Tranquility and Beauty in Chennai Beach

Chennai has the second longest and beautiful beach in the world. I love going to beach. Long sand beach, green parks, and walking pavements are adding comfort to the place. Steel and cement chairs for sitting give relaxation to you. Ships on the long view are super.

The cool breeze make you relax. It makes you energetic, chills your body. It kisses all over your body. The more benefitter is lungs. The breeze is pollution free.

Laying down on the sand or sitting on the chair or walking slowly over the pavements and inhaling the cool breeze make you realize that it is still the ultimate pleasures are in nature.

All over the sea shore boats are parked by fisherman. It is also a sitting place to enjoy. Goto the tip of the beach. Fill your eyes with endless ocean in front of you. Feel that you are nothing in front of the ocean. Throw your pride, ego, success, failure and everything overlapping your soul, into sea. Wash your soul and make it clean.

Then look above your head. Sea the endless blue sky. Feel the vastness of the space and universe. You are the tiniest of all tiny objects. Even a dust in the universe is vaster than earth. The importance you give to this life and you are meaningless. Realize your true nature at beach. The endless sea and vast sky can help you feel the breathing bags just a bubble.

Heaven will come to earth on full moon day. Goto beach on fullmoon day. Look at the east. Woman’s beautiful forehead is dotted with red color kumkum. Like that dark sky has white dot moon. Surface of the sea is shining like silver coated. Beach on full moon day is able to compare with ‘original heaven’ if really exists.

Ships anchored near sea side will be light up fully. They looks like tiny ‘Island of lights’. The Chennai harbor after sunset looks like constellation of stars. The light house acts as a star of earth for those who try to visit earth. May be aliens. Pole star to reach earth.

The ultimate comfort and relaxation is at the laps of nature. During weekend go to beach. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility in Chennai beach.

Blogging Becomes Stress

Bloggers are booming. Blogging open the way for everybody to write. You do not need to be high-educated scholar to blog. With average language skills able to describe that’s all. It is free hand writing.

But this Blogging becomes stress when you blog for money. You may hear about stories of Successful Bloggers. Blogs can be monetirised. All this can make you believe that blogging can be an easy way for earning money.

This is not true. If you blog for money, you will loose writer’s spirit. You skip from blogger’s attitude. Successful bloggers blog when they like to blog. But bloggers for money try to blog all the time; they like to fill their blog with anything and everything. It is not the quantity but quality makes the different.

You will keep searching for topic, and ideas to blog. Instead of writing about something, which moves and stirs you, you try to write a diary. Sometimes you start to steal. You use your office hours to blogging. You hate to do office works. You hate to spend time with your friends and family. You always want to keep writing or filling your blog. You have urgency or hurry to get your blog filled. Your mind will be obsessed with blogging.

You dream that soon you are going to earn huge money from your blog. So you rush to get your blog filled. Each and every second something come to your mind to fill your blog.

This is a sort of stress called Blogging Stress. When you blog casually when you can and what you like, it is a hobby. You can enjoy blogging hobby. True bloggers do not expect any monetary return from their hobby. They expect a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. But when you see blogging is a business opportunity you loose the pleasure of blogging. Blogging becomes a work to you.

You schedule your timing to blog. You pressurize you to write blog without motivation. Even your creativity is empty; you do not wait for it to come up. You do not wait for something to blossom in you to write. All this because you see blogging is a source to make money through advertisement. Sooner or later you will get depression by becoming forceful blogging machine. Too much of anything is bad, including blogging.

True bloggers do not work for blogging. They write when something move their spirit. They blog when they like to share something. Like flower blossoming, blog blossoms to them. They do not fix time frame or join the race of filling their blog. In a spontaneous moment they start writing.

If you see blogging as a source of financial freedom, then sooner or later you will develop blogging stress. If you have blogging stress please stop blogging. Stop vomiting many things instead of writing few things with creativity.

Keep blogging, if you have the true blogging spirit. Otherwise you will be wasting your resources like time, money and energy.

There is no true financial freedom. Even if you start earning from your blog, you are not secure financially. Somebody may hack your site or your hosting server may go down or your advertiser (pay per click) company may change their policy. So blog if you have the spirit of blogging, please do not let the blogging be one more factor for stress.

