/readers and the money he ears from his blog(if so). Because, impact concepts are in evergreen demand, but in fewer demand only.

Informative Blogging

Informative blogging is a sort of journalism or news paper, which deals with current affairs of the topic being written. If you are a informative blogger, you should be vigil on the topic you are blogging.

If you are passionate about mobile phones, you should be writing about current trend in mobile phone industry, arrival of new mobile phone models.

It is a laborious task to keep giving quality and authenticated information to your readers.

Unless you are passionate about what is the information you provide, you can not give original content. Otherwise, you will be creating ‘e-garbage’. E-garbage is not possible with impact blogging.

Information blog has good traffic and scope to earn from blogging. Within a short span, information blogs earn money from its content.

If the information blogger stop writing, his traffic and income will reduce drastically.

As long as you blog, you will have money. Residual income is not possible in information blogging.

For quick and easy money, information blog is the right choice.

Majority of blogs in the internet are informative blogs. It is easy to start a informative blog even by stealing content from other blogs, books.

The readers will find their information from informative blogs. Whereas in impact blogging, the content will find its readers.

Satan in the Office

Are you a Satan in the Office? Are you a Submitter in the Office.

Few years back wherever I work, I behaved like Satan.

I did not mingle with the management or my immediate boss or the person who established the company. I was at loggerhead with them and had friction.

I had very high ego, and I have good professional skills. With the confidence in my skill and ego, I felt superior.

I tried to create my own group of colleagues who were my admirers. I wanted to establish as a person, who can be equally par with boss. I kept distance from boss to avoid being subdued.

I wanted to have more influence, impact, power, heroic image than my Boss.

I may not express my behavior clearly. In simple words I friction with the ego of my Boss and create a ‘buzz’ for me in the office, which may ‘thrill my admirers’.

All I was doing while working in someone’s office and paid by someone but, I tried ‘Show my ego’ to someone who is the creator of the office.

If you read about the conflict between God and Satan and why God created earth, you can understand what I am trying to say.

Bible and Quran advocates such concepts.

Satan was an angel serving to God with extraordinary powers granted by God. Soon, Satan developed his ego that He can be a God. He was not ready to accept that God is his God. He challenged God. God created this world/earth for Satan to rule to make him realize that he is not capable of becoming another God.

What is the stand of Satan towards God before he fought with god that was my ‘stand’ towards my bosses few years back.

You can see an anti-incumbency spirit or aversion towards current company among employees. This is a sort of Satanic Spirit.

Hope you can guess the result.


After studying my attitude, I corrected my mistakes. I changed myself as a Submitter.

Boss is giving you an opportunity to work, money to make a living. Through work you get status in the society. In turn he expects the following from you – work for him and be dedicated to him.

Sometime, you feel that Boss gives more work to you. Sometime, you feel that Boss gives less work to you.

Sometime, you feel that he terminates your friends/colleagues who are provided to you by your Boss.

Sometime, you feel that he is giving more salary to you or less salary to you. Sometime, you feel that he gives more salary and less work to a person who is less competent than you.

Sometime, you feel that he brings you close to him. Sometime, you feel that he pushes you away from him.

He may fire you in a fine morning or apply pressure to drive you to quit.

But, you should not question any activity of your Boss. He may or may not tell you the reason for his activity. If you try to assume the reason, you will end up in indefinite assumptions. Even if he terminates you, you should accept it willingly.

Apart from salary, you will be in peace if you accept and submit.

Submitting to God

God makes you born in this world. He make somebody rich by birth and somebody poor by birth. He makes somebody rich and poor in the due course of life.

Sometimes He gives abundance of wealth to somebody who is identified by you as BAD person. Sometimes, He gives abundance of wealth to somebody who is identified by you as GOOD person.

Sometimes, God gives pain and grievances to somebody who is identified by you as GOOD or BAD person.

GOD gives you parents, brothers, sisters, wife, children, relatives, friends and neighbors. You may hate some of them and love some of them.

Sometimes, God terminates their life. If you love the person being terminated, you will lament. If you hate the person being terminated you will be happy. But, God behaves irrespective of your sentiments.

Sometime, God let a sick man to live long, and terminates a health man in his youth. Sometime God let a healthy man to live long and terminates a sick man immediately.

Sometime, you feel that God is favoring you and in other time, you feel that He is not favoring you.

You should not question anything. You should not analyze why. You have to submit and accept whatever God is doing.

Don’t equal your office boss with our Divine Boss. Otherwise you will be committing the sin of Idol Worshiping. Office boss is just a mere creation of God like other living beings. He is just a human. He is not Good always and he is not Bad always like everybody.

Both Bosses do not expect us to be their submitters. If you are a submitter or Satan, it is not going to affect both the bosses. They are intact. Do not think your Boss will favor you, if you are a submitter and harass you if you are a Satan. Boss does what he has to do or like to do irrespective of, whether you are a Satan or submitter.

