I am using lightsail vps to run my blog from mumbai datacenter

i am using lightsail vps to run my wordpress blog from mumbai datacenter.

I was comfortable with shared hosting, cpanel, etc from traditional hosting methods. Nearly ten years i ran my website with shared hosting with different companies.

This time, i was looking for cheap hosting, i find it hard to pay the annual fee in bulk. For cheaper price, i have to pay for three years or say. I dont have that much mony. I shortlisted Godaddy, hostgater, squarebrother, globehost, wordpress.com hosting companies.

Globhost is cheap, with 600 rupees we can host for 1 year. They provide 50GB bandwidth.

If you know linux a bit, the Lightsail is a different game. You can create ftp user and connect sftp without Key authentication. You can access phpmyadmin directly. But, respect the security provided by Lightsail – AWS.

I stumbled upon lightsail plan on google. I was attracted as i am given a dedicated virtual private server for 3.50 dollar a month. I guess it will cost around ?400 per month. It is costlier than shared hosting if paying annual. But, i will be charged monthly, it is easy to pay 400 rupees monthly for a VPS instead of paying 3000 rupees for a year for shared hosting.

I stay away from EC2 instance due complex networking configuration. Lightsail takes care of networking, IP, similar to shared hosting.

I will get 512GB of bandwidth, which is more than sufficient for my use case – a blog, learning WordPress, some research work in PHP, with low traffic.

I have launched lightsail instance from Mumbai region.

For backup, i had to rely on wordpress plugin and aws snapshot. By chance if i draw visitors to my site, it could be easily scaled to better instance. Scalling is very difficult in shared hosting. Research, learning activities have limited scope in shared hosting.

Slightly costlier than shared hosting, but with the benefit of cloud, i like Lightsail.

Let me experience AWS Lightsail.