Enforcing Education as a social baseline – big blunder

Education sucks

Education is a serious benchmark for everybody’s survival, status, success in this materialistic world. For the last 50+ years in India or all over the world post British Colonial era – education has attained a prominent state in the society.

Without education or literacy, it is very hard to survive and lead a economically decent life in this society. Till fifty years back, people without education managed to live, earn, got married, brought up children and lived their life to the fullest. There were lot of scope for uneducated man to live on olden days. Nowadays, it is not possible to live without education.

We are living in a worst social period which is conditioned by education, and everybody is forced to educate themself.

There were times, when hunters were recognized, later farmers were recognized, later soldiers were recognized, later poets, painters, sculptures were recognized. Before independence freedom fighters were recognized, nowadays there is no scope for freedom fighters.

Everything is a niche skillset, man have it either by birth and trained it. Not everybody was a good hunter, or farmer or soldier, or poets. Each is a special skill – either trained or having by birth. Not everybody can succeed in all fields or professions.

Like that, education is a special skill set, it requires reading, comprehend, and retell/vomit what was memorized. Not all the people on the earth are good at reading, memorizing, and vomiting/retelling. Everybody can speak, but not all can be an orator. Speaking and giving a speech are different skill sets. It need to train your brain or have such brain by birth.

British, spread their western education in India to train, recruit employees for their administrative tasks. An educational system grooming students for administrative or clerical task is still practiced in post independence era. An administrative education is the benchmark or baseline for everything in India. In this context, think about the state of people who do not have skill sets to thrive in education or who can not train themselves to read, memorize, and vomit.

Today, society is enforcing everybody to read, memorize, and vomit though not everybody is good at studying. Many people may not have the brain skill sets for studying. They may have natural skill set in some other domain or fields. Society is not ready to experiment or identify the skill set of every individuals. Its only path is read, memorize, vomit. That’s it.

Assume that if everybody to is asked to run fast, Running fast is the social baseline for everything. Those who run fast will get jobs, status, recognition, etc. So every children will be given training to run fast from childhood. Those who do not or can not run fast will be dumped down. Running is a special niche or skill set, one has to train themselves or have that skill by birth. Others struggle.

In the similar way, we are – the society – the world is enforcing a specialized skill set(reading, memorizing, vomiting) on everybody globally. Those who do not have the skill set, are struggling. What a stupidity. Those who do not have the skill set to study are in pathetic situation in current era.

Journey of a Dust

Dust particles floating in ray of light

What could be the journey of a dust? Does dust can have its goal, ambition, desire, destination?

We see dust particles moving here and there. In ray of sun light, movement of dust particles are visible to naked eyes.

Can a dust move on its own? Can a dust decide it’s path? When the air blows, dust move in the direction of wind. Dust move at the speed of wind. Dust seized to move when wind stops blowing. Thats it.

It is the air or wind which makes the dust move, float, arise, get velocity, etc.

Assume that dust has desire, mind, thoughts, ambition, destination. Can a dust do anything for its desire or goal or destination? It has to wait for the wind to blow to have movement.

What a pity, if dust have desires but it can not do anything on its own to attain it’s desires. Even if wind blows it is no guarantee that wind will take the dust to its destination. Dust has to develop/change desires, goal, destination according to wind.

We are all dust particles in the Divine Chaos. We move here and there based on Chaos. Chaos has to propel us. It is very pathetic to have desires in the Cosmic chaos. Humans have goals which are equal to goal of dust.

There is no meaning of dust having desires, it may or may not be realised depending on wind blow. In the same way human desires may or may not be realised based on Cosmic Chaos. Chaos has to favour our desires, destination.

Can a dust be proud of having reached its destination? Can a dust be ashame of not reaching its destination? First of all, can a dust have a destination of its own?

But, humans will be proud of achieving their goals, will be ashame of not achieving goals. When Divine chaos lifts us in worldly life, we feel proud as we lifted ourself by our effort. When Divine chaos drops us in worldly life, we feel sad as we fall or reached lower state by our mistakes.

We are nothing more than dust in Divine chaos, our desires, goals, ambition are like a dust having it’s desires, goals, destination.