But, being a Satan or Submitter has a impact in you. If you are a Submitter, you are positive, balanced and in peace. If you are a Satan you will be restless.

It is our responsibility to be a Submitter by killing our ego for our own Goodness and Peace.

If you listen to the discourses of Rashad Khalifa, you can understand what is to be a submitter.

In the recent companies I work, I behaved as submitter. I am peaceful and balanced.

The role you play has a impact in you, not to others.

I dedicate this article to the bosses to whom I was a Satan and to the bosses to whom I am a Submitter.

Mood Cycling

Mood Cycling is a psychological disease. It create genius as well as people who faced debacle. The reason for cyclic mood may be anything like chronicle depression, loss of nutrition and etc. It can be treated by consulting a psychologist.

Many people live with depression or cyclic mood problems without knowing that it is a disease happened to mind like other diseases happened to body.

People affected by “cyclic mood”, hang an in a mood without any valid reason and suddenly swift to other or opposite mood without valid reason.

Throughout our life we are traveling between moods. We stop at ‘happiness’ if any of our expectation happened. If anything happened opposite to our expectation we move to ‘sadness’.

If somebody is better performing than our self, we move to ‘hate’ and hang in jealous mood.

We move to ‘FEAR’ mood, if our life or our beloved ones life, or our career, job or our social status is at risk.

If our beloved one dies, we move into depression.

If our day to day life, the incidents happening around us and how we are reacting to the happenings are taking us to a mood. We hang on in the mood for a while. By another incident we are taken to another mood.

I was in sadness yesterday. Today by some incident, I move to happiness. Tomorrow by some incident, I will move to romantic mood. Day after tomorrow, I may move to depression by another incident.

The incidents may be countless, but the unique list of moods we get in our life time will be not more than 20.

Happiness, sadness, jealous, aversion, love, sexy, romantic, fear, angry, dullness, confidence, guts and etc. You can add your moods into the list.

We do not have control in which mood to dwell in. Our environment and incidents happening around us decide in which mood we should be.

You can not be happy or joyful when you travel in Chennai’s metro bus(Pallavan) in peak hours. It is crowded and congested. The bus swallow the passengers two to three times more than its normal capacity.

If you are standing inside the bus, you will be squeezed, you will be suffocating. You can not be joyful while traveling in such condition. You are in stress.

You will be in ‘romantic’ mood if your girl friend or lover traveling with you in the crowded bus. Here both will be in romantic mood.

All of a sudden, you move to ‘happiness’ or a sense of relief mood if you get a seat by chance in such traveling.

Same bus, same crowd but we can ‘travel from mood to mood’.

The default mood of a traveling in a crowded bus in peak hours can be overcome by additional activities.

You can overcome the travel stress by jumping into ‘serious’ discussion with co-passengers. I often do this.

It is natural that human is cycling through moods. But how a cyclic mood or “mood cycle” can be a disease.

1) No bad things happened to you, but you are sad.

2) You have come to sad mood by some incident. You are not able to shift to other moods. You stay in sad mood for longer period or forever irrespective of things happening around you.

It’s time to meet psychologist.

Enthusiasm is the best mood. It helps to over come fear of unknown, fear of failure, and propel us to achieve goals with unknown end. It helps to come out of failure, frustration and depression and any negative mood.

Do you know, what is your default mood?

Does default mood exist?

I do not know that what is the default mood or first mood of man when he born, mood of a baby in womb, mood of just born baby.

But, I pray to God to let the ‘Enthusiasm’ be my default mood.

House Wife Stress

What are the problems of stressed wives?

Money Constraint:
Live within the salary of husband or how much is given by husband.
Either house wives do not have full financial freedom or sufficient finance. Both are tough Stresses.

Routine Job:
Working women can change the company, if they not like it or get bored with it. But house wife can not change their ‘company’. Irrespective of ‘likings’, they have to do the routine job. It is the spirit of ‘love’ glue them to their families(companies).

Lack of Appreciation:
Working women are recognised or appreciated in their office. They get promotion, salary hike and in some way their hard work and achievements are recognized by the people/company to whom they serve. But the dedication and hard work of the house wives are always ignored. Every human being deserve appreciation for the role they play. But the role of house wife never get its appreciation it deserve duly. If you are a house wife and you are appreciated for successfully carrying out your task, please post/comment here.

No Leave:
House wife has to work without leave. Even on holidays, they can not escape from the duties of taking care of their children, husband. I could not think of job with holidays.

Identification Crisis:
If the wife is an “educated house wife”, their self identification will be a stress. Educated woman wants to identify herself as ‘working woman’ in her society. She wants to have professional tagging to her identification. If she is not able to or allowed to go to job due to some ‘valid reasons’, she will have a sort of stress for being an ‘Educated House Wife’.