Let the blogging be a hobby and pleasure, not a business until it really starts yielding business.

Writing can control Mind, cure obsessive compulsive disorder

Mind is fast. It is difficult to control it. Especially when it is obsessed with some repeated thoughts. Ego stimulated feelings or negative feelings like jealous, angry will stir your thought like anything. No need to say about sexual feelings. Emotional hijack is the final stage.

People suggest yoga, medidation, pranayama and other highbrow breathing concepts to control the mind. But ordinary people cannot practice such things. Many people do not have time and ‘mind’ to learn and practice.

Silicon civilization is the busiest civilization on the earth. Even human breathing length is shortened here. Too busy to have a relaxed breath.

Instead of controlling the mind, we can divert the mind. Diversion is easier than controlling.

Writing is one of the easy ways to divert the mind. When you start writing, mind changes its focus to the topic you are writing. You can not write one issue and think about another issue. Mind is synchronized with writing. Without your effort mind will change.

You get angry with somebody in your workplace or neighborhood or while traveling or etc. But you are not able to express your feelings. You can not express your angry feeling to your boss. You can not express your angry feeling to your teacher. You can not express your angry feeling to your spouse.

You can express your all feelings freely if ‘Unconditional Love’ exists.

All your suppressed emotions come out as thoughts. You shout, beat the source of your angry. You design diligent plan to put ‘them’ down. All in day dreams or thoughts or imagination. While working, eating, speaking to somebody your mind is busy developing angry thoughts. Not only angry thoughts , suppressed sex feelings completely hijack your mind. Mind will be busy generating sexual thoughts.

In this situation you can not stop your mind. Why you have to stop your thoughts? that’s you have to decide. If you wish to stop proceed further.

All this ‘smoldering’ thoughts and stress increase the relevant stress.

If you are angry at a person, then start writing the good features of that person. Immediately mind will switch to produce good thoughts. If that person is inhuman and does not have a single good character from your point of view, then write about your good friends or good things or places you like or people you like.

Then your mind stops producing the obsessive thoughts. It becomes cool and happy by thinking about what you like.

What you stuff in the mind that will reflect in thoughts. Suppressed emotions can lead to obsessive thoughts. If you stuff anger, it will produce angry thoughts, if you stuff sex, it will produce sexual thoughts, if you stuff fear it will produce fearful thoughts. To counter fear you need to stuff courage into your mind.

Just start writing about what is opposite of echoed in the mind. That is all. Mind will divert easily.

If you have angry thought, just write about what you like. If you are sad, then write about what is happy to you. If you have too much of sex urge, then write about divinity.

Write about opposite of running in mind or something different or strange from what is running in mind. This will change your thought flow.

This type of writing habit can cure obsessive compulsive disorder. Writing for minimum on one or two pages is enough. If you practice this type of writing, you can feel the drastic change in your mental health.

When to monetize your blog

Bloggers can earn money from their blog. By showing advertisement from (PPC) advertisement companies bloggers earn. But this is not true for all the bloggers. All the bloggers are not earning.

If you start a blog today and install a pay per click program’s JavaScript code and looking for dollar ($) tomorrow, soon you will get depressed out of keep checking your ppc account. You will see no click and single or two digit impressions, which is also by search engines robots.

If you keep seeing this poor reports everyday then checking your account will be stress to you. Facing something, which keeps you disappointed, will lead to frustration and depression.

Successful bloggers took months and years of blogging to reach the current stage. They have huge visitor base to their blogs.

Unless you are a popular person already, your blog will not get popular immediately. If Virat Kholi is starting a blog, it becomes instant popular. If a nonentity starts a blog it needs time and quality content to mature.

Visitor count is the key factors in monetizing your blog. If you have poor visitor count it is best to avoid approaching PPC programs. With poor visitor traffic you will die out of poor click through rate and impression report. Assess your traffic honestly before start monetizing your blog.

Moreover, your concentration will be diverted from blogging to tracking visitors. You start finding ways to increase your visitor traffic. Your blog will be empty but your head is full of ideas to bring visitors. What is the use of bringing visitors, if your blog do not have quantity and quality. Empty blogs with more visitors is not going to alter the CTR/impression report any way.

