Why you should not do freelancing

Freelancing is thriving in software outsourcing industry. But it should not be done. Though it may give additional income in short run, it has subtle negative impact on the life of freelancer in long run. This topic is applicable to any type of freelancing followed by a Day Job.

Freelancing Takes Away your Time.
Human is not a working machine. We are working to live or living to work? If you do freelancing along with your day job, your whole time is taken away. Even after coming from office you have to sit in front of your computer and continue the work till midnight or full night. You will not have time to spend with your family, friends. You will not have time to spend with what is interesting to you.

If you have any hobby, you cannot engage in your hobby. Keeping too busy may be a center of attraction for a short while. But in long run you miss out your human circle or your family, friends may forget you.

Freelancing gives More money without time to Spend it.
You will have more money but without time to spend it. It is meaningless. A money which not spent is practically does not exists. Earn money along with the time to spend it. You live when you spend your money.

Freelancing Create Tension.
Those who do not have computer in their home, try to do freelancing works secretly in office. In between office works they do freelancing works. This creates tension and fear. You should be fearing about what will happen if anybody trace your activity. Moreover, you will have more work load in short time (both office and freelancing work), which ultimately reduce your quality at both office and freelancing.

Do not depend on Freelancing Income.
Freelancers slowly develop confidence over their freelancing income and customers. They slowly under estimate or starting to neglect their day job responsibilities. Start thinking they can start a company on their own. Thinking of even giving up the day job, irresponsible to their immediate boss at office. You become rebellious or uncontrollable in your day job office.

Practically, freelancing income is not a residual income. If you stop freelancing or if you do not get a client, you will not get additional income. Additional income is charm full when you have main income. If you do not have main income, you can not live within additional income. Always give top priority to your day job. Freelancing is not a residual income. Do not depend on it. It may disappear at any moment in your life.

Freelancing may Create a Guilty Feeling if your Day Job Boss is Kind and Honest.
You are accepted by your Boss as you are. Your heart beat is not changing when you see or speaking to your Boss. You are paid regularly and promptly. You have a good rapport with your Boss. In this case, you will have guilty feeling when he comes to know your freelancing activity. Damn sure you will have guilty feeling.

Work without rest, less sleep, tension, fear, over confidence, money not able to spent, and Guilty feeling will reduce your quality of life in long run. It will affect your self-esteem too. So avoid engaging in freelancing. Freelancing is not a financial security or residual income, it is a trap. Do not freelance.