There is no rule that a house wife must live with all or some stresses mentioned above. There might be few house wives living without the stresses discussed above. If you have any other stress to be highlighted here, please post/comment here.

Turn towards your Boss

Your boss is waiting turn towards him.

You boss is waiting to train you, guide you, help you to improve in all the aspects. Just turn towards him. He will absorb and lift you.

Many sub-ordinates logger heads with their immediate bosses for various “developed reasons”. They develop anti-incumbency spirit with their management. Develop hate and averse. Identify and organize other people with the same spirit.

Many employees complaint is salary issue.

My subordinate offered 6k per month. We offered what he demanded. Within two months after joining he sniffed everybody’s salary. Started salary comparison. He started murmuring as he is underpaid, his salary is lower than X,Y,Z. He forget that the company has given what he asked.

If the Boss express his favor to somebody by his own likes and dislikes, the “disgruntled employee” raise it as a partiality issue. If the somebody is a female, character abuse will be executed.

The Disgruntled Subordinate forgets why he has joined the company – for career progress, salary, status, making a living, exploring the opportunity to realize himself and his skills, and support his family, and etc.

Immediate boss is the gateway for all the needs and wants of a subordinate. If an employee turn towards his boss, boss will give him the key for success.

Instead, if employee shows his back to his boss, he will not progress. He will burn by the jealous over the progress of others who have inclined to your boss.

By all this negative measurement, disgruntled employee turns towards “exit”.

God/Boss does not fire/terminate this type of employees. He waits for his sub ordinate to turn towards him. Ready to forgive everything. Guru always expects a perfect disciple to transfer his knowledge. Like Guru, Boss expects a receptive subordinate to transfer his knowledge.

Mostly disgruntled employees quit the job. Their negative attitude and negative emotions over the management, push them out of the company.

Like the boss of the company, the Boss of the universe, Boss of our soul is waiting for us to turn towards Him. He is ready to forgive all our sins when we turn towards him.

We do not know, why we born, what is the purpose of life, what is after death. We do not even try to know these things. Indulging in worldly matters and forget to fulfill the soul’s quest to return to God.

If you are not interested in what is after death, salvation, realization, never mind. Peace of mind is guaranteed till your last breath if you turn towards God.

God is very patient. He is waiting for you always. It is your choice.

I have turned towards my boss, the God.

Smart Programmer

Smart Programmer work less and produce more. He get the job done without giving stress to their client or immediate boss. At the same time he does not have stress or does not work till he burn out.

Smart programmer understand clearly, what has to be done, what is the need of the client. He works in a line and length with requirement to fulfill the needs of the client. He does what makes client happy, not what is easy to him.

Smart programmers has technical expertise. He innovates new ways to get the job done quickly and easily. He does not look at his monitor for whole day. He works few hours a day and show more productivity than stress free programmer and stressful programmer.

If a task needs 8 hours of labor, he takes 5 to 6 hours and be relaxed in remaining hours. He does not take 12 to 14 hours to complete a 8 hours job and saying ‘I am working more, staying upto midnight in the office…’.

He is quick in his work as well as leaving the office quickly in the evening.

Smart programmer is stress free because of his skill in time estimating. He does not over estimate or under estimate. He will convince the client or immediate boss that why he needs such a timeline to get the task done.

Smart Programmer has both communication and persuasion skills.

When client or immediate boss, forcing to complete a task in too short time, smart programmer will not agree. He has guts and confidence to oppose the immediate boss if he is charged inhumanly.

Smart programmer know what he can and can’t do. He will not commit for what he can’t do.

Focusing on client’s requirement, be truth full to what he can do and can’t, being positive in communications and having guts and confidence to oppose when he is demanded more inhumanly, and with little bit creativity. These are the attitudes of Smart Programmer.

In overall, the stress level between the smart programmers and the clients will be lower or zero percent. They keep themself happy and keep the client happy.

Being a smart programmer is not related to technical skill alone. It is related to attitude more than technical skills.

Elizabethan Age Society – Shakespeare Literature

Shakespeare’s dramas mainly written over royal society of Elizabethan age. Shakespeare did not deal with peasants, potters, and people who lived in the ‘edges of the life’. He did not deal with the people who live by serving to Royal section of England.

There may be few dramas written over about ordinary people. But what are the dramas are famous and prescribed to schools and colleges are dealing with the plots of kings and lords of england.

For Example: King Lear, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet , Hamlet and etc are having the main characters from royal sections.

The feelings and emotions dealt might be common to all the people. But the characters who express the feelings are Kings and Lords.

A society compromises all sort of people, and living standard. The main society includes sub-systems and sub-societies. Literature can not record all the sections of a society where it was written.

Through Shakespeare literature, we can study royal society of Elizabethan age. Other sub-systems/sections of the Elizabethan age are not covered in Shakespeare’s literary contributions.