Stop trying to monetise your blog till you have sufficient visitor traffic, otherwise you will be shouting at ‘Deaf Ear’.

Set a goal for you as hundred visitors or thousand visitors per day. Do not rush to reach that level. Let it come naturally, and you keep blogging. Once visitor traffic reach certain level try for advertisement. Let the traffic be natural. Do not try for it. Let it be natural. If you concentrate on visitor traffic you will loose blogging. If you concentrate on blogging your visitor traffic will grow slowly and steadily. Without 250 visitors or 500 page views minimum per day do not try to monetize you blog.

Say No to Manage Job Stress

Today, I spoke with my friend, who is working in a BPO as call center executive. I was afraid to speak to him, since he will start complaining his tough life style and fearful job culture. Because I was too in such situation few years back. Many times he says of giving up the job.

Tension stimulates tension. Fear stimulates fear. Stress stimulates stress. Confidence stimulates confidence. Comfort stimulates comfort. Mood stimulates mood.

So I tried to avoid him. But anyway he is my friend. I spoke to him over phone. He meets his physician (doctor) regarding his health. His doctor advised him a complete medical checkup. Strictly advised to change to a peaceful job. So he will be presenting his resignation paper soon.

It is not all the BPO people who are getting stress. If job is the reason for stress, then everybody who is working in the field must suffer. Not all the people who work in call centers or software companies get stress related problems. Some people get stress, some people enjoy the job. If it is a poison, it should kill everybody, but whether it is a poison or honey varies from individual to individual.

Even in some cases those who are stressed out now in their job, have achieved great challenges in the past.

From my personal experience and observation, I notice two types of stress. Physical stress and mental stress. When you are driven to work more than what your body can deliver then physical/body stress begins. Rest is the only medicine for this type of stress. When you do something but you do not like to do it. You are not able to say no. You do something with fear and tension. In these situation mental stress begins. If you are alone and having angry/hate feelings with your immediate boss or with somebody else then you will have severe stress. Develop an ability to say No when you like to say no and eradicating fear and tension are the only medicine to get rid off mental stress. Once stress removed its problems will be automatically disappear.

When I develop an attitude of Surrendering to God, I find my fear and tension get reduced, so that my stress too reduced. Once I stop fearing and getting tense, I am able to say No, when I like to say No. I feel I am getting back to my teen age. I never worried even loosing the job to say No.

Fear and tension sucks your energy like anything. If hate, angry, and physical excessive work joined together fear and tension, then they all make you empty.

If you give up your job, then again you will fear about your future. If you feel JOB is your self-identity then you cannot give up the job. You catch the tail of tiger.

It is not all the people who get stressed out. It is who have fear and tension in the current job and not able to say No are victim of stress.

Those who are able to say No and do not have fear and tension enjoy both job and personal life.

Surrender to God or having tremendous self-confidence is best way to eradicate fear and tension in life.

Kill your fears. Say No when you like to say No. I assure you will not have stress in doing any kind of job.

Infinix Hot 8 phone is out of stock

I plan to buy Infinix Hot 8 phone. It Is launched in flipkart today – 12th September 2019 at 12 noon.

I visited flipkart site by 12.30 pm. Just 30 minutes later from launch time to buy this phone. Now i see out of stock status.

Is many people are mad at this phone? Or is it marketing strategy to create more artificial demand? Or am I too lazy to grap this budget high end phone?

When automobile industry is in recession, looks like phone industry is in boom.

Is phone too much good at this price point or people obsessed with budget phones? Really frustrated to see out of stock notice within 30 minutes of launch. No idea, when phone will be available again.

I am using Micromax canvas selfie q345 for the last four years. Phone is still good. I bought this phone for 8000 rupees in 2015.  I am a budget fan, not brand fan.

So, when thinking about new replacement to micromax q345, i am attracted by Infinix hot 8 model. For 7000 rupees it is much better phone than my current phone.

But seeing out of stock status irritates me.

Not sure whether to continue with my micromax canvas q345 for 5th year too,

Opportunities Missed by Fear of unknown and Hesitation

Fear of unknown and hesitation miss many opportunities in life. From love to comfort many un-availed things are missed out in life.

