HTML to Drupal Theme Chennai India

If you have static html files ready and you want to integrate them with Drupal theme, then you are at the right place.  I provide Drupal theme service for a nominal price.

If you are a web designer, have your html5 files ready with Sliders, Carousal and etc. with lot of customization in home page  and you want to integrate them with Drupal to leverage CMS benefits, then you are at the right place.  I provide Drupal theme integration service.

What I do?

I covert your static home page into Drupal theme with granular control. 

If you have sliders in your home page, after integration with Drupal theme, you can add/modify/remove slider image and its contents from Drupal backend (Admin interface). If you have testimonial section, you can add, edit, and remove each customer feedback from admin panel that will reflect in home page automatically.

 I will provide granular control to (add/edit/delete) each piece of data in each section in home page from Admin page (except header and footer section). 

Each section of your home page will be converted to Drupal blocks, where you can hide or display any section of home page from Drupal admin. 

You can move up and down the home page sections/block from admin panel.  Move left or right if your design has side panels. You can reuse the blocks in inner pages if you want.

Once header and footer are configured, you can sail through your inner pages from Drupal backend.  You can create inner pages in Drupal admin, which follow the header and footer sections from Drupal theme automatically.

 I don’t provide granular control to inner pages; they are just pages which follow the style, look and feel of header.

In short, I provide custom front end/homepage and granular control of each section in your home page.

Responsive Site

If your static html files got implemented Responsive, Fluid design, then all will be integrated into Drupal theme without compromise.  The integrated Drupal theme/site will be responsive, fluid as per the design in static html files you provide. 

Simply what you design in html files will be made available to Drupal theme without compromise.  If you are a web designer you can understand what I say.  I don’t do anything more than what is available in your design.  I am not a web designer. I am only a Drupaler.


Your menus will be integrated into Drupal theme; you can manage them from Drupal Admin/Backend


If you are familiar with Drupal Admin Interface, then it will be an added advantage for you. You can manage what I give to you after theme integration.

How much I charge.

I charge $99 without granular control of home page sections and $200 for granular control of home page sections.  This may increase or decrease depending upon the complexities of your design. I estimated this price based on a general website with header, footer, menus, sliders, carousal, 3 to 5 sections in home page, a contact form, and 4 to 5 inner pages.  

If you want to integrate blogs, search page, other custom module functionality’s UI into your theme, we can do it, but those will be estimated case to case basis based on complexity or work involved in those efforts.

You can make payment through PayPal. 

How do I work?

You have to give me your static html files and assets (images, js , css). Once we agreed on Price and Timeline, and you make upfront fee 50% of agreed price, I will start working in your website, and from time to time, I will provide updates to you.

 From minimum of 4 days to 7 days, I will complete integrating the static html to Drupal theme.  Once you are okay, you have to make remaining payment to me.

What is Drupal to me?

Drupal is bread and butter to me, I work with Drupal from version 4.x to latest version 8.x, 9.x+. I am able to work with any version of Drupal.

Other activities I do in Drupal are module customization and custom module development, theme customization, custom theme development, site building, full site implementation.  This is my packaged service.

Contact Me

To reach out to me, mail me directly at

Cheat your Gene code

We have psychological or mind responses which was very useful for survival, when we were living as Hunters. Those responses or behavior were genetically programmed.

Then, we were farmers did agriculture, them we were industrialist and today we are somthing.

But those genetically programmed psychological responses still prevail in present days, but they are not needed now.

Our mind is genetically programmed to jealous, greed, fear, desire for survival.  They are survival instincts for the living style of past era.  Now they are not needed, but we still have them and follow them blindly.

We have to cheat our gene code to not to have jealous, greed, fear, desire in present day living style.

We have not given sufficient time to evolution to reprogram or upgrade mind as per present days.

We live in silicon civilization, but we have and follow the mental reflexes of stone age hunters, like ferociousness of lion in zoo and betta in bowel.

We have to cheat our gene code as far as mental instincts.

Dont Let Me Think

Dont let me think.

When I search in google or youtube for something, I stumble upon various text blog and video blogs in internet. Most of them are without content and drive me to think further for a solution to my problem or issue. I don’t want the blogger to provide analysis and inputs for me to take decision or find solution. I hate it.

What I need is solution or decision, not driving me to think.

The text or video blogger should tell the solution within few seconds of accessing their content. I don’t want to read or view lengthy b/vlogs.

Dont let me think, give me solution.

Pulsar NS 160 Engine Malfunction Light on glows while riding

Engine malfunction light glow while riding

Engine malfunction light of my Pulsar NS 160 BS6 is on or glowing always while riding the bike. This is the third time this is happening. Earlier two times engine malfunction or fuel injector light turned off automatically after one day. I did not do anything or I did not take the bike to service center.

Now, it has been one day, it is on whenever I ride the bike. I am not sure what happened to fuel injector. Bike runs as usual at lower speed, but at higher speed and revving, I feel a slight stress or drop in pick up. One month back, second service was done at 4500+ kms.

I was waiting for whole day whether light turns of automatically when I ride, but it did not turn off.

When I check the service manual, it is mentioned that engine malfunction light will glow when there is issues with fuel injector, but nothing mentioned as how rectify it.

So, tomorrow, I will take the bike to service center if engine malfunction light continues to glow while riding.

Hope, this simple issue, should not make me feel for buying BS6 vehicle.

Update on 12th August 2021

Today morning when I started the bike, engine malfunction light went off automatically. I did not take the bike to service center and I did not try anything on my own. I am happy now. Bike runs smoothly.

Pulsar NS 160 engine malfunction light off

Saturday short ride with Pulsar NS 160

NS 160 Parked for water break at Vandalur

I ride from Saligramam to Kelambakkam today evening casually on my Pulsar NS 160. I took Maduravayal Tambaram by pass road to reach Vandalur, avoided city traffic. From Vandalur, I reached Kelambakkam. Then returned on the same route to home.

While crossing Vandalur, I halted the ride for water break for 10 minutes and resumed the ride to reach home.

Traffic was moderate, in both madruvayal bypass road and Vandalur Kelambakkam road, I was able to cruise above 70 km/hr speed comfortably NS 160.


Pulsar NS 160 Ownership review

I purchased Pulsar NS 160 last year. I have clocked around 5000 kms till date. Mostly high way rides. I have shared my ownership review with pulsar ns 160 comparing with my previous bikes. Here is my experience.

ஆப்பினை அசைத்திட்ட குரங்கு

நாப்பிளக்க பொய் உரைத்து !!நவ நிதியும் தேடி !!நலன் ஒன்றுமே அறியா !!நாரீயரைக் கூடி பின் !!பூப்பிளக்க வந்துதித்த !!புற்றீசல்போல !!புலுபுலென கலகலவென !!புதல்வர்களைப் பெறுவீர் !!காப்பதற்கும் வகை அறியீர் !!கைவிடவும் மாட்டீர் !!கவர்பிளந்த மரத்தினிடை !!                                           கால்  நுழைத்துக்கொண்டே !!
ஆப்பதனை அசைத்து விட்ட !!
குரங்கதனைப் போலவே !!
அகப்பட்டீர் !! அகப்பட்டீர் !!
கிடந்தது உழல !!
அகப்பட்டீர் !!

Watching YouTube is a Charity

Watching YouTube is a Charity. It is like making donations.

When you watch YouTube, someone is getting money. You make google to pay to someone. You donate your time to watch videos, in turn somebody get paid.

So don’t have guilt like you are wasting your time by watching YouTube. Actually, you donate your time to make somebody getting paid.

Donate your time by watching YouTube videos. Time Donation.