Keep the Zend Framework simple

Zend Technologies, please keep the Zend Framework simple. After 10 years successful traction for 1.x, you have released ZF 2.x to kill 1.x. Now, you are going to release ZF 3.x

The complex factor is ZF 1.x and ZF 2.x and ZF 3.x are not the same frameworks or not with the linear progression of changes. They are completely different in their MVC architecture.

Though ZF2 does not have the traction of ZF1, you are maintaining both the certifications ZF1 and ZF2 are active. The worst part would be, you mayl be releasing ZF3 certification too in the future.

Bajaj discover 150F Back Pain Mono Suspension Problems

After start riding the 150F, within a week time, I started having back pain. I went to service center, complained it. They pressed the seat, checked it's sag. Convinced me suspension has no issues. I raised a complaint from Bajaj website, then ASC said, my suspension was replaced and closed my complaint.

But back pain continued. No idea what went wrong. The seat height is not stable, it is getting reduced after riding for a while.Also in hot climate, it is lowering.

What we do during Rest - Weekends

What do we do during rest?

I work for five days a week. It am a corporate resource. If you are on the same line, in a corporate firm, you can realise How would be I am , on Thursday and Friday. On Friday, I am counting hours to close of Business.

But, what I do in Saturday and Sunday. Two days of rest or Two days of not repeating samething which I do for five days OR What I do in holiday is not repeating five days of activity.

Money has no value - Learning from Bajaj Discover 150F

Money has no value, this is the feeling, I have after purchasing bajaj discover 150F.

My height is 5.6 / 161 cm. I find it difficult to reach the handle bar from comfortable seating posture. Either I have to lean forward, sacrificing upright stance or sit near or almost on fuel tank to have upright posture.

I dont sit near tank. I sit in forward peg posture, slightly lean forward to rest on handle bars. This posture is uncomfortable to me.

Bajaj Discover 150F ownership review

If you are looking for true ownership review - not the pros and cons of internet marketing guys, you can read further.

My Bajaj Auto Customer ID is 9281169.

My review of Discover 150F after riding 500kms, completed run-in period, about to do 1st service. During this period I ride within 40km/hr. I never ride any other 150cc bike. This is my first 150cc bike. So most of my feedback is based on comparison with my previous 100cc bikes.

What I want From my bike

I want a bike with good throttle response upto 80 km/hr with pillion. Mileage should be same with or without pillion up to 80 km/hr. Mileage could be around 40 km/ltr. Comfortable seating position - including pillion - for rare long ride. Easy to handle. I would be happy if maintenance is similar to bajaj 100 cc bikes.