If we express our love, the girl would have accepted. She may be waiting for your courting. But we may hide our emotions and feelings because of many imaginative fears. But, at the same time we keep boiling our desire. We act like we are brother to the girl, but we romance in dreams. It is like, we have a chocolate in our mouth, but we do not swallow it or we do not spite it out.

If we apply for the job, we could have got it, but we do not apply for big jobs/post with big salary. But we hesitate with lot of complex. We satisfy with our self with how we are now, due to many sentiments, our convenient logic. If we ask for the promotion or hike, we will be given, but we do not ask, instead of asking, we wait for our boss to do it. The boss may be busy with some other issues. Your due may not be his first priority, but he aware that you deserve the hike/promotion. We may like to do something, but we do not do immediately. We wait for some good time to do. Like that you Boss may be. If we ask we could have it.

At the same time, we should not expect our expressed desire/demand should be done immediately. It may be executed immediately or later on or denied. Our duty is express. Whether we make request or not that is in our control, but the response is not in our control. We should be ready to accept the response, whatever may be. But we should express.

If you keep bottle necking your desire to get hike/promotion, the end will be beginning at another office. If you have ventilated your pressures, you could be comfortable in the current office.

The opportunity we miss, which will haunt our mind for long time, than opportunity we availed. If I asked, If I asked – this murmur will continue till you sleep in coffin. Even if you ask and your request is rejected, that will affect you for the moment. But missing due to non-expression will torture you for long time. If you try, you may succeed or fail, but you will be in peace. If you do not try, you will loose your peace.

A man, who had love with woman, will not be obsessed by her; woman to whom he had requested but denied will not obsess him. But, he will be obsessed by woman to whom he had not expressed his love.

Kill the fear of unknown, inferiority complex, and hesitation. Dare to realize your dream and desire the best. You deserve to be best. Ask your best.

Obsessed with Ideas

I meet two people with many Ideas, They have quest to achieve something in the Internet. They keep thinking about many innovative concepts. One guy explained his idea to me. I asked my doubts, while clarifying my doubts he get another idea. They he tried to jump to his new idea. But I forced him to stay with the idea he was explaining. His head seems to be business model factory.

I am not sure whether this is creativity or any problem/stress in the mind. Because, for many years they are living with their ideas. Idea produces more ideas. The problem is none of the idea in their head gets executed practically. They keep stuffing their head by ideas. But nothing gets de-stuffed. Idea in its own abstract form can not succeed. It needs to be practically implemented.

Which stop them from executing their ideas? If they have executed any one idea and stick to it, then things will be different from now. Two things stop implementing the ideas. Lack of confidence and lack of belief on the Idea. Feverishness or mental obsess about the idea also prevent the action at the same time urging for action. It reaches a stage of Action constipation. Third reason is the idea is beyond their capacity to execute.

If they are in any one stage or more, they dont act practically, but keep thinking about the idea, keep speaking about the idea, and keep producing ideas. They like all their ideas and want to implement all. They will have bottle neck of time and resource and confidence. Nothing will be implemented

They did not earn single bit of currency from their ideas. But they keep boasting their ideas to others and enjoy the oral appreciation from the innocent listeners. They like the listeners but not the executioners. Because they do not like their ideas to be executed by others.

Many people are wasting their time and mental energy to be obsessed with ideas. Real idea will blossom like flower and you will not be obsessed with other ideas. Focus on only one thing, which will definitely give result either positive or negative or at least your mind will be free from more ideas.

Implement what comes to your mind. Definitely you will earn either money or knowledge or both. At least, you stop suffering from new ideas. Choose what is best and what you can do and stick to it. Implement it; certainly there will be a positive result: money, knowledge, or no more ideas and you will wake up from your world of ideas. Once you realize the pain of implementation, you will dare to come out with another idea.

Be Confident when your colleague is Fired or Terminated

Relax, Be cool and calm, and be positive, if the company you are working is firing your next sitting colleague. Just be cool and relaxed. Be detached. Do not get angry with company or do not have pity at your colleague. No need for having emotions in this issue. Use your brain than emotions.