How to stop thoughts – thinking

How to stop thoughts… Concentrate on breathing, watch your breathing – inhale exhale, breath-in breath-out, watch your thoughts…blah blah all complex stupid efforts are useless, waste of time.

More involvement, attachment in this worldly life will trigger more thoughts. Less involvement, attachment in this worldly life will trigger less thoughts. Thoughts will reduce or have no thoughts at ease without your efforts, if you detach from this worldly life . Man in deep sleep and dead man have no thoughts or thinking. Both are in a state where they are completely disconnected from this world. Thats it.

But, don’t worry whether you have thoughts or not, thoughts are natural reflexes of mind for your interaction with worldly matters. Without thoughts you can not interact with world. Let it be as long as you like to or need to interact with worldly life. We speak orally, we think mentally. Both required to live. Be moderate in speech as well as thinking.

Divine Chaos driving life

This life events are caused by divine chaos. With human intelligence and logic, we can not understand the divine logic behind divine chaos.

Most of the people who speaks spirituality are speaking from what they read, hear. They understand/digest what they read and hear and re-tell their own version. They don’t speak out of their true experience or wisdom.

Even if few may undergo true spiritual experience by God’s will or have wisdom from birth by God’s blessing, have no need to speak and they don’t speak. Even if they speak out of their true experience or own wisdom, people can not differentiate between those who speak from what they read, listen and those who speak out of experience. Both looks same.

Nobody can understand Divine Chaos, whatever book we read, whatever speech we listen, whatever we study, analyse about mind, whatever meditation we do, what ever experience we have, whatever wisdom we have, we can not understand this Chaos.

Once, we realise that we can not understand Cosmic Chaos…. Spirituality ends, we become enlightened.

Enlightenment comes from God.

Life of Lottery

Life is full of lottery. Many people buy Lottery to become rich. To be honest, somebody is selected and got lottery prize, and become rich. Many people did not won and loose lottery.

Those who won lottery, can not think that they got money because of their effort, perseverance, intelligence and etc. Winning lottery is purely luck.

In the same way, those who lost in lottery can not think that they lost because of their stupidity, laziness, effortlessness, wrong planning, and etc. Loosing a lottery is purely bad luck.

But, to be qualified to be a winner in lottery by chance, you need to buy a lottery ticket. If you don’t buy a lottery ticket, you are out of the competition to be a winner by luck.

People try many things in their life. Many fails and few succeed in their endeavours. Those who succeed, declares that they got success because of their intelligence, effort, planning, perseverance, and etc. Those who failed in their endeavour, dumped down as stupid, effortless, poor planning, wrong decision, and etc.

Truth is nobody knows the true reason as why they succeed or failed. Otherwise, everyone in the world can succeed, no failures. Those who considered succeed, find reasons to boost their ego and start motivating and advising others. Those who considered failed will have low self esteem, find reasons why they failed.

To be honest, whatever endeavour we take, we succeed by chance and fail by chance. All is luck or bad luck. We will find reasons and justifications later on.

What you need to do is buy a lottery, that is have a try – rest is waiting for luck or bad luck to embrace you.

There are people who buy lottery throught their life but not a single winning. Somebody wins lottery at a young too.

Whatever you try throught your life, there is no guarantee that you will succeed – luck has to favours you.

If you don’t try, you will never have a chance to win. But, there is no guarantee that you will succeed because you try.

All success are conditional success, and all failures are conditional failures.

Man always assume reasons and justifications to what happened, but man can not understand Divine Logic.

Do your best and leave the rest to God.

Datsun Redi Go car cold start problem and Stress

God, I purchased Datsun Redi Go car in 2020 march BS IV version. When whole India is going behind Maruthi Suzuki, Hyundai, and Tata for cars, I purchased Redi-Go from Nissan.

The car has cold start problem in winter season. Fuel pump is not getting on when ignition is on. I have to crank few times or wait for 5 to 10 minutes to let the the fuel pump on and start the car.

I complained this problem to Nissan Service Center. They changed new battery. The cold start problem persists even after changing to new battery. Service center is not able to resolve the problem, I have to live with it.

I lost confidence with this car. When I am going for long trip, what will I do if the car does not start.

