Upfront Decision

When we take decision and we do not know our decision is right or wrong, then how do we move forward?

Unless we walk in the path, we do not know about the path.

The best way to rely on taking a decision is depend on our experience.  Experience matters when taking decision.  Experience will help us to make decisions correctly.

If we do not have sufficient experience then, only way to know the result is execute the decision – walk in the path.  In such NO EXPERIENCE scenario, we can take UPRONT DECISION

Upfront Decision is, take a decision, execute it, and try your best.  If it works out, then continue else revert from your decision.  When you are starting a business, spend less money, time, energy initially – If the business takes off, then involve more, else ramp off.  Upfront decision is try out your plan for a while with less expenditure and without expectation.  If your plan fails, then nothing to loose big.

When we do not know, what will click, then we could try many Upfront Business Models.

We should not take upfront decision in marriage or life partner,  We cannot take upfront decision in buying a home.  We can try upfront decisions in renting homes. I wanted to buy a MTB cycle.  But, I am hesitating whether MTB will suit me.  If it does not suit me, then it becomes useless, money spent to buy the cycle will be waste.  If I manage to rent the MTD cycle for a day or week and ride it, will help me to know whether the cycle will suits me or not.  If it suits me, I will buy it, otherwise I will drop.  Renting before buying is upfront decision.

The Blunder called Belief

Belief is a cognitive blunder in the evolution of mind.

When we believe something, which means it does not exist in reality.  We expect it to be. We do not need to believe a fact.  We believe in God, we believe in religion, we believe in this that.

When we are not certain about something, we develop a belief about the uncertainty to make it certain as per our convenience or as per our like.

Somebody believe in God, somebody do not believe in God.  Both are believes.  Both parties believe something.  In reality, we do not know whether God exists or not.

In day today life, we have various believes about relationships, events, products we use.  We believe soap could kill germs.  We believe education will secure source of income.  We believe good things will happen to good people, bad things will happen to bad people.  We believe struggling for money, being middle class is a symptom of good nature.

We believe in savings is good.  We believe spending is bad.  We have a belief about money, we believe somebody is good and somebody is bad.

Without logic and without facts, we have many believes in life.  We have to question our belief.  Assume something and believe the assumption, this is the way our belief system develops.

Depend on logic and facts.  When facts are not available, then have a belief as per your like but understand that it just a hypothesis.  Be ready to remove your belief when facts available against your belief.  Do not be adamant with your belief when facts are against it.

Identification with Education

We have a strong deep-rooted identification with our educational system. We are driven mad by our attachment with education.

We have our ego clubbed with education.  We look education as a source of income to make a living.

Respect, pride, money, economy, ego are all embroiled with education.

My 10-year-old son is not going to school often.  He takes leave often.  He is telling that he does not like school.  Recently, he was adamant as not going to school.

I was afraid that he might be a school dropout from 5th standard.  I could not digest my son is without education – a college degree. There was a trauma, cry from me at the moment when this Dropout thought raised.  Sub-consciously, I have strong identification with education.  When it is shaken, I have bad emotions, I became weak.

I feared what my son will do in future without education. What job will he do without a degree?  What level of respect will he receive from the society? Will he not feel inferior in front of educated people?

I could not accept to my son without education.

I see education as a recognition, source of income, an entry into corporate companies, a resume for sky scrapping salary, a security from fear of unknown, a source of confidence.

 For many centuries, education was not attainable to majority of people.  Education was circling in a closed circle.  Many people lived without education for centuries.

I am a second-generation graduate.  Back to my grandfather onwards nobody was educated.  My father is the first graduate in his clan.

In the last 50 to 75 years, education spread across the country and reached its peak now.  You cannot join government job without a degree.

I have to get rid of my identification with education.  It is a delusion that education is everything; it is a belief that without education life will be futile.

I am limiting myself with my identification.

I am putting my son within a frame of identification.

The belief system over education, make me do certain actions, and prevent me from doing certain actions.

I have to see myself without educational identity.  When I try it, I feel myself light.  Once I shed my educational identification, I would be able to see my son without education.

There are limitless possibilities for a man without education.  Don’t let my son restricted by the possibilities of education alone.

There is a life beyond education. Schooling has become such a stress nowadays.

