TV Programs Vs Advertisements.

Today so many satellite TV Channels are thriving. But they are not entertainment media; they are actually an Advertisement media. They are Medium of Advertisements. They show programs in between Advertisement. The marketing race is well exploited by TV medium. The TV Programs loss their charm before the irresistible charm of advertisement. Many advertisements are more attractive than TV Programs.

Many times I feel why are advertisement disturbed by TV Programs. We should have separate channels for TV Programs and Advertisements. What we want to enjoy, we can do it without disturbance and lack of continuity.

Media thinks that public sees advertisement for the sake of seeing TV Programs. We should change their belief. There are two methods. We should not buy the products, which are advertised during TV programs. We should not see the TV programs which are more or less a black mark for beautiful attractive advertisement. Then the media can realise the public interest.

Nowadays advertisements have everything. Even two hours movie cannot inspire the sprit, which can be easily inspired by advertisement. We have to accept it as new form of ART and enjoy it separately.