Due to this sort of cold start problem or delayed/no fuel pump startup, I am hesitating taking this car out.

Next, problem is I lost interest to drive the car in Chennai city traffic. Especially my area saligramam(arcot road), where metro train works are busily being done, roads are closed or diverted. Heavy traffic at Vadapalani signal, where i usually get out. Forum mall(cinema), Vijaya hospital, High rise apartment near by Vadapalani signal, Kamala theatre, Greenpark are creating heavy traffic at Vadapalani signal. Who or which authority gave permission to construct all at a chicken neck. Try driving from Porur to Kodambakkam in a Saturday evening around 6pm.

Abusali street, Kaveri street, and streets leading to Koyembedu from Saligramam are digged out by various authorities for various reasons. Cars can not go comfortably, cars have to snail through narrow or narrowed streets. My other way to get out also distorted.

Next, I am ready to drive car from Chennai to Rameshwaram, but I am not ready to use my car to go to T.Nagar for shopping.

Next problem, unnecessary fight or argument between my wife and myself. My wife wants to go to T.Nagar, movies, receptions, malls, Koyembedu vegetable market, Dmart, grocery shops in car. She does not know driving. So I have to drive the car.

Whenever, she ask for a trip in car, I am always reluctant, i hesitate to take the car out. Imagine, how it would be , if your car is not starting or delaying to start, when you parked your car in movie theatre parking. Cars behind you will be honking when you keep trying to start your car.

Due to cold start problem and city traffic, i always avoid taking car out, but my wife shout out me for not using the car or not helping her going out comfortably.

Next, I am paying monthly EMI for car loan. The car has not been fully utilized or half or ever quarter or bit. It is always parked in parking, but monthly EMI has to be paid duly.

My sister has Alto 800 and my uncle has Alto K10. They have these cars for more than 10 years. I used those cars extensively for long trips across Tamilnadu. Winter, raining or whatever season – i never had starting trouble or cold start problem from those cars. Engine comes to life at a single crank. I am obsessed with cold start problem of my car.

I purchased car for going to office – commuting. But, the 2nd day after I purchased the car, lockdown announced in March 2020. Since then, I am in work from home, no need to take the car out on day to day basis. As on date(21-8-2022) I am writing this, I am in work from home, no need of car for commuting.

Moreover, Nissan stopped production and sales of Datsun Redi Go cars in India. Service, support, spare parts are at question now.

Agonies of car are, Cold start problem or fuel pump not starting promptly, difficulty in driving the car in city traffic, arguments and yelling from wife, car is not utilized, paying EMI for car loan which has not been used, need to purchase insurance and do periodical service for car which is always in stationary at parking.

I have even published a youtube review (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDBykto2CFc) for this car in a praising note. That was a Sin. Influencing others to buy a product, publishing ownership review when the product is brand new are Sins. God, you punished me for my sin. I do not know, how many people are influenced by my review to buy this car. I will never give review to any product henceforth. God, you give different experience to different people for same product. We should not justify our experience with the product is the rule of thumb and the same will be experienced by others. That type of justification is wrong and sin. Same product will give different experience to different people at God’s will.

God, you should have prevented me from buying a car. I guess, You may like to deduct my bad karma, by letting me have bad experiences and grievances and stress. Its okay.

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Gist of Most Religions

No religion is addressing hunger. We have to fulfill our hunger.

1)Once hunger is fulfilled, next we have urges for lust, desire, comfort, fear, jealous, greedy, ego, selfish instincts. All religions address the solution for these emotions. All religion’s answer is be detached. Dont be driven by these feelings, dont act on these feelings, just skip and ignore them.

2) Next, there are external circumstance, which we dont have any control. Death, decease, accidents, loss of wealth, loss in business, loss of income, loss of lives, we may loose our loved ones. There are many external events, which are either harmful to us or beneficial to us. We dont know, why “this” is happened to me or why “this” is not happening to me. Here religions differ in their opinions. Yes opinions. Some say these are test by God to us. God is testing us by giving grievances or pleasure, God is running everything. Some say these are due to our bad or good Karma. What we did in the past lives, that accounts are settled now. Some religion accepts, we dont know why these things happening, but it happens, we have to undergo and experience both good and bad. Expect the unexpected and be flexible. The more we attached, we enjoy/suffer more when good/bad things happen to us. The more we detached, we will be neutral when good/bad things happen to us. But we dont have control over what is happening and dont know why happening. We are completely broke in External events.