Understand the Spy in your team

While discussing with your team, speak only publicly sharable opinions, thoughts.  Don’t speak anything which your supervisor or management should not come to know.

For example, when do you plan to resign your job – don’t discuss your plan in public.  Don’t criticize your manager or management in public.  When management come to know your plan, personal negative opinions, you will have bad consequences. How come management know your feedback when you discuss it with your close buddy?

There is always a spy in your team, in your colleagues.  He or She will cascade the information you leak.  You never know who is that spy.  One among your trusted colleagues is the management spy.

Don’t be skeptical about that spy or management encouraging spy attitude.  Managers need spy/information to manage the team,  Management should know the up to date pulse of its employees to manage them.

You can not identify who is the the spy.  But, be aware that there is a spy who eagerly waiting for your confession to inform the management.  He or she may get some favors due to their spying. It is best to avoid speaking what you don’t like your management to know.  Don’t speak such things with your colleagues or in public.

Flash sale participation in Flipkart – Redmi 8

Yesterday (12/10/2019), I participated in flash sale in flipkart to order a mobile phone – Redmi 8.

I am using Micromax Canvas Selfie lens Q345 for the last four years.  The battery started to drain faster nowadays.  I bought it for around 8000 rupees in 2015.  This is my second smart phone. My first smart phone was Zen ultrafine 701 HD, which served me for one and half years.  After one and half years of usage, its battery got bulged and drained faster.  I bought this phone for around 8000 rupees.

Sub-consciously my budget for smart phone is fixed around 8000 rupees.  For 8000 rupees what are the maximum features, I can get, I will purchase that mobile phone.

This time, I am looking for 4GB ram, 64GB rom, 5000 MAH battery.  Last month I saw Infinix HOT 8 phone, which meet my expectation and its price is 7000 rupees.  I did not buy this phone due to two reasons.  It’s flash sale is held on Thursday 12PM which I find it difficult to participate, because I need to go to office.  Second, Infinix is showing Ads in the phone, which I do not like it.

For nearly one month, I was looking into other phones.  Nothing suits my budget in the expected configuration.

Suddenly, I saw Flipkart advertisement for Redmi 8.  It has 4GB ram, 64GB rom, 5000 MAH battery.  There are other features.  Two things lacking, one Full HD, and powerful processor.  Processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 439.

We cannot play graphic intensive games like Pubg without lag.

I do not play games in smart phone.  I do phone calls, browsing, whatsapp, youtube in smart phone.  For the last six years, my usage revolves around this activity.  So I am okay with SD439 processor.

I did run Apache web server, PHP application from my phone.  I did this in Zen ultrafone, which was 512 MB ram, and I do not know what the processor was, might be mediatek.  I hope Redmi 8 with 4 GB ram, and snapdragon 439 processor, can run Apache server and PHP application, if I experiment anything.  My six years old smart phone can run Apache, PHP, hope this latest phone can run too.

12th October 2019 12PM, flash sale began for Redmi 8.  It happened to be Saturday, my holiday/weekend leave.  So at 11.50AM,I opened flipkart site and waiting for Buy Now button to place the order.  At 12PM, buy now Button appeared.  I clicked it immediately. Don’t want to waste time by using credit card, waiting for OTP and extra process.  So, I choose Cash on Delivery and completed placing the order. Few minutes after placing the order, I saw the Ad for Motorala One Macro which priced for 10000 rupees.  It has a better processor where we can play games like pubg.  I oscillated for few minutes whether to cancel Redmi 8 order.  Then I am satisfied with Redmi 8 purchase, because I am not a gamer and motorala one macro has 4000 MAH battery, which is lessor than Redmi 8, and motorala price is above my budget.

Corporate Blasting

Blaming, scolding, blasting are beyond expression in corporate world.  You would be shamed like anything in front of others in corporate punishments.

Failures are treated like anything in corporate companies.  Sky scrapping salary is not without shame.

In order to survive in corporate companies one must learn to withstand heavy blasting, shame in addition to working hard.

 You can not always bring the result expected from you.  Corporate management put high demand from you.  Sometime you will succeed and other times things will not favourable to you.  When things go wrong, you will be asked tough questions, which you do not have answer.  Your superior will blast you and throw insulting words at you.

