I passed RedHat – RHCE exam

I passed RedHat Certification – RHCE – couple of weeks back. I attended two months part time training at Plexus, Chennai. I sacrificed weekends for two and half months.

I already passed few certifications exam in different domains.

I feel RedHat exams deserve mentioned, because of the way exam is conducted. 100% practical exam. No choose the best answer from choice. No theory or written exam. RedHat exam is One hundred percent practical.

You should know EXACTLY what you should know to complete a task in RHCE exam.

Thanks to God , I passed in my first attempt with 300 marks in both the exams – RHCSA, RHCE.

Classes at Plexus were at high speed, made me feel like traveling in race car. I would be more comfortable, if classes were taken in much slower speed. No idea, whether I enrolled in rapid cross course.

The pre-examination training was crucial. At the end of my first day pre exam training, I had the gut feeling that I could score full marks. Pre-exam training was conducted at moderate speed. I had sufficient time to listen, practice, and write.

RHCE Exam:

Either, you have to memorize the commands/steps OR understand the concepts, explore man pages to pass the exam. I choose the second. Understood concepts, explore man pages for syntax and commands.

The more you practice, the more scope to pass.

Expect the unexpected in the exam. Whatever we practice or memorize or understood, there might be some surprise waiting in exam, if we commit any mistake or forget any steps. We have to troubleshoot Our mistakes.