Do not get fear as you may be fired. Just be cool. Birth and death are not your control. Many things are in divine control. So just relax. You do not know, you will join this company few years back. You are not going to work permanently here. Some day you also have to leave, the reason may be anything. But you must exit. As long as you are working here, have courage to say not, when you have to say. Do not work too hard or strain yourself. Work what you can. Keep your temper always cool. Never get tension and never get fear.

Your company is not the end of the world. World is a big market with lot of varieties. The colleague who is fired will be in a better position than the current. It is foolish to have the illusion that your colleague’s life is over. This is mind’s negative imagination. As long s/he confident, enthusiastic, and positive, s/he can find a niche in the job market. Just relax. Termination or retirement is just another event in life. See it simply. There is life after layoff.

Chennai House Rent Boom

Chennai house rent and sale price is hiked from 50% to 100% in the last 10 years. (2004 to 2014) Especially in south madras (Chennai).

India holding the largest middle class population in the world. But its metro cities seem to be not suitable for middle class dwelling. Cost of living in metro cities especially like IT hubs like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai are going beyond the purchasing power of middle class people. Chennai is slowly pushing the middle class people to out skirts of Chennai. You may be eliminated from Chennai anytime.

In western countries, particularly in American metros, more than 50% of the earning should go towards house rent. Now Chennai is racing with American cities in hiking house rent. Ultimately and as usual middle class people is going to suffer like any thing. They have to seek house in out of Chennai. Either low class or high class alone is going to live in Chennai.

Why this hike? Is there any way things will revert back to normal? After discussing with friends, Real Estate brokers, House owners, and investment consultants I like to figure out few issues.

First I would like to discuss about Housing Loans. Housing loans are thriving to professional especially to IT and medical professionals. Huge loan amount with 40% to 60% of the salary as to EMI for two decades is one of the reasons for hike in house selling price and house rent. If you purchase a house and paying EMI as 60% out of your salary then you will definitely increase your rent to meet out your EMI. EMI is an ‘indirect tax’ you pay to financial institution. Many people avail housing loan because; EMI is tax detectable source (TDS). When Government change EMI paid for housing loan like it is not a Tax Detectable Source (TDS), then house price and rent will be increased further.

Next is IT Boom and outsourcing success. Western and European money (currency) coming to India through software outsourcing. Most of the companies sky scrapping salary to its employees. They have more purchasing power than others. Because of this sectors House rent and price are increased. Moreover, 70% of IT employees are youngsters and not married. They do not have big family commitments. They form a group of 4 to 5, occupy a house and share the rent. Their monthly total income of the group will reach 2 to 3 lakhs(INR). For them rent is not a big issue. Since they are going to share rent, which is not an issue what ever it may be. This group’s paying power is more than a single man earning family. Single man earning family can not afford or what group of bachelors can afford. House owners are increasing the rent because of this high earning cum low committed group of bachelors. These bachelors will suffer by the house rent when they raise their independent family.

These IT boom and housing loan are main reasons for sky scrapping house rent. Soon Chennai may be a city of high earning youngsters (bachelors).

What about single man or couple earning families, especially those who are working in other than IT and medical sectors.

Government is not interfering into Rental boom like in English medium schools and college fee boom. Many house owners are not giving proper bill or receipt for the rent. At least Government should enforce the house owners to pay proper tax for the sky scrapping rental they demand.

Western currency especially American dollar coming to India through IT out sourcing is ultimately and indirectly going to financial institutions both Government and Private, and House owners of Indian metros and Real Estate industry. They will be prospering in the next decades more than other sector people.

Is there any way to bring back to normal or middle class comfort or at least stop it where it is now? Government should introduce a Rent ceiling act to regulate rent. It should collect the tax against the rent originally received.

If nothing happening to stop the sky scrapping rentals, then middle class will suffer like anything. Man kills another man. Civilization kills another civilization. Religion kills another religion. Caste kills another caste. Race kills another race. Now class kills another class: High class will kill middle class. There will be no class barrier after getting rid of other classes and keeping only one alive.

If you belong to middle class or middle income group, you may be eliminated from Chennai or Indian metro cities any time. Even the sky scrapping software salary is smaller than sky scrapping rentals.

Men from India leave their families in their villages or rural head quarters and go to Gulf countries and East Asian countries for earnings. Like that, Men have to come to Chennai or metro cities for earnings without their families.