If you do not have the maturity to take things easily, You will not survive in corporate.  Take it easy, less reactiveness are best attitude to cross over corporate blasting.

Family man with commitments, housing loan, personal loan, EMIs would have no option other than accept and undergo corporate treatments.  Family man with commitments and without bank balance would not quit the job because he is insulted, scolded, blasted.  He will weep silently and ignore the insults and continue the job for the sake of his family.

In order to be part of corporate world, get used to receive blast, insult.

Interest Vs Role in IT

Technical skills and commanding people are different. IT management often picks up a technically sound person and put him in team management role. It is a blunder. It is no guarantee that technician has a natural interest or taste in managing or commanding people.

I worked under technical leadership, both good in technology and have good commanding over people. I also worked under pure technician who does not have leadership interest.

I notice that person who have natural interest or taste in questioning, commanding people will be good leaders. Those who do not have appetite for ruling others will become poor leaders.

Natural interest, appetite, taste to rule the people, to dominate – plays important role in successful leadership.

But IT management put technically sound person, but without an interest to lead in leadership role, then later blame the person for not leading the team or people. It is not mistake of leader. It is the management mistake to select a person without having interest to rule and depute him in leadership role.

I am not talking about people who consciously change their interest, attitude as per their role. I am talking about people who do their role as per their basic interest. If the interest and role matches, they would be fine. Otherwise, they would be utter flap.

Reason for Diseases – BP, Sugar, Heart Attack

We do not know the true reasons for BP, Sugar, and Heart Attack.  If we are affected by any of these diseases, we will undergo treatment.  We do not know how to prevent.

Truly, we do not know how to prevent from getting sick.  If we are sick, we will have treatment.  There are many Sayings about to how to prevent.  All are hypothesis, just belief, not fact.

If we know the reason why we have disease, then we could prevent it. We know the reason for Polio, so we found a vaccine to prevent it. 

There are many illness, we do not know why they attack us.  If attacked, we will have medicine to recover or manage it.

We are reactive to diseases, not proactive, and we could not be proactive.

We do not have medicine to prevent BP, Sugar, heart disease, cancer, viral fever, cough and flu.  We have medicine to treat them after diagnosed with them.

Diet, exercise, meditation, yoga – nothing can protect you from getting sick.  Indulge in these activities as long as you like to practice.  Do not compel yourself to do anything or stop doing anything in a belief that it could help in being healthy.  Fact is you do not know the true reason why you are healthy or why you are sick.  Health is beyond reasoning.

Future is Lay down not Predicted – PHP

Is future predicted or determined or neither predicted nor determined? It just flows on its own.  People are just aligning with future.

I never predicted my future 14 years back.  I never determined my future 14 years back.  I started my career as a PHP programmer 14 years back. I neither predicted nor deterministic in planning my career.

I grow as PHP grows.  My salary increases as scope of PHP increases.  I worked in small companies when PHP was thriving in small companies and in small projects.  I started working in big companies, when PHP was accepted for big projects, and accepted in big companies.

I did not plan anything.  But, Apple’s journey was deterministic.  Steve Jobs changed the way people listening music.  Steve jobs and Apple lay down their future.

Bill Gates and Microsoft built their future.  Bill Gates revolutionized the way people living.  He lead the computer to masses.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the way people living.  They are pioneers in the path they walked, because they lay down their path.

People are expecting electric vehicles to revolutionize the way of commuting.  But it is not happening right now.  High upfront cost, long charging time, and low mileage are challenges in adapting electric vehicles.

Someone successfully changed the way people living.  Pioneered in the path they walk and path is lay down by him/her. He/She harvest the initial profit.  She/he maintains monopoly.  Once the path is successful, rest of the population started walking in the success path.  Later people earns some benefit and survive in life.

I am one among the many who walked in the path, which is lay down by Rasmus Leardorf.  Rasmus found the path to build the web in faster and easier way.  PHP made web development is easy and faster comparing the web development technologies in the years 2000.  PHP made the hosting cheaper.  Hosting companies and PHP revolutionized web development.