Not only Shakespeare, until the 19th century or beginning of Industrial revolution all the literature dealt with kings and lords and high society. It is natural that literature or media deal with popular individuals, individuals in power, individuals with wealth, and individuals who has the attention of common public.

Life of the common man was started recorded in literature during western colonization was questioned. T.S. Eliot, John Osborn(Look Back in Anger), Earnest Hamingway are the beginning of new stage where kings and lords were completely forgotten by Literature. Moreover during their period there were no kingdoms and kings.

Things changed when patrons of literature changed.

Literature is written for its patron. When kings and lords were the patron, literature was written for them. When common public become the patron, literature,is written for the common public. The plots of literature changed when its patrons are changed.

Even today, see what is the most discussed items in News Media including TV, Internet and Dailies and weeklies. Individuals who are able to have their impact on the common public in anyway are the target of Media. This is by and large. There are few exceptions too.

why electric bicycle is not successful in indian market?

Electric bicycle is too costly for Indian cycle market. Regular users of bicycle in India are low income people and school students mostly. For these segment cycle is low cost transport machine. Price of an electric bicycle/kit is not affordable to these regular and today commuters.

Cycle means no maintenance. This is our mindset about cycles mostly. Battery powered bicycle require maintenance. This will raise complaints retail shops, which is new to retail shop owners. Support to cycle after sales never exists.

No local Support
Street cycle mechanics have to upgrade to electrician. Otherwise they could not manage the issues in electric bicycle.

Above all, cost is the major obstacle to get an entry in to electric cycle.

Ozone layer Depletion

Ozone is an oxygen element. Molecular formula of ozone is O3. Above earth’s surface from 9.6 km to 48 is called ozone layer. The ozone (O3) is formed when our oxygen (O2) is exposed to electric discharge by ultra violet rays emitted by sun.

This layer protects the earth from harmful causes of ultra violet ray. Direct exposure to ultra violet can cause many diseases. Ultra violet can decimate the cells of living organism. The presence ozone layer is the unique feature of earth and their feature makes earth as a unique planet in the universe. Without ozone layer no possibility for the existence living organism.

The shadow of God (ozone layer) is now emaciated by the activities of a living being which was once inspired by Satan- yes that is man – homosapiens. The nitrogenous wastage from any source, halogens, chloro-fluro-carbons, and bromine are the chemical substances, which create hole in ozone layer. These produced by human for a comfort life, which is leading to no life.

Straight above the Artic circle, northwest Asia ozone is like almost disappeared that is called ozone hole. Where there is an ozone hole, there is no filtration of Ultra violet rays.

The harmful chemicals keep destroying the ozone layer. If this destruction continues ozone this whole planet will be directly exposed to Ultra violet rays. Then Earth has to renounce its unique feature ‘Existence of life’.

In 1987 USA and other 22 countries signed. Montreal Protocol Treaty to stop using the ozone destroying compounds.

We cannot construct the ozone layer, the best we can do is stop destructing the ozone layer. Due to the global awareness the destruction ratio has slowed down, but not completely stopped. Because, many countries do not follow Montreal Protocol.

We cannot go back to Stone Age civilization from the current Silicon Civilization.

Both developed and developing countries have to acquire and aware of alternate chemicals, which will not affect ozone layer. This is the possible way to stop destructing the ozone depletion.

The more modernized civilization spoils the precious features of our planet.

Investment in Schools Colleges

Education has become investment. Like mutual funds, shares, real estate education is an investment. Parents investing in education for big returns.

The major attribute of education is economy, the ability to get a job, get an high paying job. Other attributes are status, recognition.

Educated brides and grooms are a ‘sellable / disposable commodity’ at ease in the matrimonial market.

People believe that studying in ‘good school and colleges’ yield more job opportunity and earning potential. Of course, it is true. Parents are ready to ‘invest’ in college admission if the college draws big paying companies for campus interviews.

Indian schools, give better job opportunity against uneducated person. Educated person has an edge over uneducated person for jobs. That its.

Other than economy, education does not make a big difference between educated and uneducated. All the crimes are done by both uneducated and educated people equally.

Lack of Entrepreneurship in Indian Education

Indian english medium schools produce massive white color, blue color ’employees’. Entrepreneurs have to give ‘decent’ job opportunities to this ‘work force’.

Entrepreneurship does not require education. It requires attitude.

Both uneducated and educated people can be found as entrepreneurs or bosses. But all the people doing white or blue color jobs are educated people only.

Without entrepreneurs, ‘educated employees’ can not survive. Indian schools and colleges produce employees.

Attitude produce entrepreneurs.

Does present day educational system teach attitude? If so, In which Indian school or college is attitude taught?

Money has a value, not attitude. Indian education has a value, not attitude.