Regarding External events, we may believe in any one of the hypothesis by religions as per which hypothesis we like or convincing to us. Your gene has instructions as what you have to believe. Follow it, follow your gene in what to believe. Don’t confront your gene’s instruction by your intelligence. The opportunities given to you by socio-cultural-economic aspects of your time, and how your gene will act or react to the opportunities given, is your decision. So, what you are going to believe is already decided in your gene. How intense you will believe, that is also decided in your gene. Adhere to your gene’s instructions to have moods like “be blessed, peace and tranquility” – brain chemicals responsible for these moods will secrete . Have a belief to be stable with both good and bad of life. If you are not stable, then when good happen to you, you will say it is because of you. When bad happens to you, you will say, it is because of others. There is no unconditional success or unconditional failure. All success are conditional success, all failures are conditional failures.

Mind is like a fertile land. What you sow there, it will grow. If fertile land is not cultivated, then anything will grow in it randomly by chance. Don’t let your mind be a barren or waste land. What belief you seed in your mind, that will grow. Once you start believing the belief, then Belief Magic starts. Mind’s extraordinary skill is belief magic. Belief magic will give you intuition, delusion, interpretation based on your belief to strengthen it further. By the “proof” of your mind’s belief magic , you will realise that your belief is “true”.

If you believe, there is no God, then your mind’s belief magic will make you feel, have valid reasoning that world is functioning without God.

If you believe, God exists, then you will have believe magic effects such as intuition, delusion, reasoning that God is running everything.

Belief magic will make you feel your belief is “logically” correct and proven.

Never argue with a person who has strong belief in a system. If he/she has belief magic experience, then he/she will claim his/her belief is true. They will claim their belief is true and other beliefs are false.

Sow a solid belief in your mind about life from any religion, enjoy the belief magic effects without disturbing others or other believes, be stable in the turbulence of life.

Be aware of Belief magic, Delusional magic, Bipolar magic – they can do wonders as well as blunders in human life.

Religion or religious leaders – have not discoursed anything new. What were prevailing in the human society for thousands of year are retold in a organized way by religions. They were many sayings, philosophies, ideas, opinions, results of experiments in the society. They were scattered here and there. Religious leaders gathered those “sayings” and organized them into a system or establishment called religion.

Shopping mall is new and unique. But shops inside shopping mall are not new, Shops are existing for so many years even before the creation of Shopping mall. Shops were scattered here and there. Shopping mall organized them into a single and dedicated place. Shopping mall is new, but the ingredients of shopping mall – Shops are not new, they are old and represented in a better way by Shopping mall. Like that religion is an independent, unique establishment, but it’s doctrines are age old living practices, morale, experiments of life – existing thousands of years before creation of religion.

3) Next, how the world/universe is created, what will happen after death. Here too, religions differ in their hypothesis slightly. Some say God created this universe and living beings. Some say it is created on its own, say co-incidents. Life evolved, not planned. Some religion says After death nothing, void. Some religions say, our soul will go to heaven or hell decided by our actions while living. Some religions say, we will rebirth and continue experiencing consequences of our Karma and indulge in new Karma.

Thats it. Internal triggering like fear, desire, lust, greedy, jealous, ego are addressed by all the religions in same manner, ignore them. External events – we dont have control, good or bad – experience it, reason – religions have different hypothesis. Why, who created Universe, life? what is after death? – Religions have different hypothesis.

Leave the hypothesis. They are just believes, people fight for their belief, murder for their belief, and die for their belief. Belief is not fact or proven. Leave it. Belief is a Subjective Reality. It works out to somebody, and it does not work out to many. Know the difference between Belief and Truth.

All religions concur in one thing about fear, desire, lust, greedy, jealous, ego, selfish instincts – the self or internal forces. Ignore these feelings and skip them. Never act upon these feelings/thoughts/emotions.

We have to get united over where religions concur. We should not have conflict over where religions differ. Ignore the differences. Embrace the concurrence.