Fourteen years back I am driven to walk in the path, which was successful till date.  It was not my conscious decision to choose PHP.  In 2004, when I was looking for a job very badly, I got a Job offer as PHP programmer since PHP needed huge man power to built the web.  There was a need for PHP programmers at affordable cost in huge numbers around year 2004.  Internet was blossoming and it requires simple technology and huge cheap labour to grow.  So PHP reached India.

I slipped into PHP river and just float on its way.

Rasmus addressed the web development challenges at early stage and accelerated the web.

Pioneers address a problem, find a solution, changed the way people living.  They are deterministic to change something.  When the change is accepted and requires further human resources to get implemented, next set of people join the bandwagon and make a living.  Next set of People are just align into the path.  They do not build their future.  If the path they walk is successful, then they become successful.  They do not build their success.  They just walk in the path of success laid by innovators.

Innovators, creators build the future.  Followers just align with Future created by innovators.

If you are a mass follower, in order to be successful, walk in the path of successful revolution, something changes the way people living.  You will survive at least, if you do not have luck to thrive.  Choose a revolution – a change, which will last for 20 to 25 years

Agile PHP – Want to use Simple PHP

I still want to use PHP without Namespace, PHAR, complex frameworks, and other enterprise enticing features.

I am using PHP from version 3.x to 7.x. For 11+ years ,PHP was my bread and better. I am certified in PHP.

The language of web, the bricks upon city of internet is built, is changing a lot to bite its share from enterprise, corporate market.

Good thing is, it is not withering its simplicity, easiness, originality yet.

There are many programming languages born, live, die. Some live longer and continue to live. PHP is one of the living language of web. Without PHP, internet would not be where it is now. It is evident and fact.

PHP is thriving, not because it is free and open source. There are many free, open source languages are available in the market.

Development is faster in PHP. Time to market an idea into business is faster in PHP compare to any other language and technology stack.

It is agile in responding to business changes. In a dynamic business world, day to day changes in business have to be implemented in software at lightening speed to survive and succeed. If your business reflects lot and frequant changes to software, PHP is the only choice.

A web application can be done in PHP, Perl, ruby, python, J2EE, dot net and so an. It is nothing like, this application can be done in PHP only.

The cost of development, speed of development, ease of maintenance and deployment, agility to changes, production ready – all matters in choosing a technology stack for business.

PHP is fast in deployment compare to other technology stack.

I am automating build and deployment for many enterprise technology stack. I see the challenges of production support, developers, release engineers in deployment. Large , high trafficking applications have its own challenges, pain points in development, testing, maintenance, and deployment. Technology upon application is built should ease out the pain points. But to the contrary, technology adopted by enterprises are adding complications. Enterprise IT professionals adding more difficulties to keep them employable, indispensable. A “hero is required” to cross every milestone. Delay, procrastination, Backout, Outage, more expense, lot of talk, blame game are popular in enterprises. Enterprise IT resources are are making (encouraged) to complicate simple things in order to exhibit their ability handle complexity and keep them indispensable and employable.

Use our intelligence, money, resource to keep things simple and small. Keeping simple is the only way to be Agile. Enterprises have to switch to LAMP technology stack, which can keep things simple and agile.

PHP is simple, plenty of resources at lesser cost compared to other tech stack. Huge community support. A common man with average intelligence can be PHP programmer. Source code is open. Need of Tech Hero is eliminated. If a PHP programmer quits or threatens to quit, other PHP programmer can take charge easily as long as source code is open.

Couple of decade ago, development was challenge, decade ago availability – maintenance was challenge. Agility to implement business changes is the challenge today, Not horizontal scalability or vertical scalability. Proper framework and cloud infrastructure can address both. Keep IT aligned with business is the challenge today.

Elephant is powerful, but not agile like horse. Horse is agile, but not powerful as elephant. If your need is agility, horse is your solution. You can not make elephant as agile like horse, whatever patch, workaround you try.

PHP has an edge over other tech stacks in web technology by keeping simple. But what Zend trying today is making things complicated to reach enterprise premises. Converting a horse into elephant. Getting subscription from corporates is different ball game in marketing.

PHP has a niche in web. Web is agile. It is changing every second. Web needs a tech stack which is agile. PHP is agile. Zend, please keep PHP simple and agile as it is always to rule web.