I connected my computer from internet.

I connected my computer from internet.

I was trying to access my jsp application served by Tomcat, hosted in my home PC. I was able to surf the net from my PC, but not able to access my web application running in my PC from outside of my home.

I embraced, public hosting, shared hosting services to make my application accessible in internet.

This happened decade ago.

Today, 12 Oct 2014, I connected my device from internet. If I know it already, I would not had been running from hosting to hosting.

can Linux desktop replace windows desktop?

can Linux desktop replace windows desktop?

I am using centos desktop and open office. I am happy that I am not using pirated os.

First challenge I faced after installing centos was connect to internet through reliance netcconnect - huwei 150 dongle. I stuck. I didn't know how to configure it in centos. Some drivers or .so files are missing to get it installed. Using the dongle in windows, is a piece if cake. Mostly donglers sold in India are compatible with Windows.

I passed RedHat - RHCE exam

I passed RedHat Certification - RHCE - couple of weeks back. I attended two months part time training at Plexus, Chennai. I sacrificed weekends for two and half months.

I already passed few certifications exam in different domains.

I feel RedHat exams deserve mentioned, because of the way exam is conducted. 100% practical exam. No choose the best answer from choice. No theory or written exam. RedHat exam is One hundred percent practical.

You should know EXACTLY what you should know to complete a task in RHCE exam.

Why cycles can't be used by IT and Corporate Employees for Commuting in Chennai

Cycles can be used to commute if the distance between office and home is around 5 km.

Present day, corporate and IT employees travel 50 kms per day on average. Guys travel from Guduvanchery to GUINDY, AMBATUR to Siruseri - by and large one end of the city to other end. Provided many late night shuttling. In this life style cycling is not possible for commuting.

Cycling was possible to older generation where they live near to their work place. Like living near to their factory. Factories had cycle stand too.

why electric bicycle is not successful in indian market?

Electric bicycle is too costly for Indian cycle market. Regular users of bicycle in India are low income people and school students mostly. For these segment cycle is low cost transport machine. Price of an electric bicycle/kit is not affordable to these regular and today commuters.

Cycle means no maintenance. This is our mindset about cycles mostly. Battery powered bicycle require maintenance. This will raise complaints retail shops, which is new to retail shop owners. Support to cycle after sales never exists.

Electric Bicycle Manufactures in India

There three electric bicycle manufactures, I come across in India so far.

Ampere - Located at coimbatore , tamilnadu. They produce electric bikes and cycles. There are some user reviews available in YouTube.

Veridian - Located Vijayawada. They launched electric bicycles.

Falco - situated at Pune. They produce bicycle motors for western and European countries. Their conversion kit is not sold in India.

BSA and Hero companies also entered into battery powered cycles few years back( thunderbot, pedelac), but available in their retail outlets nowadays.